no stores as listed above in albion flats most listed above carry cheap products imported offshore. reitmans ok, walmart and the such no thanks, already have homedepot in town, hurts smaller business, bet you wont keep this'


I would be in favour of any retail stores being built in Maple Ridge, especially Wal-Mart. I have lived in Maple Ridge for over 55 years and are now forced to go elsewhere to shop.


we should have Shopping Mall here. at least Costco, Home depot,Wall mart!


Great to hear...... We would love to see the new shopping centre in the Albion flats. Convenient shopping in this area is long over due. Good Luck


I would like to see a Walmart located in the Albion Flats as currently we have to go to either Burnaby or Surrey to shop.  Also, for the people living in East Maple Ridge, a new grocerey store would serve the people living there.Also, I believe a Home Depot would serve the people of Maple Ridge.


Yes, the sooner the better! The only WalMart store is in Burnaby and driving takes too long.  Our family has wanted WalMart in Maple Ridge for many years - it would be so much more closer.  The retail stores suggested sound great as well as a restaurant to go to after shopping. For the people who see WalMart as a threat should not, WalMart provides great value in these hard economic times and the small speciality shops in Maple Ridge will benefit as people from outlying areas have to drive through Maple Ridge to get to your new Walmart shopping mall - they could stop for the very few shops that now exist in downtown M.R.  WalMart is very necessary and should be built right away, people will get used to it very quickly. Also the surrounding towns of Mission etc would also benefit as it is not that far away - a middle point.  I am strongly in favor of your mall. I am strongly in favor of the WalMart Shopping Centre and I personally don't know why it is taking SO long in coming to this area.  The closest WalMart takes us over 20 minutes to get to and the parking is not good.  Our family has wanted WalMart for years in Maple Ridge.  For those who are opposed to the idea, we can't understand why.  There is very very little shopping in downtown Maple Ridge - it in itself needs a revitalization. The few shops that are there are specialty shops' things that WalMart does not sell so there is no need to worry. Also they may in fact benefit as people from other towns like Port Coquitlam and Mission may venture to the downtown core to see the few stores there. So please, hurry up and built the Mall and add a restaurant so we can have a place to go after shopping.  Thank you


Sounds absolutely wonderful.............can't wait to have a better shopping experience close to home!!! We need it in Maple Ridge..........so go for it!'


it would be great to have a walmart, toys r us, future shop and home depot and perhaps a couple of restuarants eg olive garden


I would love to see stores in the albion flats , I would like to see rona (like the one in abbortsford, it is a very nice store) rather than a U.S store like home depot. Lets keep our stores as canadian as possible. No to Wal-Mart.'


Does your proposal include WalMart?


This shopping centre would be welcomed by many in this neighborhood.  A grocery store (Safeway) would be great as well.


Hi! It would be really nice to have a Costco in Maple Ridge. Is there any hope for that?


Yes, we want a shopping centre out this way ,incl a walmart.  The sooner, the better.  That will help our serious shopping problem as wellas help to take some of the pressure off our residential taxes.


I would rather see a proper mall, not another strip mall with shops outside that you walk around to.  Hello, it rains here 6 months a year.  An indoor mall would be better.  The shops at the Superstore mall in Pitt Meadows are great, but I don't shop there alot because I don't want to have to walk out in the rain to get to the next shop.


Yes we would like a development of the Albion flats in Maple Ridge. Wal mart ,Canadian Tire, Home Depot, etc would be welcome'


in favor of a shopping mall but not the likes of winners reitmans or home sense we have these already why duplicate?  home depot and wallmart would make a lot more sense.  sorry the first e mail was wrong


just make sure it haoppens; I'll sign a petition if need be


I for one would like to see a shopping centre in Maple Ridge. During rush hour traffic it is unnerving driving across the bridge to Port Coquitlam to get to Home Depot and Rona often does not have the same products for sale here  in Maple Ridge. Hopefully it would help with our taxes that are increased every year by having a business tax base to offset higher increases. Maple Ridge has lagged behind surrounding communities in offering shopping for the ever increasing number of Seniours that do not drive out of town like they did when they were younger orrely on friends and family to take them shopping.


I think that Home Depot and Future Shop would be great additions to the Albion flats, BUT what would be the point of adding the rest of the stores when we have them 4 km down the road. Do not add those stores to the flats, people rarely go to those stores anyways. If you want ideas of stores take a look at Langley. They have Home Outfitters, Jacob Connexion, Chapters, American Eagle, stores that people will continually go to. Don't put stores in there that are not going to survive one year of being open.


 have supported the idea of shopping inb the Albion Flats for some time now, at least three years ago, and know that more people than every are in support of shopping in our own back yard. I am pleased that SmartCenters are still interested. It cannot happen soon enough for me.


How about one decent run of the mill restaurants such as Cactus Club, Milestones, Earls, Olive Garden etc. It would be nice to see some decent eating establishments in an area that has grown so much over the past five years.


anyways YES we need a shopping centre in Maple Ridge BADLY. What I've observed and talked with others is that on Saturday it seems everyone leaves Maple Ridge and heads west into Coq. Centre judging by traffic.  Also I feel that when we shop in Maple Ridge you have to always get into your car and drive to a different location(Store) there spred out all over ... not enviro friendly. Would love to see WALMART.'


WE NEED A WALMART!  My question is: What about parking and what about traffic


es yes yes long time waiting for somthink better then secondhand store . I wish to see some changes soon and grocery store too.


i'm all for more shopping in on this side of the pitt river brdge but why would you put retailers in that already exist here get walmart, cosco,sears, the bay, toys r us or ikea then i'm interested otherwise what's the point'




We need more shopping.  Driving to coquitlam is too long.  Our city need to grow


I would love to see a shopping center there.  As a matter of fact I was just saying that I hope they put shopping in that exact place sometime soon.  It's a real inconvenience having to go to Pitt Meadows and Coquitlam centre to find nice stores.  I myself would defintely love to see some shoe stores, Winner's, West 49, T&A, Lulu Lemon, LeSenza, Starbucks to name a few.  It would also create some good jobs for our teens.  As of now we are driving much further to bring them to their current employment.  I can't wait..when do you suppose something like this might happen?


Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows needs a mall...anchored by a large retailer such as WalMart, Future Shop Home Depot.  Make it happen!


yes.....we think this would be an ideal location. Can't start building soon enough. We need local shopping!!


we would love to see more retail stores in this area.  it is long over due.  we would actually like to see a whole new mall, much like coquitlam centre..though we would be just as happy to see a home depot and walmart.


We need to stop driving to Abottsfor or Coquitlam for our shopping. Would prefer to see the downtown area developed into a real shopping centre --but am strongly in favour of seeing anything positive done that will keep our dollars here and cut down on all the driving and pollution.


Yes, please get  more shopping in Maple Ridge! As a young family living out here it would be very helpful to have more affordable places to buy things. I'm sure I speak on behalf of many peopls out here that would say Maple Ridge is losing business to places such as Coquitlam and Abbotsford. I would love to not have to drive as far to find stores with more reasonable prices. It would aslo to great to get more restaurants that are family friendly, as well as a nice place to go out and eat as a couple or with friends. Milestones, Earls, Cactus Club. I know they would all do well In Maple Ridge. There are more and more people moving out this way because of all the development. They need to keep up with the demand of younger and newer residents to the area.


Yes, I would like to have shopping at Albion Flats. It would be great if we could have more shopping in the area and also the extra taxes for the community. I would also like to see improvements in the traffic lights, maybe a lower speed limit so maybe there would be less accidents on that stretch of the highway.


I like the idea of a new shopping centre but....could we have some better stores?  Take a look at the tenants in Coquitlam Centre and invite some of those companies to become part of your plan.  We are tired of the same old, same old.   The only store mentioned that would be a welcome change, is Future Shop.




Could there be a Wal-mart?


 would love to see this come to this area.  Besides the letters from the potential retailers, it would be wonderful to see Chapters Bookstore (we have no decent bookstore out here at all) and some restaurants like Milestones, Earls or Cactus Club.


I truly would love to see more shopping in Maple Ridge Especially a future shop and a new food store such as safeway or superstore. The letter from best buy seems a little redundant since in lieu of current events there might not be a best buy anymore


Above all, I would like to see a classy shopping center; one to which we could proudly invite out neighbours to show that Maple Ridge is more than "a hick town"


it's about time!!! i am sick of having to drive 30 min for any good shopping. i would welcome this complex so hurry up and get it built.


This would be a great Idea. Probably never get it passed in City Hall though.


It would be fantastic to have retail shopping.  Would love to have a Home Depot as well as a Wal-Mart, Winners, Home Sense, Canadian Superstore  in the Albion Flats area. It "blows" my mind as we have to take our money & spend it in Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam or Mission.  We should be supporting our own community by shopping locally. Also, if we had decent shopping we would employ a lot of people locally.   This to me is very important.  We would spend our money here in Maple Ridge rather than spend it elsewhere!!!


I would like to see a Princess Auto, some shoe stores and maybe some sort of fun place to bring our children and teens to hang out like Multi Play.


I would like to see an outlet mall like the queensborough outlet mall.


Please send me more information


hi, thank you SO much for creating this site.  It is so great to think that someone has a plan for our sagging community.  Shopping in Maple Ridge right now is non-existant.  We absolutely without a doubt, NEED a shopping centre...we need retail, banking, & restaurants.  It would be so great with our sky-high gas prices, that we didn't have to travel 10, 15, 30 or even 45 minutes to get to a reasonable shopping facility.  I look forward to seeing what is to come in our ever expanding community.


Please, more higher end restaraunts, Milestone's, Cactus Club or Joey's Mediterranean Grill something......please, we're starving for good food


Maple Ridge is so far behind the other communities in the lower mainland, as far as shopping.....I would like to see major department stores in one mall like how coquitlam, surrey and abbotsford have...our community has grown so quickly and we have to leave Maple Ridge to do our shopping...This is causing more gas consumption and alot more traffic.....Our property taxes have increased tremendously because we don't have big businesses helping us with this....With everyone so concerned about being GREEN....maybe they should really think about making Maple Ridge more green and opening alot more employment opportunities for our community....I would like to see the Bay,Sears,Eatons in our area plus a Wal-Mart and other smaller businesses would be a great asset for us.....Lets keep our dollars in Maple Ridge and not outside of our community...


would love some childrens clothes and shoe stores, gap old navy . we have nothing in maple ridge


desperately need a new center


f the correct forward thinking councilors are elected to municipal government tomorrow I'd like to think a progressive project like this will move forward. It's in my back yard and I love it but I want first right at putting in a Tim Horton's franchise.


I would like to see more shopping opportunities in Maple Ridge such as a value priced kids clothing store.  Zellers is great but they are usually sold out of sizes quickly. I would also like to see a large store such as Future shop or best buy.


Nice shops, but definately not Wal-Mart.


Maple Ridge NEEDS more stores like Future Shop, Walmart, Army and Navy, would be nice as we don't have any big stores to shop and have to go out of city to shop for anything and I rather shop in Maple Ridge like most residence.


How about a Chapters or Black Bond books - we need more bookstores! Also, Fabricland left Maple Ridge and the closest fabric/sewing store to Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows is on United Blvd.  There are an awful lot of sewers/quilters/crafters who now have to drive a long way to get what they need.  Any interest from Sears/the Bay or other such department store? Office and business space incorporated into the development would be good idea.  Hope this works out!


That's great news as this is long overdue. We all have to commute to Coquitlam in order to shop. Additionally to your list of stores we also need stores such as Costco, The Shoe Company, Wal-Mart, RW & Co, Smart Set, La Château in this town.


We're falling behind other communities who offer their residents shopping opportunities that keep them in the community.  Currently, we do not have those options without travelling either to Coquitlam, Mission,  Langley, Abbotsford or Pitt Meadows.  No wonder our downtown is dying!  Yes, Yes, let's have shopping that doesn't require us to drive to some other community


Yes we want development but not a repeat of Pit Meadows. We would like a Walmart& Starbucks


i think that the mall would be a great idea out in albion but, i do think that we should have stores that we will all use. i am a young mom of 4 and i think we need more stores that are narrowed towrds the young generation so we dont have to go all the way out to coquitlam to do our shopping. we definatnly need something out here it would be a good idea...


I would love to see a shopping center in Maple Ridge.  I hate having to spend my money in other communities. I would like to see a Future Shop, Home Outfitters (or Home Sense), Winners, Rona, a Dollar Store, WalMart, Reitmans, Additionelle, a Maternity store (Thyme or Motherhood)etc. I would like to see opportunities for "mom and pop" shops to open in and around these stores too. It's important for smaller businesses to be around the big shopping areas...people will see them and be more inclined to check them out, in turn, helping create the "small town feel" that Maple Ridge council so desperately wants to have (even though Maple Ridge is a very large community). I'm from a small Alberta town, that, in fact, HAS a WalMart, Canadian Tire, Staples, Winners, Home Sense and Reitmans.  It still felt like a small town...with just more shopping opportunities.


I think that a shopping centre should be built in maple ridge, especially in the albion area. People that live out there don't have alot of places to do their shopping. Building a strip mall like the one in Pitt Meadows would be awsome, and a ton of people would do their shopping there.


We NEED shopping in the Albion Flats as we develop further and further to the east.  I want my children to be able to get jobs as teenagers that doesn't require me driving 1/2 an hour each way to get them there and back.  I'm tired of being held hostage by bridge traffic when I need to go to Home Depot or when I require the more diverse shopping choices that Coquitlam Centre offers me. I'd like to see my tax burden reduced by bigger business and I'd like to spend my tax dollars in my own community to help make that happen.  Hopefully, when tomorrow's election concludes, we will have a forward thinker who recognizes both the value of our rural properties and the need to the residents of our subdivisions.


Yes, we absolutely do need a new shopping centre in the Albion Flats part of Maple Ridge.  Yes, a Home Depot, Brick, and Future Shop would be a good start. Restaurants and a pub would be a good addition too. What about a Costco, Home Sense, and other larger format retailers as well.  Perhaps Sears, The Bay, etc.  You have our full support. Our city coucils for the past 6 years have been asleep at the wheel. Let's get this done!'




FINALLY!!!!  We actually had our house up for sale because we are sick of having to drive out to coquitlam to do or get anything.  We need the following.  More restaurants like Cactus Club Sammy J's Earls some stuff that is trendy.  As well we really need a good gym like Fitness World or Golds.  if we get stuff like this it will be more of a self contained community and we won't have to drive long distances to do anything.  We are very excited about this and now plan on staying in Maple Ridge.  When is this supposed to be built?  How long till completion....is is sorely needed!!!'


I'd like to see Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Winners, Costco, Home Depot, restaurants, clothing stores etc. going into this area.  This is a perfect area for a mall for residence like myself.


100% YES to a new shopping centre in Maple Ridge! This kind of development has been long overdue. Not only do I want more retail options, I also hope to see more offices, restaurants, banks and other businesses in Albion Flats to provide more employment opportunities to Maple Ridge residents. With all the talks about "saving the planet" and "protecting our environment", we could have done our part by minimizing our commute and reducing our gas consumption if only there are better employment opportunities and retail options in Maple Ridge so we don't have to leave town just to go to work or shop for things we need. For most of us who would have wanted to work closer to home and shop locally, sometimes we just don't have a choice... or at least for now, I hope.


It would be nice to shop locally and not have to drive to Coquitlam. 


I would be happy if we had more shopping but not at the expense of business already operating in maple ridge/pitt meadows.We certainly dont need any more reataurants or auto repair centers or gas stations! What we need is stores like Sears,The Bay those type of retailers, only add store that will compliment the current business in maple ridge not destroy the ones that have been serving maple ridge already.


I am absolutely opposed to your shopping centre proposal. The Albion flats are a beautiful natural barrier between the Lougheed Highway and my quiet residential neighbourhood. I am vehemently opposed to any such destruction of my neighbourhood and quality of life.


i think building shops there is a fabulous idea. the only thing wrong with living in maple ridge is that i have to travel 30 mins (over that damn bridge) to get to coquitlam to do any shopping. this would really boost the area!!


The way things are at the moment, people in Maple Ridge travel out of town to spend their money in better shopping environments like the Coquitlam Centre. Opening stores that attract local people to spend locally can only be good for bringing in more taxes to help improve our community. It would create more jobs and make the area somewhat self sustaining. We could also get financing for new sports fields and facilities from companies looking to open stores in the area by linking planning permission with funding for this type of venue. Even allowing them to advertise in any parks they build. I definately think the facilities, shopping and recreation,  have to grow with the population.


I would appreciate a new mall, maple ridge is a growing community,  we need more local stores to accommodate this growth, and encourage shoppers to spend their money locally.... it would also  help with shorter commuting distances.


While I am all for new shopping centre on the Albion flats,  I would like to see a more diverse selection of retailers, not just the trendy type that seem to plague newly built strip malls.  I feel the average resident in the Albion area are hard working middle class citizens with young families and we don't need all the expensive high end retail stores or resturants. Also, have you concidered adding family entertianment activities such as movie theatre, bowling alley, or arcade area for kids?


Hello,I would love to see some larger chains closer to home, and possibly a Silvercity movie theater.  Regardless, anything closer, especially with the price of gas, would be great.


The kind of shopping centre that is needed in Maple Ridge is like one we do not currently have in Ridge Meadows...Stores and Services would be Childrens clothing (Childrens Place, LeSenza Girl, Please Mom etc...) Shoe stores, family clothing stores (H&M, Old Navy and Gap),  Home Depot, Walmart and a Department store like Sears.   Also, MR needs more semi-casual dinning e.g. Milestones, Earls, Catus Club not the typical Boston Pizza.




Build retail at Albion Flats


I would like to see a Wal-mart for sure.. right now we have to go to Burquitlam, Surrey or Abbotsford.  Also there are not enough pubs in Ridge Meadows and most restaurants are always full.


Please put as many stores as you can.  We need decent shopping opportunities in Maple Ridge


It would be nice to have a Roger's or Blockbuster store in this location.


cute little shops,market, cafe,coffee, clothing,kids stuff'


Build it and they will come.


We are opposed to this development on the beautiful, rural, natural Albion flats.  We are not alone.  It is inappropriate to place the flyers in our mailbox just prior to the civic election. Develop the town center and/or west side by the new bridge(s).


I am so excited to hear that the Albion area will going to have a shopping center. I would ike to see more quality restuarant which like Cacuit Club, Jose Tomato, White Spot etc, shop would like to have Costco, Save on/Save Way, IGA, Thrift Store, and some brand name clothing stores etc. Some nice cafe, coffe shop and bakary store etc. Pls let me know when the project will be started and when will finish. thanks,


Maple Ridge definitely needs retail and would love to see some development at the Albion Flats. We're tired of having to drive elsewhere to shop. From your web-site I did have a look at the letters from retailers that are interested in business opportunities in Maple Ridge. Some of these retailers are close by in Pitt Meadows near the Maple Ridge outskirts. I would love to see other stores such as Wal-Mart, Costco, Chapters and the Olive Garden Restaurant for stores on my wish list. Best of luck on the development process.


We already have Winners and Homesense in Pitt Meadows and I actually never shop at them. Canadian Tire is a staple store as would be Home Depot so I am in support of them.  I would prefer to see some stores that are different from those in Pitt Meadows for variety. Walmart, Sears, More Cloth Shopping for Women (not just teenagers),  Restaurants definitely (and a pub?).  Make it classy, lord knows we don't need many more loonie stores! We also need a liquore store out at this neck of the woods!.  Marks Work Wearhouse could expand to a bigger store in this mall.  Grocery and Drugstore in the same mall would also mean 1 stop shopping for the most part


Need decent restaurant or two at least. Currently very little choice in Maple ridge when it comes to casual fine dining.


we would like to see a wal-mart, etc. come to albion, we really need some- thing in that area!


I would love to see a shopping centre in Albion Flats. Wal-Mart, some outlet stores , and Canadian Tire, shoe stores and Sears.


Yes we would like a new shopping center ,but I would like to see an indoor mall like coquitlam shopping centre.we used to live there before we moved to mapleridge in 2004. my wife still goes there to shop because you can walk and see and shop and kill time. here in mapleridge only haney place which is boring and small. we drive 22km to coqutilam centre. I would like to spend my money where I live and help my city, but I have no choice,try to keep family happy.. THEY ARE BORD here.we have to stay here because houses are cheaper.thanks




Yes, I do support your idea and would like to have both the shopping centre as well as some business park uses in the Albion Flats. All kind of shops, including those big chain stores and small family owned shops, should be included.  You may assign an area or a corner for those family owned shop with some special or traditional outlook to attrack customers. A landmark or a special fun playground setup at the entrance or in the center of the flat would attrack residents and tourists to stop by, spend hours and, of course, money there.


Would like to see what Surrey have in Maple Ridge - more shopping options where I live and to be able to support my local community is what I crave - boutique type shops so I don't have to waste gas and help the environment as my only alternative is to go to Coquitlam, Abbotsford or even Vancouver


Build retail at 105 & Lougheed


In speaking for my family of 5, we FULLY support expanded shopping options in Maple Ridge such as the proposed Albon Flats developement. I for one travel out of Maple Ridge several times a week to spend my shopping dollars in other communities, at stores such as the ones proposed for the Albion Flats anchor stores.


Do NOT build on farmland.  This is very short-sighted.  It goes against community planning goals.  It goes against the economic future where we will be needing to grow more of our food locally because of rising fuel costs.  Agricultural land is precious - even if the soil is bad, we can still build greenhouses. Build in the downtown core of Maple Ridge - go up, not out;  underground parking, not sprawling acres of paving.  IT RAINS A LOT OUT HERE - build a glorious tower of shopping, where you can get out of your car, sheltered from the rain, take an escalator or elevator to all the wonderful floors of an indoor mall/shopping tower.  I would shop there for sure, especially as I could take a bus there, if I didn't want to take my car. The Grandview Corners Mall looks dreadful, the epitome of old-style thinking.  It says "losers shop here".  The sprawling mall is dead.  Think ahead.


I would like to see a Walmart, Home Depot, Princess Auto, and a few smaller outlets.  Also, offices for medical, sport doctors, physio, dentistry etc. For some forward thinking I would like to see covered parking parkades similar to West Edmonton Mall, because unlike the pretty picture on the billboard and postcard, we live on the west coast with 9-10 months of rain. Covered walkways and parkades would definately be preferable for family shopping. Of course wider parkade parking spots similar to Costco would be AMAZING, and don't goof up like the parkade at the town center.  Mezzanine parking that won't permit pick-up trucks to park, because of the height restriction is RIDICULOUS. The Albion area could become a service area for not only Maple Ridge but many other communities if done right. Good Luck


I don't believe in shopping in that area-- really when the downtown core is full of rundown and half empty shops it makes more sense to build there revitalizing it there is more than enough room--  i would rather see a staduim of some sort or sports things/parks-- NO to shopping at the albion flats thank you!


NO BIG BOX STORES - None of those retailers are needed here when we have all of them either just over the bridge in Coquitlam or at Meadowtown.   What we do need are healthy, independent, locally owend and operated stores like Bruce's.  We LOVE Bruces - organic, family owned, community making....Also, we woult prefer the downtown be revitalised rather than deteriorate any further.  There are strip malls sitting empty on Dewdney!  Tell the stores to go fill up the empty store fronts over there rather than destroying farm land, seasonal wet lands etc.  Don't pave over our cardon reducing greens!  There is more to life than shopping!!!!  If the farmer wants to sell, fill it with community garden plots so this community can begin producing it's own food instead of importing dangerous goods from China.  Every single piece of land does NOT need to be developed!  Plus, do you really think anyone is going to have the money to shop there?  How can you think about expanding at a time when the entire world is heading into a recession?'

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