The idea would be a massive improvement and huge benefit to the Maple Ridge Community and would launch us into the 21st Century. Keep pushing, I hope you are successful. Winners, Homesense, Reitmans, Aeropostale, HomeDepot, Moores, and Wal-Mart Sears or the Bay would all be great additions to Maple Ridge.  A Spaghetti Factory or family restaurant would also benefit with being close to the ice arenas for teams.


more shopping has been needed for the past 10 years here in maple ridge. lets get city council on the band wagon and keep maple ridge shopping dollars in maple ridge. all the shopping is in pitt meadows and if you want to shop for any clothing you need to go to coquitlam and beyond or over to Langley. give us shopping!


We Need a New Mall


I would very much like to see a shopping centre in Albion, as it would be much more convenient for the residents of Albion who at this time, need to drive to the far west side of Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows at the least to reach services such as you are offering. Perhaps a theatre and a grocery store could be considered also?  Thank you


This type of center is needed in MR. A Park Royal village style to blend with surroundings of the nature theme perhaps?


yes to some better shopping in maple ridge...not pitt  meadows...all the development for shopping is at the west end of this town and with the bridge construction has and will continue to be a bottle-neck of traffic. this will only get worse next year with the quick access to and from langley. there are definitely stores that this town is lacking...especially a fabric store. with the recent closure of fabricland from the maple ridge square, this town has no sewing supply store. dress-makers, crafters, home design consultants, costume and dance sewers, high school home-ec students (sewing is mandatory for grade 8) seniors who sew or craft, quilters, and people like me ....who sew for pleasure, personal choice and financial reasons....are all having to take our business to Coquitlam on united blvd. which is the closest store! ( if you can even call that close!) i have written to fabricland with little to no response. we need stores ...but keep the rent affordable for these businesses...let's attract...not deter business from this town. i think most people would support staying within their own city to shop if it was convenient, accessible, supportive to the community, ample parking (not like some of the smaller strip malls in coquitlam....many families in this community are just that...FAMILIES...this means a family size vehicle...not some little downtown yuppie sports car. we are still somewhat of a rural community and many people here have a larger car or truck. those small parking spaces are a night mare. with the election of a new mayor and council next week...  i hope the citizens of this town will be heard in what they have been asking for .... choice. no more gas bars, grocery stores or strip malls. as a resident of this community for 30 years i have seen many changes to this town....mostly residential growth. it's time for the business population to catch up to the number of residents here. i do not believe that this opportunity for free enterprise will affect the smaller businesses....people will choose where they make purchases...it would just be great if it could stay within our own city!


please keep me updated


Cineplex theatre Restaurants


Finally we have some shopping in our community and dont have to go elsewhere!!! What about Walmart, is it coming as well??? I personally was going to move as I am always traveling to other communities to do my shopping.


yes i desperately want to shop in Albion. I live in Albion I currently drive to Abbotsford to shop, or Pitt Meadows not Maple Ridge as There is no shopping at present of interest. HOW ABOUT Wal-Mart Superstore Cosco. Or did the people in power of Maple Ridge screw that up!!! If you can succeed with shopping out here I would be in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, as a resident of the albion neighbourhood, I would love a shopping development, as long as it was a urban village setting IE "Newport village in Portmoody." I do not want the (Big Box) type of look . This would greatly benefit Maple ridge residents, as we are all but forgotten when it comes to decent shopping in this city. A Sports complex with another hockey rink and hotel would be another option on this land, it would be great to host tournaments from other cities. This would greatly benefit Maple ridge


Please, please build a mall on the Albion flats. I and many others are sick and tired of driving many miles just to find a decent place to shop. Build the mall...now.


A new shopping area in Maple ridge is a must! i would love to see it sooner than later. I would welcome Walmart, Home Depot, West 49, Future shop, red lobster, Olive Garden, Disney Store, Apple Store, Fairweather, A party store, Some stores that offer outlet prices


I would like to see a major retail outlet with options in maple ridge


Just like to see that someone is trying to get advancements in the shopping area within the Maple Ridge area. Maple Ridge is so far behind the time in this area. I would support this 100%


We would love to see a new shopping area in our community. Having moved from Port Coquitlam to Maple Ridge last year, we notice a huge difference in the retail and restaurant selection in Maple Ridge. We find ourselves constantly traveling to Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Abbotsford to do the bulk of our shopping - even traveling as far as Queesborough Landing to do some outlet shopping. Additional restaurant selection would also be a bonus for our family. We look very forward to the day that we can shop and eat out within our own community and support local jobs (and add to our tax base) rather than travel outside of our area. Hopefully this plan to add more services to our community actually comes to fruition.


Yes!  We need shopping.  It is pretty pathetic that I can't do any good shopping in Maple Ridge right now.  Come on people, we are falling behind the times! 


It would be wonderful to have decent shopping in our town. I don't shop in town since all we have are thrift stores and second hand crap.  We need places like Gap, Old Navy, R W and Company, etc....Earls, Milestones, Cactus Club


once again you guys love to stir the pot. to do this type campaign during an election shows once again your disregard for    the community.


I would love to see more restaurants and better clothing stores. Maple Ridge has very few restaurant choices and we hate having to go into Coquitlam to eat. It would be nice to be able to support businesses in Maple Ridge for a change.


My wife and I can't wait to get shopping down there.  We would like at least one good size grocery store, perhaps a hardware store like Home Depot, a Canadian Tire, coffee shops, restaurants like Milestones, perhaps even a movie theatre. Currently, we spend 70% of our shopping dollars in Port Coquitlam or Pitt Meadows.


I would love to see some shopping in the Albion flats.  As it is now, I have to drive into Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows, or Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam for any retail needs outside of groceries.  I would much rather be shopping close to home, as there is so much time and gas lost in traveling to the other cities.


I think we are way overdue on getting a shopping centre in the albion area...good on you guys, and don't stop. Home depot, wal-mart future shop, sears etc we need them.


I support more shopping, just no big box stores.


We would love to see more shopping in the Maple Ridge area.  All of the stores named plus Walmart would be terrific.  It would be great if we didn't have to travel so far to do our shopping.  Thank you and good luck!


I totally support the idea of a shopping centre in Maple Ridge.  As a wife/mother of a family, I need access to stores that can provide quality products for competitive prices.  Currently I almost exclusively shop OUTSIDE of Maple Ridge (except for grocery shopping).  The demographic of Maple Ridge is changing - lots of young families are moving here and we need shopping options to support this.  Shopping outside Maple Ridge not only supports other communities other than ours, but also wastes gas and time! Thank you for providing this website and hopefully this will become a reality!!!'


We think this is a great idea. It would reduce traffic which is now flowing to Coquitlam.




It's about time!! Long overdue, is all I can say. Good luck with Maple Ridge Council, hopefully we can elect a business friendly council on Nov. 15


I like the idea of shopping in Albion flats, but the aerial view of Grandview Corners does not look appealing.  It looks like parking lots and big box stores, which we do not need more of.  Take a look at the Village at Park Royal South.  It's a good starting point, and would be made even better with mostly underground parking, and open pedestrian promenades and public squares at ground/shopping level, instead of the huge waste of space devoted to parking (as at Meadowtown Center), which puts such huge and dangerous-to-navigate-by-foot spaces between retailers, that shoppers are forced to drive just a few hundred feet in order to shop at a different store.  Putting parking underground would also enable your company to devote precious hectares of land to more retail (boutiques, cafes, etc.), in a unique-for-vancouver street like atmosphere that could even become a bit of a tourist draw in the area.  Huge parking lots are dead spaces that create heat in the summer, and serve mostly to "uglify" the environment. The artists conception on this website is attractive, and would be even better if you put the parking underground, where it would be cool in the summer, and, like I said, would allow you to devote all that extra land to beautiful public spaces at ground level. As for the types of shops, I'd like to see things such as a music shop (instruments), book stores, bicycle shop, bakery, dry cleaner, butcher, beer and wine store, organic foods, toy store, housewares, furniture, fashions, jewellery, bank etc..  The scale does not need to be big-box.  We need shops on a small-town scale that provide a people friendly atmosphere and a nice place to spend time.  PLEASE< NO BIG BOX!!!'


Finally a mall that will work in the Maple Ridge area.  You have my fully support.  That land hasn't been used for farming or anything useful in years.


I would like to see a mall like the Coquitlam Centre, a Future Shop and a Chapters.


Great idea, there is nothing I would love more than to have a Home Depot in Maple Ridge, having to cross the Pitt River Bridge to go to the Poco store is brutal. I support this development!!


The listed stores are close enough to visit when necessary. WalMart.....YES


Would love to have a shopping mall close to home would save me money from traveling to Pitt Meadows or Abbotsford........Also take some of the tax burdon off us as residents


I would like to see Walmart,


It would be great to get some shopping close by.  A grocery store would be nice too. 


we need more shopping we can not even buy a botton or zipper in maple ridge we have to go to united boulevard very sad


I and my wife Katie would very much like to see a new shopping center in the Albion flats, A home depot, future shop, and maybe a walmart would be nice to see here, We could also use a burger king at that end of town \


NO MORE SHOPPING CENTRES PLEASE!! Is that all we do, in North America, is SHOP?  Enough already... let's keep the Albion Flats for more parks development!!  Thank you.


We think it would be wonderful. We have lived in Maple Ridge for 10 years and are sick and tired of travelling into Coquitlam to shop. Not to mention the cost on gas and the environment, we need more shops in Maple Ridge. We would love and use a Home Depot, Clothing stores, Kids Clothing Please Mum or Childrens place, Toys R US, some decent restaurants, a liquor store near Albion would be great. Walmart, Sears or Bay. I am 30 yrs old I have two kids and I am frustrated that the only thing Maple Ridge has to offer as far as retail is Zellers and Canadian Tire. I hope this project gets the thumbs up as do so many of my friends.


would be interested in hearing more about this and knowing exactly where it would be located.




I would love to see Albion flats have their own grocery store, liquor store, video store, GOOD restaurants and designer outlets. This is something that we have needed for a long time and look foward to seeing in the near future.


good restaurant, there are no earls, cactus clubs, milestones, moxies, or sammy j peppers restaurants.


yes to mall


we need more shopping out in maple ridge so we don't have to go to coquitlam...i would like to keep my money out here rather than giving it to another municipality...I have no problem with it going down at lougheed and 105


I feel very strongly that we really need this shopping centre in Maple Ridge, we need new people on our council who are forward thinking and until that happens we cannot move forward.  We have to leave the city for all our shopping and entertainment.    PLEASE BUILD THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!'


 am glad that there is consideration into building a shopping area in the Albion flats area. There is no a thing in this area for the people that live close to it.I would like to see big retail stores eg. Walmart, Sears,and so on. I also would like to have a another grocery store that is close by like superstore, maybe a safeway.'


I would love to have the Albion Flats area developed into the vibrant shopping area Maple Ridge so desperately needs. My suggestions for tenants to the complex would be as follows: Electronics Store such as Future Shop/Best BuyHousewares Store such as Home Outfitters Brand Name Clothing Stores such as Cleo, Reitmans, Jones New York, GapSpecialty Shops such as Bernard Callebaut Chocolates, Signature Liquor Store, Bakery, Deli, cooking store Hardware Store such as Home Depot Restaurants such as Boston Pizza, Milestones, Old Spaghetti Factory as well as fast food such as Dairy Queen, Tim Hortons, coffee shops such as Second Cup or Esquires. I thank your for trying to bring amenities to my community.


I would like to see shopping and also offices and possibly a business park. My only concern would be any additional noise that would disturb residences in the sub division. Anything that is built should be adjacent to Lougheed Highway, and not further into the flats. This should be kept as parkland.


I would like to see a walmart supercentre.  I would like to see a gas station, video store, dental, doctor, physio perhaps.  Maybe a restaurant or a fast food joint.  A bus station would also be great.  It would be nice if 50% could be locally owned and 50% larger business/chain stores.


I would love to see a wallmart weather it be in maple ridge or pitt meadows


Wal-Mart, Fabricland, Winners,Home Depot,Purolator, Earl's,Whole Foods, Tim Hoton's......


I would like to see shopping opportunities in MR but our Mayors and Councils keep turning them down. I understand their need to look at how to use the land but enough is enough, this has been going on since 2005..... lets move on and get shopping in MR and our taxes lowered. I am tired of driving to other cities to shop.       PS: I would like to see Wal-Mart as one of the retailers locate to MR.


I want your development in Maple Ridge.  You have my vote and my wife's


I am absolutely opposed to any commercial development on Albion Flats.  It should be retained in the ALR or the Green Zone. 


Bring it on!


I'd love to see more retail shops & restaurants in Maple Ridge.  NO MORE DOLLAR STORES AND THRIFT STORES!!  We need some higher end stores and stores that are family oriented for the middle class. We are in great need of clothing stores for Men & Women and babies/children.  I believe the following would do well out here:  Old Navy, Gap, Mountain Co-op, H&M, Children's Place, Please Mum, Carter's, Babies R Us /Toys R Us, Costco, Sears dept store, Wallmart and HBC/Home Outfitters.  All the above we shop at frequently, but in other cities (mainly Coquitlam). Also, there aren't any maternity shops out here - What about a Thyme Maternity or Motherhood store? Restaurants that I believe would do well here are:  Applebees, Milestones, Mr. Mike's, Spaghetti Factory, Montanas, Cactus Club and I'd love to see Chapters with a Starbucks here. We need a Home Depot or a larger Rona, as we always end up in Coquitlam for our home hardware needs. Future Shop or Best Buy, as there's no place to buy decent cds & dvds,  or audio visual equipment & appliances.


I would love to see more shopping availability in the Maple Ridge/Albion Flats area.  I am on the east side of town and have to drive to either Abbotsford or Coquitlam to shop.  The new Meadow town shopping centre has helped with some of my shopping needs, but not all. I would love to see stores like Future Shop or Best Buy, Chapters, Walmart, Restaurants (i.e. quality restaurants like Olive Garden), Outlet stores, like Guess, lululemon, etc.


HWe desperately need some serious shopping here in Maple Ridge! I really appreciate what SmartCentres is trying to accomplish here. I would like to add a Costco to your list of retail stores. I am tired of having sit in shopping traffic rush hours going to and from Port Coquitlam.


Please build shopping mall!


I would love for you to develop in the Albion flats.  We really need that out here and it's right in front of us yet the council and mayor do nothing about it.  If it was a working and mass production farm I could see there being more questions arising but it's not.  This is a prime location to build which will increase employment opportunities, lower taxes and keep Maple Ridge residents shopping in their hometown.  I am all for you developing your land.  Go, go Smart Centers!!! Thank you,


Me and my family have been waiting for real shopping centre in Maple Ridge, Albion Flats specifically. IT'S ABOUT TIME!...Future Shop, Home Depot, Banks,  Walmart, etc. would be great.


Great idea to have a shopping centre in the Albion area!  I would like to see: Home Depot, Future Shop / Best Buy, Starbucks/Tim Horton's, Grocery store, Wal Mart, Scotiabank.


What can a resident in the Albion area do to support shopping as suggested here?


I really like the plan you have for Albion flats, as Maple Ridge desperately needs better shopping opportunites, and more jobs.  In addition to the stores listed in your letters, a big one I would like to see is a Fabricland or Fabricana, a movie theatre, more restaurants like Montannas, Olive Garden, or Cactus Club, or a Dave and Busters and maybe a Sears.  Opportunities for a Rock Climbing Centre, or LaserTag place would also be nice.  (we need more entertainment options)My biggest concern with the development is traffic, and the side effects it may have on the Albion Fairgrounds across the street..  I think the location is great, but an overpass on lougheed highway would be needed to handle the traffic, replacing the light at 105th ave, and creating a way to get over the CP tracks to the industrial park.  I also believe that a WestCoast express station and bus loop/park and ride near the shopping centre would be a benefit to both residences, and businesses in the new project, as peolple heading home to Mission in the evenings would be able to get off the train, shop for an hour, and then get back on the train to go back to Mission.


I live in the Albion area and am desperate for some closer retail. I would love to see a grocery/produce store, department stores, coffee shop, liquor store and other retail outlets. The lack of these amenities have repeatedly caused us to consider moving to a different community. My husband and I have 3 children and are hoping to see some more businesses in our area soon. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make this possible.


I would love to see shopping in the Albion Flats area.  I currently shop in Abbotsford for a lot of things I need. (clothing, electronics, building supplies etc).  Developing a shopping area in the Albion Flats will help decrease congestion west of Maple Ridge as people will no longer need to travel to Coquitlam to shop. I would really like to see Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Costco and other stores in the area, as well as offices, residential and/or business parks so people can live and work close to home.  However I do not like industrial looking shopping areas.  I would like to see more green spaces with landscaping, benches, outdoor cafes etc.


Clothing stores: American Eagle, Off the Wall, Aldo etc. -furniture stores (ikea?) -Walmart




Stores in the Albion Flats, here we go again. Myself and many Maple Ridge residents disagreed with your first attempt at developing the Flats to build a Walmart and now I see you are still attempting to have some kind of retail development in this area. After purchasing the land, that you are basically stuck with, as it is still in the ALR, you should realize by now we don't want stores in the Flats. The increased traffic congestion and pollution that these stores would generate are not welcomed in our neighbourhood. We are surrounded by nature and sports facilities and that is the way the Flats should remain. Why don't you think about the current business owners in Maple Ridge. Times are tough enough right now, that we don't need big box stores moving into our area. How about helping to revitalize the existing businesses instead of sabotaging them. I realize that you benefit from setting up retail spaces, but why don't you look at an area that they would be welcomed in and not protested against.


I was very exited to see your billboard and would be really happy to see more shopping opportunities in the Albion area.  Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other major stores would be welcome. I'd like to see even a new cinema in Maple Ridge.  I hope the new council will be more eager to provide a wider taxbase to Maple Ridge, and allow development of the Albion flats.  Please keep me informed of the proposed projects outcome


I would be very selective in what businesses are part of the equation. Reitman's, Petland, etc are fine for smaller operations but you need the big names for continued success. Home Depot would be perfect, the anchor of the complex. American Eagle for the younger crowd maybe. I would try attracting a better restaurant than Boston Pizza though. Maple Ridge is very short on these. Milestone's would be a good tenant as well. What is really needed is a top-notch department store at least on par with The Bay. Zeller's doesn't cut it. If the mall is to succeed, then the top players should be sought. A Signature liquor store wouldn't hurt either.


this is an awesome idea we need it, jobs and something to do hopefully it will work


Please add me to your distribution/information list. Thank you


I am tired of city councils telling us what we need, they approved all the residential development with no allowance for commercial, we need a broader tax base and better shopping options locally without having to drive out of our town.  Every election I


I would love more shopping in Maple Ridge. I would much rather invest in my own community than have to commute to work, and spend my hard earned dollars investing in someone elses community.


we have lived in the albion area for the past 17 years. in 17 years there has been little or no additional shopping made available to the fast growing area.  Myself and my family are very tired of having to drive to Pitt Meadows or Coquitlam, every time we need to go shopping.  Please get us some shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'


I think that a shopping mall in albion would be a great idea, my father lives there and doesnt drive and the bus is limited to get to town so that would be a really great thing and good for more jobs here in maple ridge


Please build on that site...my partner I would love to see a Wal-mart in MR not Pitt Meadows.  Please get Olive Garden to come over to your new site.  Get the Langley Market, build a Home Depot on this side of the bridge, Future Shop, bring Costco here, liquor store, a decent outdoor equipment store, make it eco friendly in design, make smarter parking lots, get CR Cycle to move, we love motorcycles, just build something and we will come.  If there is anything we can do to get you guys here let us know.  MR is so difficult to deal with..thanks for hanging in there.'


YES PLEASE MORE SHOPPING AND AMENITIES!!!  The locals here do talk about the great lack of shopping in M.R.  Big box stores, sure boutiques ANYTHING but more dollar stores....we have more than we need.  Milestones, Earls, etc. would be great too.  Does that help?


until the Downtown core is improved, and there is plenty of room for more stores there, we certainly do NOT need to pave over more green space for a new mall when we can't fill the ones we have.


Shame on you for spreading propaganda and interfering with our local elections.  Build your stores on land that is not ALR or GreenZone.  Be creative instead of taking the easiest way out.


Keep the shopping downtown or between the river and the RR tracks.  Perhaps your bullying tactics have worked elsewhere - I hope they don'e work here! For some reason I cannot enter my name, etc. but will see you at any public hearings or such that are held to create an Albion Plan that meets the needs of the community of Maple Ridge rather than one development company.


he time of trying to stagnant the District of Maple Ridge, preserving it as it looked in 1900, has come to a head.  The very vocal special interest groups in this town and the local politicians connected with them, shouldn't be able to dictate what the majority of Maple Ridge residents want, which is big box shopping centres and mainstream large retail stores.  We need balanced growth in Maple Ridge, which includes local shopping and employment opportunities along with other commercial and industrial development.  Economic and local sustainability won't be reached by saving every square inch of land as green space and farmland.  In utopia, maybe that would work, but realistically in the here and now, that plan would fail. My family and I live out in east Maple Ridge.  We are tired of having to travel by car out to Coquitlam, Mission, Langley and Abbotsford on a regular basis to go shopping and obtain our goods, goods not found anywhere in Maple Ridge. We want big box shopping yesterday.  We want to have first and foremost a Costco.  We also would like to see Real Canadian Superstore, Sears, The Bay, Home Depot, The Brick, Chapters, FutureShop, Michaels and Wal-Mart on Albion Flats.  The more shopping opportunities that you can give us the better. When these dreams come to fruition, people will be able to work, play and live here all in the same community.  We will save time, save money and reduce pollution.  Our tax base will become more diversified, allowing for a reduction in the need to rely on residential property taxes to sustain the community.  Furthermore, Maple Ridge dollars will stay in Maple Ridge. Best of luck to you!


We need a shopping centre.  Don't duplicate the shops that are already in Pitt Meadows.  Better restaurants would be great, like Milestones or Earl's.  Old Navy & some of the same shops you have at Grandview Corners.


e need a M.A.C Cosmetics in Maple Ridge. They currently opened a stand in Coquitlam Center in the Bay. It would be very successful in this town, because the closest one is only coquitlam, and there is no other place to buy professional cosmetics in this town. As well we could use some shops that Coquitlam Center has too... Like The Sirens, or Le Chateau. As well as more resteraunts like Earls, or other Casual Dining Places, Not just Boston Pizza. It needs somehting other towns close by Dont have.


Thanks for having this website to provide comments. A mix of retail (anything as we have nothing anyways), restuarants and residential. Try not to make it look like big box retail. Have a look at Park Royal in West Vancouver. The Home Depot there doesn't look anything like their other stores. Medical and dental and a liquor store so I don't have to drive forever to get some beer for when the Vancouver Canucks win the Stanley Cup this year!!


we need a mall out here home depot wallmart etc all we have is zellers woohoooo not. it will bring in much needed tax dollars


i would love to have a new shopping centre in maple ridge. although I am only 11 years old.


It's about time!!! I have a vision of something comparable to coquitlam centre, only bigger. Perhaps not quite as large as Edmonton mall.


more shopping choices/ fine resturants/theaters


Why not some kind of department store such as Bay, Sears, or even better than nothing a Walmart. We are constantly going to Pitt Meadows to shop for just the basics, and for anything a little out of the ordinary, Coquitlam centre. A Real Canadian Super store for groceries would also be nice.


Living in Albion for the past two years and having to fight traffic and construction just to pick up milk, I see a real need for basic infrastructure in this area. Open Format shopping is very appealing, espessially patios and cafes that make the shopping experience more enjoyable. What concerns me is the repetetive opening of big box stores that seem to be available on every corner. Not that I necessarily mind, but catering to butique type shops and smaller exclusive type shops, which lend an atmospere and uniqueness , might be something to consider and make part of any future plans of development. Maple Ridge has very recently began to cater to such stores and I would hate to see them be overshadowed by low quality chain's. Consider many examples of shopping districts in Europe and their appeal to the shopper. Many outdoor cafes and restaurants, offering many different fares.Also, having the shopping centre pedestrian only, with parking lots on the outside circumference would also be very shopper friendly.  My biggest concern is to allow Maple Ridge keep its quaint mood, while it is growing and expanding to meet the new needs of its citizens. Thank you very much for opening this issue to the public input.
with regards,


I would LOVE to have a shopping center in albion!


I would LOVE to have the following stores to shop at here in Maple Ridge: OLD NAVY CHILDREN'S PLACE IGA TIM HORTONS SEARS TOYS R US BEST BUY DANIER LEATHER and URBAN PLANET


Yes!  It is about time.  I would love to see Walmart...we are so behind in the shopping department. I am excited about the bridge to Langley next summer...as this will bring better shopping to Maple Ridge. I would much prefer to see Maple Ridge's shopping expand, as I think it is long overdue. I vote yes for shopping at Albion Flats! Keep the shopping dollars in Maple Ridge!'


I hope you push long & hard for this project, it is way past due!


I agree, keep trying to get this to happen.

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