For anyone interested in sustainable development, this seems to be a very irresponsible proposal.  There are MANY places closer to and in the middle of the downtown area that should be developed first.  And certainly, under no circumstances, should farmland be destroyed to provide shopping in a time when consuming is declining due to the irresponsible actions of those in charge of world-wide financial activities!


First of all I have to say how excited I was to see a huge sign with the words SHOPPING CENTER on it...I nearly drove off the road!! My god yes,  please put something in Albion.  I mean as desperate as we are for some retail bliss,  repeating the same retailers as the ones out in meadowntown shopping center almost seems pointless.  Why not put in something metropolitian like a Chapters, Future Shop, or what about a Wal Mart. Spice it up give us variety.  The dream of a an actual mall like the coquitlam center, or metrotown are to current. so until that miracle happens, another 'center' will definatley do!!!!! lets make it happen. i HATE having to drive OUT  of Maple Ridge to spend my money. Thanks


I would love to see more shopping in this area!  It bothers me that I have to drive to Coquitlam for my shopping.  Stores I would like to see are: WalMart Future Shop/Best Buy Winners Toys R US/Babies R Us Chapters Restaurants such as Milestones, Earls, etc


I would like to a nice village feel of shops. Big stores like home depot would be nice as long as you enter them off the lougheed hwy and not off 105 street and they didnt go to close to the homes that are presentely in that area.Shopping is something that is definately needed in Maple ridge I dont like always having to commute out of town. thanks'


I would definetly like to see a Walmart in Maple Ridge, possibly a large scale shopping mall, so we don't have to waste gas driving to Coquitlam or further to shop!


So excited to hear that a much-needed shopping centre is coming to Albion.  Walmart would be much appreciated as would Tim Horton's.  Other offices would be great too.  There are enough residences in the surrounding area so I would rather see the development as stores and business services only.   Thank you.


We need more quality shopping on the east side of Maple Ridge, similar to that of Meadowtown in Pitt Meadows.  Why is that P.M. can get it but we in Maple Ridge can't.  I wholeheartedly support this location.


Maple Ridge desperately needs new choices.  Plus, we need new businesses to help pay the taxes and take a little of the burden off of homeowners.  I think the council needs to take a broader approach to representation and realize the 'farm' has been bought


It's about time that there is some decent shopping options for the reisdents of east Maple Ridge. The stretch of Lougheed, as it stands now is an under utilized eyesore. Good luck in your endeavour




A BIG THANK YOU!!! Someone is finally listening, Yes I and my Family would love local shopping, so we do not have to be the Bedroom community anymore!!! With added shopping, comes added jobs to our community. I live just above the designated area (just off Tamarack)and would welcome it.   All the retailers sound great!! fitness and injury rehab.  Also the Idea of some manufactures of furniture or woodworking of some kind for the business park we would be great.  I would like to see some retailers from Vancouver come out like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrell (they just launched a New store back in Toronto). Well I sure thats enough for now LOL.  talk soon!!!


 would like to see stores that cater to my teens; Garage Clothing, Off The Wall, Stitches, Sirens, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Urban Behaviour, american Apparel.  I would also like stores that cater to me like Walmart, Smart Set, Sears  etc.


Hello, The one request I have is to have good shopping for womens clothes. Everywhere I go (work, baby shower, friends house etc) we always talk about how there is no good shopping in Maple Ridge. It would be fantastic to have good stores (RW&co etc) in our area. Currently, everyone I know goes to Coquitlam Centre or Langley. I would support your development as long as the plan -  makes an effort to maintain the green natural country feel of Maple Ridge, respects the environment & respects those residents living in the immediate area close to the development. Thank-you


This sounds very much like a duplicate of the new Meadowtown Mall in Pitt Meadows, something more like Lougheed Mall would be great.


Oh please get us some shopping out here!  What we don't need are more of the same stores that we already have access to.  Home Depot would be awesome.  Sears, WalMart and the like would be fantastic.  We don't need more food shopping, Money Marts or pawn shops.  We need clothing (some affordable, some higher end), we need housewares.  There are many wealthy people here...they want to shop here.  If the people who shop at Zellers still want to do so then let them....but we need choices, selection...variety.
THe people who are against the shopping centre are a very vocal few.  The vast majority want/need it and have been silently grumbling about it for years.  We just keep thinking that eventually it just HAS to come...but the local business is afraid of competition. They don't see that by keeping and enticing shoppers here from  elsewhere will be a benefit to them as well. We need more business to help pay the taxes.  THere is a major road/hwy that already exists and will lead to the shopping centre.  There's lots of otherwise useless land.  Rather than using Lougheed Hwy to take us away from our town, lets use it to spend our money here, waste less gas and save the world (okay, I admit that was a bit too much!). I feel so strongly about this that I feel like I'm blabbering incoherently, just to get my thoughts out! Good luck.  Add me to any petition you have.


NO MORE RESIDENTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to have more shopping, A Walmart would be great to have in Maple Ridge.


I would like to see Walmart or similar in this complex.


Yeah!  Something productive for Albion!


I strongly support this retail center to come to Maple Ridge.  With ALL the new houses and people coming to Maple Ridge there is no shopping growth!!  Great idea and Very much needed here so we locals don't have to drive in traffic out of town to shop....


We have lived in Maple Ridge for 20 years and have been waiting for better shopping for along time.  We need a Sears or Bay store, Walmart, Thrifty Foods, Cactus Club restaurant, good sit down type Mexican restaurant like Las Margaritas, Milestones, French & Italian restaurants, gift stores, Chapters, Scrapbooking store like Clipper Street, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Country Furniture, etc.  Would love to see a development like the one in Port Moody called Newport Village.  It has wonderful shops, bakeries and a neighbourhood pub all in a Whistler type of look. Hope your development goes ahead very soon, we need it with all the new homes out here.


I would LOVE to have more shopping in Maple Ridge! We are really lacking, and I am tired off having to drive to Coquitlam to go shopping at decent stores.  Here are a couple of stores I would like to see built at the Albion flats:  Old Navy, Walmart, Best Buy, Future Shop, HMV, Petland, Quiznos, Blends.


Perhaps you could tempt Riverside Golf  to Albion.  It should fit your profile.   And thankyou for not giving up on us. Hopefully our new council will heed the wishes of the community.


The stores that want to come in are good but I would like to see American Eagle, La Zenza and a Chapters.  We have to drive either to Abbotsford or Coquitlam for these stores.  We need a mall like Coquitlam Centre to keep people shopping in Maple Ridge.


I would like to see a good mix of retail, including a restaurant  or two, other than fast food. Maybe a Wallmart and Home depot, Safeway, some office space and some space for smaller specialty shops a liquor store.'


It would be nice to see a newer London Drugs


It's a great idea to have a shopping center at Albion flat.  I'd like to see also a T&T suppermarket there. 




maple ridge needs a wal-mart everyone goes else where to shop there why not keep the bussines  in the area


Would like to see retail use of Albion Flats such as Walmart etc.


We would like to see a good combination of office/retail services in this area anchored by stores such as Home Depot, Walmart Supercenter and other small stores as shown in the Grandview Corners. At the present moment we are doing all of our shopping in Pitt Meadows and Abbotsford. We find it is very frustrating to have to travel away from Maple Ridge to do these things.


It would be great if we have an exact replica of your Grandview Corner development in the Albion flats, including but not limited to Wal-Mart Supercentre, Home Depot, Aldo Shoes, Tommy Hilfiger, Moores Clothing for Men, TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, La Senza/La Senza Girl and La Vie En Rose.


Yes, Yes, Yes,  we need a new BIG shopping centre anywhere in the Maple Ridge area...ESPECAIALLY A WAL MART!!!  Everyone I know goes to the Bby Wal Mart of Abbotsford so why now have one here and create jobs for your own town!!'


I am very much in favor of more local shopping. I would LOVE a WALMART in Maple Ridge.  If you think that it would make a big impact on the current businesses please do not disillusion yourself that people do not already leave this community to shop where there is a Walmart, we do and we do it regularily.


Would LOVE to see a shopping centre in the Albion area.  This is what Maple Ridge needs.


I would like to see a Walmart, new family restaurants and maybe a Best Buy. This town deffinately needs a Walmart, people are getting tired of having to drive 30 to 40 mins to get to one.


I say how fast can this happen!!!! I would rather shop in Maple Ridge, this is where I live...lets keep the tax based here.  Right now I drive to Langley to shop.  This would be a win win for all Maple Ridge residents.  Lets move forward after all this is the 21st century.  The faster this is built the better.  Wal Mart Super Center would be great. I just don't see why we don't proceed, to me this is a win win for everyone.'


II am all for shopping in Maple Ridge, however I would prefer to see stores that we do not have in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows vacinity.  According to the letters received Home Depot, Tommy Hilfiger, Best Buy would all be great stores to have in the area.  We already have Boston Pizza, Reitmans and  HomeSense/Winners in Pitt Meadows.  It seems to me if we are trying to expand our shopping options, then we should have different stores than what are already nearby.


Maple Ridge in my opinion needs the likes of a Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Furure Shop or some other store of that nature. Office towers with retail outlets and apartments and or condos. Another stop for the West Coast express with parking, and more trains running. Start playing tougher with the rail companies to allow cheaper use of the rails to make the train more reasonable for commuters, maybe then more of us working in Vancouver would use the service.


Grandview Corners is great.  We need the same.  Walmart, Home Depot etc.  We do all our major shopping oustide of Maple Ridge and are fed up with this ongoing delay. 


If you plan to build a mall please consider NOT building another strip mall. We need a mall like Coquitlam Center or if smaller then like Lougheed Mall in Burnaby. It gets the kids of the streets and gives them employment . I've lived in Maple Ridge since 1985 and always gone tp Coquitlam,Burnaby or Abbotsford to shop. So please don't build another STRIP MALL!!!!!


II would love to see a shopping centre at Albion Flats. Including Wal-Mart as well all the other big stores that are out of typical driving distance from East Maple Ridge.  BUT IT IS IMPORTANT that the store fronts have CHARACTER and more of a village atmosphere, similar to Newport village in Port Moody.  Specialty shops would be a plus as well as local personal service centers (educational, medical, dental, therapy clinics etc.) in addition to the "BIG BOX" stores - which I believe would also benefit from a store front makeover at this location, ie fit the theme instead of sticking out like an ELEPHANT would in the ALPS.   Give us character and service, that would benefit our community style of living.


I believe that to encourage shopping in maple ridge in the age groups of 18-30, you'll need good clothing stores (old navy, tommy hilfigure, and bootlegger). You'll also need good food places (boston pizza is a good idea, but there is one in pitt meadows and in mission and it seems pointless to build one so close to the others.) Earls, East Side Marios, or maybe even old spaghetti factory would be a perfect fit. Good electronic stores is a major economy right now for maple ridge and if you bring in EB Games and Future Shop/Best Buy, you would bring in so much money it surpass any other mall in maple ridge. Also good home improvement centres work but not too many, like one or two, as Meadowtown centre is a good example of too many home improvement centres in one area and only a couple good stores. I hope this helps with your ideas of building a mall in the albion flats. I would love to work for one of these places that are interested in this area so the better the stores, the more successful your mall will be.


We need something like this.  It is so long over due.  The cost in gas alone, that we spend driving to other cities, when our money should be spent in our own town.


we need to get as many store as we can. Anyone who want to set up a store should. If i had to pick a few old navy, Walmart, lezena, chapters, futureshop or best buy just to start with


Information regarding location opportunities for a day-care.


Yes, PLEASE bring more stores and shopping to Maple Ridge!  Things haven't changed in 50 years plus!  Stores we would love to see:  The Bay, Wal-Mart, Future Shop or Best Buy.  Also more variety of men's & women's clothing stores that other cities offer in their malls but we can't get out here in HICKSVILLE!


I enjoy shopping and working at the Pitt Meadows mall. Although it is great, the need for more shopping in our area is greatly needed. I have lived in this area for almost forty years and I am tired of having to drive a great distance to shop. The traffic alone between here and Coquitlam center is ridiculous. It takes an hour just to get there.We have lost our country charm as it was , with all the new development. And the need for jobs in the area has expanded with all new homes. I would love to be able to shop in our area.  Well I hope you are succesful and please let it have a Tim Hortens, we use the Albion field alot with our grand children in sports. So if we could stop there instead of driving out of our way on a cold Nov. night it would be wonderful


We so DESPERATELY need more shopping options in Maple Ridge. I have lived in East Maple Ridge for  17 years and do the bulk of my shopping in Abbotsford at their Seven Oaks Mall, Home Depot, Walmart and Costco. Therefore any or all of them would be fabulous to have locally. In addition to shopping in the Albion area we need sports facilites - more ice rinks, and turf fields. It is terribly embaressing to host games in Maple Ridge due to our lack of decent faucilities. Planet Ice cannot fufill the demand and the Pitt Meadows Rinks are in a terrible state of disrepair. Two turf fields in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows are not enough. It is bizarre that homes can be build in the thousands but we cannot shop or play in our community! Please know that you have our support !!!!


Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I grew up in Trail, BC where they put the one and only mall on the outskirts of town and it pretty much killed the downtown core. For that reason, Maple Ridge should concentrate on improving the shopping downtown before we consider building big-box shopping in the Albion Flats, turning it into another Langley or United Boulevard. As for the letters of support from retailers: I'd rather go to Rona than Home Depot. I'd rather go to Zellers than Wal-Mart (I'm curious why Wal-Mart is not mentioned even though it's the crown jewel of SmartCentres properties?). I'd rather go anywhere than Best Buy/Future Shop. There's already a Canadian Tire and a Winners/Home Sense in Pitt Meadows. Stores the size of Tommy Hilfiger, Petland, Reitmans, and Boston Pizza would fit nicely downtown. And finally, who needs yet another Starbucks?


Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.  We have lived here for 5 years and are looking to sell and move to a more liveable community because of this very issue.  A variety of stores including gaming and restaurants would also allow for employment for some of this districts many teenagers whom council seems to completely overlook Again, Best of Luck'


Yes, more shopping. I think something that is suited to people that like higher quality items and stor


Director Calvin Klein Stores Canada


Could you just build it now please? Thanks.


I would love to see Walmart come to Maple Ridge. New retail clothing stores such as Garage, Urban Planet, etc would also be a big bonus.  Would also love to see most of the stores mentioned on this site ie. Futureshop, Bestbuy, Home Depot.  I immensely dislike having to travel to Abbotsford or Coquitlam to seek out decent shopping.  I want to be able to shop at the spur of the moment instead of having to plan an all day excursion days in advance.  I would welcome any and all of the stores mentioned and then some.


I am not opposed national retailers coming to Maple Ridge.  However your company is proposing this development on agricultural land in the ALR and the Green Zone.  I used to be able to buy fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from the greenhouses that were torn down after your company bought this land in Albion flats.  This is the type of shopping I want


I am opposed to any use other than agricultural on this land in Albion Flats.  Please build your box stores on land that is not in the ALR and Green Zone.  Please stop speculating in the ALR.  If you proceed you can expect strong opposition from many local and provincial groups.


Yes, I welcome more shopping in Maple ridge.  We need more compettion.  I do most of my shopping at Coquitlam and Lougheed Malls.  As a senoir I would prefer to shop here and not have to drive all the way over there.


I think we should have a Wal-Mart in Maple Ridge, as well as restaurants, such as Milestone's, Earl's, Boston Pizza, Cactus Club, etc.


I would love to see this happen


Everyone I have spoken to wants shopping in Maple Ridge. Albion is a perfect location. It is not agriculaturally viable. The city council is out of touch. They want to revitalize downtown. There is not enough room downtown for any shopping. It has become a ghetto of homeless people and drug users and delinquints. I refuse to shop there as I am fearful for my safety. I drive to Abbotsford, Coquitlam, and Langley to shop. I rarely even go to the local Zeller's. My car will probably get broken into when I park at the mall. Every time I go I am approached by homeless people. There have been police there every time arresting someone and the ambulance attending to a stoned drug addict/hooker that was half dressed, there was an unattended shopping cart full of distgusting homeless belongings with a large 12 inch knife sitting on top that I had to walk around to get into the entrance (this is all happening 100 feet from the police station). If city council thinks they can make us pay for parking to endure this, and that people don't want to drive to shop to avoid this - they are out of touch. I went to Langley the other day (they have fabulous big box shopping all centred together) and when I came up 200th street and saw how close the golden ears bridge was to being done - I said to myself, thank god. Now at least I can get over this bridge to shop in Langley. I will gladly drive my car and pay the toll to shop there before I will ever shop downtown Maple Ridge.   So please bring us some shopping. You have my support.


I think its wonderful that there is a consideration of opening a shopping center in Maple Ridge.  It would be nice to also have a movie theater out that way and a fabric store, there is nothing like that in Maple Ridge.


I am fed up with the lack of transit,shopping and lack of work in Maple Ridge. The cows are the only ones happy to live here (and the tree huggers) We need a business park and a walmart and how about some restaurants that do not look like homeless shelters.




This area of town needs this very much! I would love to see a grocery store, coffee shop, home depot, drug store, future shop. There is nothing for people who live in this growing area. I am planning on buying a house in albion in the next 8 months and would love to see stores such as the ones I have listed above. good luck :)


Yes, I want a bigger tax base, and I want to spend my money in Maple Ridge for a change as I won't go downtown because 3 0f the 4 cars in my family have been broken into there, not to ention gas used to go to Pitt Meadows or Coquitlam or Mission.


I prefer development to take place in the downtown core first not in the flats.


Yes please


I know that my family & neighbours have been hoping for a big shopping centre around here for a long time. The stores listed, however, aren't really ones that interest myself and another neighbour I've been speaking with. Ideally, a Walmart or Costco would be fantastic!


I would really like to see a SEARS department store here!! I constantly go to Coquitlam and Abbotsford because I particularly enjoy shopping for many things that I buy there. I do not think we need a Winners, HomeSense or Reitman's here because we have them in Pitt Meadows already!  Sears stores provide many many choices in each department and prices vary from mid to high end.  We need to have more to choose from in this town!  Langley has provided its community with all kinds of nice stores to shop at.We need to take a look around and learn from these DEVELOPED communities.  Coquitlam and Abbotsford are the same.What's the problem here???  Coquitlam has Coquitlam Centre, Abbotsford has Seven Oaks, and Langley has Willowbrook Mall (all with many different stores to choose from and all with a SEARS!!!).  Even Chilliwack has Cottonwood Corners Mall!!  LET'S BUILD A LARGE MALL HERE (Albion Flats would be perfect for it). Leave the industrial parks where they currently are (Maple Meadows, and now Kanaka).  Turn the Albion area into a desirable shopping area that we can be proud of!


P.S. Hopefully no one would consider calling such an endeavour Albion Flats Mall (ugh!!!).  Doesn't sound very classy or welcoming, does it? Let's do something that will put Maple Ridge 'on the map' - TAKE A LEAP INTO THE FUTURE~! I, for one, will be looking forward to taking the bridge to Langley to shop once its finished, because I'll have one more choice as to where I can do some serious shopping.  If Maple Ridge doesn't move forward soon, I think a lot of people will continue to leave this community for their shopping needs.


I think this is a great idea as the Maple Ridge area is fast growing.  I think some of the major clothing brands should be looked into.  Aldo, Smart Set, Sirens, lulu lemon, Sports Check, etc.  That would be a great addition to Maple Ridge as un-fortunatley we are lacking that. For Shopping it's either Coquitlam or Abbotsford. Also wondering if you will post leasing opportunities for the stores & locations?


I support more shopping in Maple Ridge


I have been waiting for a development at thislocation since I moved to Maple Ridge. it is the perfect location for big box stores, as it is perfectly located between Pitt Meadows and Mission. Either is at least a 20 minute drive for us. Store we would request, suggest; Home Depot, Superstore, Marks Work Wearhouse, Cabelas (dreaming here, but still it would be nice. large market for them here too) Pier 1, Toys R Us, SportCheck, Boston Pizza, and Starbucks.


I would absolutely love to see more shopping in Maple Ridge, what I do not want to see is more residential building.  Stores that I would like to see are Walmart, la Senza girl, the childrens place, there is nothing for kids here. Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Guess, Le Chateau, aldo shoes.


Chapters would be nice


It is about time,that this is done. Having to cross over to the other end of town where the shopping is sucks. I feel a Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Future shop would be great and even some good resturants, I know I would use these stores.


As a Maple Ridge tax payer, I say this is way overdue.  I'm tired of commuting out of the municipality to shop.  And the municipality is way out of line, putting this off for as long as they have while going forward with residential development at full speed.  Its not sustainable or responsible.  I would like to see all the retailers as noted on your web page come to Maple Ridge and maybe a Walmart to cover any shortcomings the list has.


Wal-Mart would be priority.


YES! I would like to see Home Depot,FutureShop,Canadian Tire,Sleep Country,and others in Albion Flats. To call this area agricultural land is a joke ...what "crops"other than some derelict houses are there now? I am fed up with all the tax paying industry going to Pitt Meadows while us homeowners foot most of the ever increasing property tax bill! Our city  councils seem to continually call for never ending studies and then do nothing!! For goodness sake,stop "studying" and START DOING SOMETHING!! Let's hope the newly elected council hears us and starts doing something concrete for once,and QUICKLY! Keep up the pressure!


Yes I think a shopping mall would be wonderful in this spot.  I would also hope somehow it would slow traffic down to cut down on accidents in this section of 232 to 240th.  We need more shopping stores.


Please Give us somewhere local to shop so we can keep our money in our community instead of someone else's.


I want a Walmart and a Home Depot a Costco would also be wonderful.


Wall Mart is my major priority for this location. Some other large department store would be acceptable and a fabrib store is also on the top of my list.


Yes I would Love to see WalMart,Home Depot,and many other  other stories in the Albion flats. I am all for that, you got my vote.


We would like to see clothing stores here other than the ones that are already ie. Zellers, Mark's and I guess the odd boutique.  We'd like to see some decent restaurants that are a little on the higher end of the scale.  We also need a Bay, Sears etc. Michaels, Pier 1.  How about a theatre?  Wal Mart will do just nice.  Actually, anything other than the poor excuse we have for shopping will do nicely! Our family is tired of having to leave the community that we live in to shop elsewhere.  With the price of gasoline, and carbon gasses affecting the atmosphere, and Maple Ridge on about clean air...wouldn't you think they'd like to keep the traffic to a minimum.  Not to mention the tax base they'd have. But, Maple Ridge is narrow minded.  They sell land to developers, give out building permits to build more houses, but they don't want to supply any infrastructure.  I'm afraid they are the mind set of a one horse town. Maple Ridge's main concern, since we moved here almost 8 yrs. ago, is the downtown core, the size of a postage stamp.   It never looks any different, in fact every year it looks worse.  They need to bulldoze it down and start again. YES!!!  WE NEED DECENT SHOPPING HERE IN MAPLE RIDGE!!!


Yes lets get this moving !


I would love it if the mall included Home Depot, Walmart Michaels Superstore and clothing stores.   I usually have to drive to Abbotsford Pitt Meadows or Coquitlam to shop.  I think a local mall would be a great benefit in reducing the time and costs involved in shopping so far away.  Hopefully the mall should generate some retail tax revenue  for the city and inturn reduce my property taxes.  The city of Maple Ridge appears to be so concerned with preserving farm land only when it applies to retail services.  In the 5 1/2 years of living here all I've seen is new residential development and absolutly no planning for a sustainable community with essential retail services.  If you want my vote, you got it  because anything is better than what we have now, which is nothing!  Thanks sincerely.


I look forward to additional shopping opportunities in both Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge so that we don't need to leave our community as often for shopping.  Naturally if more of that happens in Pitt Meadows where council has been more receptive to big box than Maple Ridge, all the better for us in terms of both less time/pollution in the car, and the tax base to our city!


I would love to have more shopping centres in Maple Ridge, especially WalMart. I would like to see some franchise-type restaurants, like Milestones or Mr. Mikes.


We are very much in favour of a shopping center in MR hopefully soon before all the major stores locate in the neighbouring comunities


I would love to see this shopping centre go ahead and would love to see a Walmart there too.


we dont need anymore town houses or business parks what maple ridge needs is a shopping center! I VOTE FOR A SHOPPING CENTER!!!


What Maple Ridge really needs is quality restaurants like Milestones, Cactus Club, Earls etc. Developing this area for consumers is a great idea, but leave the business park concept for property south of Lougheed Highway.


Costco/Home depot/& Various Shopping Mall


we definitely need a shopping center in maple ridge.  we need retailers for women's wear in the worst way.  also shoes, and a wal-mart type store.  zeller's does not cut it.  we would benefit from a business park to help offset our high taxes.  there is virtually NO decent shopping in our area, or a higher end restaurant for that matter.   WE NEED EVERYTHING SO THAT WE DONT HAVE TO GO TO COQUITLAM OR LANGLEY OR ABBOTSFORD TO SHOP


love to see a mall in albion.I'm tired of going to Pitt Meadows or Coquitlam


HI I would love to see more shopping in Maple Ridge but it needs to fit in the surroundings. I like the picture on the postcard you sent. I would like to see stores that carry clothes, accessories, etc for a younger teen/adult. I would rather not have Walmart, Home Depots, Future shops but more American Eagle, Gap, Old Navy, Bootlegger, Aldo, DC, Quicksilver, West 49, Children's Place, a real shopping mall where families can shop without leaving the community.


All of the stores in your brochure sound great but some sort of shopping store would be fantastic! Superstore is very family oriented and we go to Pitt Meadows each time to shop. Family restaurants would be a plus but no more McDonalds we have enough of those! What about a Milestones or something adults could go to alone or with kids. Right now the Keg is the only real "date" place so even a high end restaurant would be successful I am sure! No matter what stores go in they will be successful, we as a community are so frustrated by having to travel to other cities (ABB/ CoQ/ Pitt) to find a superstore, Walmart or anything type of clothing stores. Haney place mall is a joke and offers little to consumers. If you brought out an Old Navy it would make a killing for sure! Langely has figured out how to put huge stores like HomeSense with La Vie on Rose and those malls are packed all the time. As consumers what is needed most out this way is clothing stores and restaurants....I find that clothing means Reitmans or Addition Elle but I know you can find better stores like Old Navy outside of malls sometimes and that would be the money maker for sure! Good luck and I hope this goes through.


I would love to see a Milestones or cactus club restaurant


Yes we need more shopping in Maple Ridge, HOWEVER, a shopping mall such as Metrotown or Coquitlam Centre would be IDEAL  as we already have HomeSense/Winners, Future shop and outside strip malls like that all over Maple Ridge, we need a really classy, nice big shopping mall to cover ALL of our shopping needs - we don't need another Pitt Meadows Mall - thank you

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