Yes bring in Home Depot and anything else that would make shopping in Maple Ridge better that it is...


I am all for some shopping close to home.  There is really no shopping in Maple Ridge right now.  I'd like to see a Walmart, Costco, Reitman's, Home Depot, Future Shop, Ikea, really I'd be happy with just about anything!


I think it is a great idea, but will Maple Ridge Council allow such a shopping centre??? People leave Maple Ridge everyday to do most of their shopping elesewhere. If most of the big box stores were in Maple Ridge I am sure there would be massive support. A good variety of stores such as Futureshop, Homesense and other companies you mentioned would be a great idea. Also I would like to see more family restaurants for a greater choice. It would be good if the complex could be designed with plentiful parking but with a landscaped atmosphere. The idea would be a massive improvement and huge benefit to the Maple Ridge Community and would launch us into the 21st Century. Keep pushing, I hope you are successful.


Hurry up and build this mall.


Would love to see a "WalMart"!!!!  Reitmens and Winners would be great also. We could also use another grocery store and a nice family restaurant like Montana’s or Olive Garden, Sammy J peppers.


I would like to see WalMart, Best Buy, Old Spaghetti Factory and a cinema like Colossus in Langley.


This needs to happen very soon. Right now, all consumers living in East Maple Ridge are being inconvenienced by the lack of shopping options. Mayor and Council should be diligently working to open up Albion Flats to these shopping options.


I would like to see shops in the Albion area.  A Wal-Mart would be great, Home Depot and other shops.


A concept like the "Park Royal Village" in West Vancouver would be great here. As far as stores Maple Ridge is so under serviced ANYTHING would be welcome at this point but for me I would like to see chapters, bestbuy,futureshop,costco,walmart,earls,milestones, sears, the bay, whole foods, Wal-Mart, homedepot, long-mcquade, tomlee, opusframing, mec, the list could go on and on....


yes, retail including home depot, future shop etc as you described are long overdue in Maple Ridge. With some good luck the backwards thinking relics on current council will be ousted and things will develop as they should.


I would love to see a new shopping centre in the Albion Flats area.  The types of shops I would like to see would be a couple of larger-type anchor stores such as a grocery store (IGA, Thrifty Foods, Safeway, etc.) and an electronics store (Best Buy, Future Shop, etc.), together with a number of smaller retailers such as clothing stores, a book store, home furnishing store (i.e., Pier 1, Home Outfitters, Urban Barn), specialty gift shop, pet store, etc.  I would also like to see a restaurant along the lines of a Milestones, Anducci's, or even an Old Spaghetti Factory, and some smaller restaurants like Quizno's, Steamrollers, Taco Del Mar, Baskin-Robbins, Starbucks, etc.  A neighbourhood pub would also be nice.  I would not have a problem with a combination of retail and office/residential (retail on the ground floor, office/residential above), but I do not see a need for any additional detached housing in this area. Apart from the shopping centre, it would be nice to have a Home Depot (if there's enough room) or even a nursery like a Gardenworks or Art Knapp's. Thank you for your interest and good luck in moving forward with this development.


Hi there.  I am sure that you are aware that this is a huge election issue in Maple Ridge, and that the local elections are not far off.  The problem is knowing which person to vote for.  Getting the right mix of people on council is crucial to getting permission to build a project like the Albion Flats.  The members of Vancouver city council frustrated the mayor to no end in the issue of development on South West Marine drive.  We have the same issue in Maple Ridge where council is hesitant to acknowledge the major issue of the need for more shopping options in Maple Ridge.  I currently do 80 % of my shopping in Pitt Meadows, and 10% in Coquitlam, and 10% in Maple Ridge.  Imagine the loss of business revenue, and tax dollars that this district is turning away, with their lack of foresight.  We live in a brand new development, like the many that have been approved to be built in Maple Ridge, but where is the commercial development to support this growth?  The letters you have are 2 years old.  The Brick have already built a location in Pitt Meadows. However I am sure that the other major retailers are still interested.  I know that if Home Depot were to anchor a retail space in Maple Ridge, that it will be hugely successful.  I can only hope that council will see the light, and that a proposal can be made by your company that will finally get the ball moving in this issue.  Please let me know if there has been any movement on this, and if you have any more information.  Thank you.


Any shopping on the east side of town would be great.  Home depot for sure.  These stores would serve people from Mission as well who now travel to Abbotsford for better shopping.


We live near your site and the development that you propose looks exciting and will enhance the neighbourhood and shopping in the Albion area.


No. Everytime a new Maple Ridge mall opens, another one slowly empties only to be left with vacant shops and dollar stores.


We have been waiting FOREVER for decent shopping to come to Maple Ridge. The Albion Flats is perfect.  The land is not suitable for most forms of farming as the "soil" is all clay.  It is time this municipality provided its residents a choice, rather than having to always travel outside the community.


The only suggestions that I have is to get on with it before Pit Meadows steals this one.


Yes we definitely need more shopping choices in Maple Ridge and not have to go to Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam or Coquitlam Centre.  I would like to see large department stores, i.e. Sears, the Bay etc. plus a selection of the big box stores and some good clothing stores.


I support more retail in Maple Ridge. We are under-serviced and tired of driving. I would like to see a development resembling Thunderbird Center in Langley. Residential units above the shops would make sustainable living more attainable in our own. Thunderbird also showcases a perfect blend of big boxes and locally owned small businesses. Maple Ridge is accustomed to buying from independent small businesses and going outside the community for big boxes. Please don't re-produce Meadowtown center (or Langley's Riocan power center) in Albion. You will find little support for it here. Put forward a proposal to our community that resembles Thunderbird (or a larger version of Newport village in Port Moody) and you will find local support.


I have to drive all the way to Port Coquitlam to do my shopping.


this makes total sense!  Absolutely fabulous idea.  Sure hope it happens here. Our town is in drastic need of an upgrade years ago.


It is great idea to bring those outlets to maple ridge. My only concern is that this is done with a very well thought out plan, with the environment in mind.


I would love to see a walmart, Costco, Home Depot or a superstore in the Albion area. There are no good grocery stores at this end of Maple Ridge.


I live in the Albion area and would love to see more retail choices in the area.  The area has seen significant residential growth in the past 5 years, without any corresponding services.  I would fully support your proposal for development of the Albion flats


I do not support the Albion Shopping Centre and I do not think more shopping is needed especially in the Albion Flats. We already have all of those stores in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area. How many malls do we need? Why not develop something positive - more recreationally services, an educational farm for the youth to learn from, mini golf, a stadium, an outdoor pool??? A shopping centre filled with products manufactured in countries other than Canada and shipped in from afar is NOT good for global warming. We need to keep our green spaces for the future generations and not used for developers to make a buck. We already have several dilapidated malls.


We need quality shopping in Maple Ridge - Home Depot, Wal Mart, Future Shop, Costco.  We have NOTHING!


I have lived in Maple Ridge all my life and it is definitely lacking in commercial business. There are very few places in Maple Ridge to go shopping for brand name clothes or any type of major electronic  I would love to see a best buy or a future shop in Maple Ridge. This city is also totally lacking a major restaurant of any type. We have no milestones, cactus club or any kind of high end restaurant to go to and because of that we have to go into Coquitlam or Vancouver for a night out. Having lived here all of my life I know a lot of people in Maple Ridge and it's generally and accepted fact that if you want to do any shopping for go out for dinner you leave Maple Ridge. If any of the businesses that I've mentioned came to Maple Ridge I guarantee they would be and instant success!


Finally!!  Anything would be welcome.  Restaurants would be a bonus - but the shopping, bring it on.


I would love to see more restaurant choices in the community that are family friendly.  And of course places to purchase clothing for my family would be awesome too!  It sucks to have to drive to coquitlam center just to buy clothing, and Haney Place mall is a sad excuse of a shopping center.  Hence the reality that if we want to have the luxury of selection for our families we have to drive to coquitlam at least.


I do not shop in Maple Ridge because there is nothing there and I have lived here my whole life.  I go to Abbotsford or Coquitlam and so do the other four families in my family.  We would love to see a development like you are proposing.


Great idea, what is your timeline?  Can't wait!!


Sorry you've been pushing developing this land for a WalMart, etc for a long time.  The majority don't want it here.  Please leave us alone


I want it now!


It is about time we get some decent shopping in Maple Ridge.  Just today I had to go to Langley to get what I needed.  Wake up Council, there are more people than you think that support this and the Albion Flats is a great choice for this to be.


I would like to see a Petsmart in this new development.  we don't have any around this area.


I like the idea of these shops coming to MR but not in the Albion Flats.  Your development will kill our downtown core and destroy green space.  Why not do the right thing and build all of those stores in downtown Maple Ridge?  There is room.  Be creative and add residential to the mix.  Be responsible and support increased density and not be responsible for sprawl. 


We would be very interested to see further information regarding the proposal of a new Shopping Centre in the Albion Flats as the area is close to our home.


We need a bigger and better business park along with the retail development.  More restaurants is also a great idea.  Earls, Cactus Club, Milestones???


Yes please...hurry!


This part of Maple Ridge is in desperate need of some sort of shopping facilities.  It is such a waste of gas and time to travel to Coquitlam, or Abbotsford to shop!  If we could pick we would suggest a Home Depot, Walmart, Canadian Superstore to start.  Thanks for listening.  We need this now, not in 20 years!


I have lived in the Albion area for 6 years and I find it so frustrating that I have to travel to Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam to do my shopping.  I would love to have access to shopping in Maple Ridge.  I think the Albion Flats is the perfect place to locate shopping.  Some of the Stores that would be great to have in the area are Future Shop, Blockbuster or Rogers Video, Safeway, restaurants, other stores similar to the shopping that is on the Langley Bypass.   Costco would also be a great addition to our area.  Milestones or Cactus Club restaurant.


Would love to see a Wal-mart


We need a Royal Bank at this end of Maple Ridge.  Would like to see them as a tenant. Hair salon, pharmacy, clothing, coffee shop, grocery or fresh produce store would be great additions as well.  The residents out here need this.  Let's hope it happens!


We wholeheartedly support the idea of a new shopping centre in the Albion Flats area of Maple Ridge.  We moved here to Maple Ridge 2 years ago from Langley and have been greatly disappointed in the lack of shopping here in this city.  It is so bad that other than groceries, we buy very little else here, and travel back to the Willowbrook area of Langley and sometimes to Coquitlam to shop.  It would be wonderful to have some major shopping stores located in our city here.   Maple Ridge is missing a great opportunity to keep people here in their own community to shop.  Not only would it provide needed shopping and employment opportunities for Maple Ridge residents, it would also cut down on the amount of traffic leaving the city to shop elsewhere everyday.


toys 'r' us , a rib/steakhouse


please walmart super center, home depot, home sense, also please some restaurants we have nothing in the albion area at all.


I would like to see a shopping center with a village feel like Park Royal in North Vancouver with common areas for outdoor cafe's, benches and covered walking paths to the different stores. Some big name stores but also more tourist attractions with art/specialty stores. PLEASE no WalMart!!!! Also no big grocery stores. Thanks!


Personally I am not interested in the above-mentioned stores as I can drive 10 minutes to Meadowtown Shopping center and 5 minutes to Rona to purchase all items that the above-mentioned stores offer. If the farmland and park behind my house is going to be ripped up and replaced with cement parking lots and giant box stores then I hope that it will be something that we can't purchase 10 minutes away. It is unfortunate that Maple Ridge doesn't have it's own retail giants but replacing or updating our sad little mall sounds a lot better then just moving our retail to a new location.


Hello, I have lived in MR, for 50 years.   I am so sick of the shopping in MR, That my Husband and I are thinking about moving to Alberta.  What I really want to see in our town, is a Wall Mart.  And some better restaurants, other then more Tim Horrtons, or Star Bucks.   Some thing like Rickies, Like we use to have in town. But my first wish, would have to be a Wall Mart.   I hate our Zeller's Mall, I try to avoid it @ all cost.  It is time for a change..  I hope before I am too old and Gray...


We are excited about this proposed project and can't wait to shop in our area.  Some stores we would like to see include:  MEXX, Tim Horton's or Krispy Kreme, Safeway, Canadian Tire, Shopper's Drug Mart or a big London Drugs. How about a Red Lobster? Thanks!


I believe Maple Ridge could certainly benefit by developing a better shopping experience and updating with attractive street level stores, fine dining, boutiques, coffee shops. Home Depot, HomeSense, and other stores would be great. It would be great to keep an updated rural appeal and have more business offices and business parks in this area for employment. Go for it!


We would like to see "big box" retailers in the Albion Flats area, such as Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Winners/Homesense, Future Shop, The Brick, etc. We spend a lot of our valuable time on the weekend and money (on gas) traveling to go shopping.  We hardly ever go shopping in downtown Maple Ridge because we find the shopping very limited and we shop based on price competitiveness.  Every weekend we end up going to Langley, Pitt Meadows or Port Coquitlam.  We are very frustrated by the lack of shopping available in Maple Ridge.  We have lived here for 11 years now and don't think that the availability of shopping services has kept up with the development in our neighbourhood. I don't think we need another business park or offices...we want to be able to shop closer to home! Thank you for this opportunity to express our opinions. P.S. - Maple Ridge does not need any more car dealers! We would like to see the downtown "cleaned up" so it looks as nice as Walnut Grove.


yeah, - bring it on!!


I support a shopping center or plaza in albion flats


I fully support commercial development within the Albion flats area not just because there is a need but because it is a necessity.  Commercial development would increase our desperately needed tax revenue taking the stress off of a potential rise in residential taxes, create local employment that would reduce the amount of harmful gas emissions that are created with the huge majority of our citizens commuting out of the area for work as well as improving traffic chaos during rush hour. I would insist that the development group approach large scale employers like Provincial and Federal Government Agencies, Telus, Terrizen Gas, etc. to consider satelite offices in the planning process as I would guess that a large amount of our commuting work force are employed by companies such as these and would welcome the opportunity with enthuiasm for a shorter commute.  The extra time created by working close to home produces dividens within our community, creating valuable quality time for family and friends. Development would have to be in step with current issues concerning the environment as a matter of fact I believe that this is a good time to be a leader in the industry and combine in a cost effective manner multiple developmental strategies to include, solar power, rain water containment, power smart technologies, low carbon footprint, renewable and recyclable building materials and practices, excellent public transportation facilities, to name a few. As a husband, father of three and being a homeowner it has been our experience that the larger big box stores offer the best value for our hard earned money.  I enjoy having the choice to shop in the downtown core or within my neighbourhood within walking distance.  The fact of the matter is if I, my neighbours or others from Maple Ridge want downtown development then there will be tax dollars available as a result of the expanded commercial tax base of Albion Flats development. I hope that the opinion I have offered has helped in your decision making process.  If you wish to contact me please feel free to do so as I have been in support for nearly a decade for local commercial development.


I would be a customer at any of the shops at Albion Flats, it would save the drive that I currently do to get to some of these shops.


I would like a shopping center like this in my area. I am tired of having to travel out of my city to spend my money at stores we don't have to support another cities tax base. Maple Ridge is letting business tax dollars leave its city due to its short vision and taxing homeowners too much. Maple Ridge needs this to keep people who live here shopping here instead of waisting time in traffic and spewing pollutants. I would support this in any way.


Yes, please we need more shopping available in Maple Ridge.  Let's keep the buyer's dollars in our own community rather than having to go to Pitt Meadows, Mission, Port Coquitlam or Coqitlam, etc.   We need shops here.  All retail, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques need to be established in Maple Ridge to make it a more viable community.


costco , toys'r'us, clothing retailers would also be very much needed in our business starved community!


Would really like to see this happen for Maple Ridge!!!!  A definite YES!


I think this area would be a great off highway area for a shopping center as long as there is more access to and from that area to the Lougheed Hwy., otherwise it will get very congested and no fun to go to, and will probably go elsewhere if that happens. As well, I think if kept to look like Port Moody's "Newport Village", or Port Coquitlams "New Downtown Look", it would be more attractive and fun to shop at. It might also be good to have a play area for the kids to play while the parents have a coffee break from shopping.


I really feel that a mall s badly needed. I think the Albion Flats is a perfect location


Maple Ridge definitely needs a development like this, I would like to see a mix of stores suchas those at the Grandview Development. I would also like to see office and business park opportunities for job expansion in Maple Ridge. 


I have lived in Maple Ridge since 1970. I don't know what is wrong with the Municipal regulators. There has not been an increase in shopping since Haney Place Mall was opened!  What's wrong with the fact that the majority of residents in Maple Ridge have to travel out of Maple Ridge to shop? I'd like to be able to shop locally but the only department store is Zellers! When the new Golden Ears bridge opens we will be closer to shopping in Langley! What's wrong with building shopping centres in Maple Ridge?????  and I am sure a lot of residents feel the same way!


100% for this development - Maple Ridge needs this especially if it brings more local employment opportunities for local residents!


Wal-Mart, Children's Place, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Future Shop, Winners and Best Buy. More retailers will create more jobs and better economy


Hi,  I just wanted to suggest having stores such as Off the Wall and Aritzia as well if it was possible. Because a shopping centre without these popular stores won't be appreciated as much.    Gisele


This is great news!  We need so much more in Maple Ridge.  Beside the listed stores and the usual retailers in these types of mails, it would be nice to have more higher-end chain of restaurant like Earl, Cactus Club or Milestone.  There is nothing like this in town.


Walmart Supercentre would be fantastic. Target would be better but I know that's impossible. I like the concept of a lifestyle village that resembles more of an old downtown. We just moved from Minneapolis and if you are thinking of anything like Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove then you are bang on!


 feel shopping at this end of town is long over due.  We need large retailers in Maple Ridge, the closest Home Depot, Future Shop etc. is 30-45 minutes away.  With such a large number of homes in the area a grocery store such as Superstore or Extra foods would be a huge asset.


I'd like to see old fashioned shopping downtown, not at Albion flats. Improve the mall we already have. I do not want to see a big box "mall". I hate them with a passion.


We desperately need good retail stores in our area. Home Depot, Future Shop, HomeSense, etc. would all be warmly welcomed by my entire extended family. Driving out to Coquitlam for these things is certainly not convenient. Thanks for pursuing this opportunity as our council seems dominated by anti-development types which is simply short sighted and narrow minded. Hopefully this election changes that. Keep pushing because the citizens of Maple Ridge will support you.


we want a walmart in Maple Ridge


Given that we have all of the stores mentioned within a 10 mile radius what is going to be unique about your development? Given that there is a bird sanctuary immediately adjacent to the proposed development area what is your plan to mitigate light and noise pollution? Also who will be responsible for the needed improvements to 105 ave and highway 7. There is already to much traffic on 105ave with limited access to the northeast (to tamarack lane and 240th st. Obviously I would like to see the land in question go to youth sportsfields rather that anchor stores that will inevitably go bankrupt as there are way to many of these shopping centres being built. We already have two lumber supply stores we have a reitmans/ winners/ homesense. I challenge you to show me how this is going to help our community beyond spending money we don't have and frontloading our tax debt to cover the development costs surrounding the creation of your shopping centre. I am open to your response, I am not a nimby what I do not want to see is another shopping centre built on the cheapest flat land you can build on. Is it not possible to work with an existing property and then redevelop it. Lets be honest and straightforward and show people the facts.


It would be great to have more shops, as it is very limited in Maple Ridge. You have to go elsewhere to get decent shops.


I would like to let all the above retailers know that until the town core of Haney is completely filled I will not only not shop at any stores you may open on Albion flats but I would no longer shop at the branches you have in Langley, Port Coquitlam or Coquitlam either - I would boycott your retail stores just as I have boycotted Walmart all the years they have been in BC.


Having homedepot, would be great! having a Wal-Mart would be very good,  ........anything that is not available right now!!!! moving stores from the mall however would be a loss for the downtown area!!!


Great! How about a Wal-mart supercentre. Superstore or other grocery outlet. Home Depot, future shop Winners, or Best Buy or clothing outlets like in Langley. Maple Ridge as so few clothing stores, especially for kids.


I would love it if they did.  It would also be nice if it could include Superstore and Cinaplex Theatre.


Would love to see more shopping in Maple Ridge, we have no good shopping. More restaurants would be great too. We have no shoe stores, higher end than payless would be nice.


We need more shopping. When the closest half decent mall around is in Coquitlam (usually a 30-45 minute drive) something needs to be done.


t is high time we have a decent shopping mall in Maple Ridge.  I am tired of having to drive elsewhere to purchase almost anything except groceries.  Maple Ridge shopping is a joke.  Furthermore, unless we establish a decent tax base I hate to think what is going to happen to property taxes for the homeowner here!  Bring of the mall - the sooner the better!!!!!!'


Would love to see a shopping center in this area - the closest place where we shop is Coquitlam Center!!! I'd like to see chain restaurants (e.g Earl, Cactus Club...), breakfast-type restaurant (e.g IHOP, de Dutch...), grocery shopping, a Wal-Mart will be absolutely awesome.  I would prefer no offices.  All the other ones you listed (future shop, home sense, home depot etc.) are all perfect for our new neighborhood and the young families we have around this area.


I would like to see some children's stores like Children's Place, Old Navy or H %26 M.  It would be nice to also have some more adult clothing stores like The Gap as well.


Hi there please build anything some great shopping also some restaurants, walmart would be fantastic. Best of luck anything would be wonderful.


Yes, that would be great, we really need to be able to shop and dine close to home, can’t wait to try!!!!


can you send me more info


I would love to see the expanding Maple Ridge have their own shopping facilities and tax dollars stay in our own community and have added job opportunities to work locally. Stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Golf Town are a few that we personally would love to see so we don't have to commute over the bridge. Old bridge or new bridge it's the cost of driving out there that kills us. Count us as a yes vote to get SmartCentres to put in a shopping centre in Albion. Thank you


'Hello, I've "lived" in Maple Ridge for about 23yrs ...I use the term lived loosely. Sounds bad but I've always had to travel outside of MR to do any shopping or enjoy any entertainment, so much so that I would drive to Coquitlam to a store I didn't even know existed in MR ...I just assumed there was no real shopping etc. I would love to see places like Home Depot, Walmart, it would make the Albion area feel more like it wasn't in the middle of nowhere. I definitely think Maple Ridge would defiantly benefit.


Would love to see retail and restaurants built on Albion flats. Possibly some office space and only residential above buildings.


it’s about time this municipality got it's act together and got their own mall with big chain stores like the ones you are suggesting here. All of the stores you mentioned here would make a great start to our Albion Mall so please make this council understand we need more business here and a mall in Albion is a good way to start. Good luck, you have our support 100%


Definitely.... we have waited for a long time!!


Absolutely would love to see some shopping out Albion way.  How about a Walmart


Great idea. Finally, I would love to have a shopping centre nearby it would be so convenient no more traffic and no more hassle crossing the Pitt River Bridge. can't wait thank you


I noticed your ad in our local newspaper and wanted to respond with several points. 1.  Your picture is not accurate.  Anyone who has seen any of your stores knows that your format is big cinderblock square stores, not this pretty pedestrian old-town feel that you have portrayed in your picture. 2.  If you followed our town's politics at all you would know that there is a great distaste for the concept of using our farmlands for big box stores. 3.  I understand that you have already purchased the lands in Albion, and that you do have a format that you like to follow: virgin lands, large areas, right on the highway, etc.  If you could possibly think out of the box for a moment, then I would suggest to you what would be much better for our community.  There is great agreement among many Maple Ridge residents that our downtown needs to be revitalized.  With that in mind much building has been taking place, condominiums in the downtown so that people will be densified in the core. Our shopping in the core, however, is poor.  If you would purchase the mall where Liquidation World now stands (with mostly closed down stored in the mall) and erect in it's place one big store like a Wal-Mart, it would serve our town better.  Yes, it would probably have to be two stories, which breaks your general format, but I have seen it done (e.g. Surrey).  Additionally, our Haney Place Mall is greatly failing (in my belief) and could do well to have a very large store put in it's east end.  Also, there are many areas in our downtown core where there are houses waiting to be demolished, and larger stores could go in there.  As I said, I understand that you have your format, but could you possibly give some consideration to the people in whose town you are developing?  Thank you.


I think this is a fantastic idea. We need retail outlets. There is absolutely no shopping in Maple Ridge. Please contact Earls or Cactus Club as we are sadly lacking modern places to eat and we need something better than just boston pizza. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.


You do not have my permission to use my email on any list to submit to others for any reasons or to use my personal information in any way without my prior consent. I support the development of the albion flats.  I do not like "big box" stores, but would love to see some sort of development which combines retail/office and residential.  Port Moody Village is a good example.   Parking outside of the perimeter with quaint walkways throughout (similar to Granville Island) would be nice.  This would eliminate the gross congestion and visual pain that the Pitt Meadows new mall has. A new community centre with park attached would be a draw to many as well.


Would love to see a shopping center!!


I would love to see the Albion Flats area developed.  My wish list: Home Depot, Winners/Home Sense, Starbucks, H&M, Reitman's, Olive Garden, Specialty Italian Food Market, Good Bakery, Best Buy, Future Shop, Dental offices, Sushi Restaurant, Doctor offices Basically a mix of big box and some small, community building enterprises (markets and restaurants, coffee shops)


yes I would like to see shopping in albion. costco, wal-mart, home depot, plus restaurants would all be good. It's been a long time coming.

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