Please get us some shopping........the whole of Maple Ridge will be crossing the bridge and shopping in Langley unless we do something.  I either go to Abbotsford or Coquitlam at the moment.  We need to get with modern day thinking and get the powers to be's heads out of the sand.


I would LOVE for there to be a shopping center in Albion. I would love for there to be a grocery store...would love to see a Canadian Tire store, a Walmart store and a hardware store.  I would be over the moon with happiness if a Fitness World would open up there also. My first preference being Fitness World but any CO-ED club with first class amenities would be AWESOME!


A great idea!


Yes, we need to have a shopping mall in this area.  All of the stores are too far away.  Our city is growing and we need things closer.  We should not have to drive for 30 minutes to find a Future Shop or Cdn Tire.  We need this mall!  It will also bring several jobs to our community.  This is a win win situation!


We the neighbours of Albion Flats would like to see more of a Newport Village model like Port Moody. Nice trendy shops and businesses.


We in Maple Ridge who have Families need stores to purchase clothes for them instead of driving to Coquitlam centre or waiting at the Albion ferry to go to Langley to purchase clothes that our pre-teens and teenagers need. We have hardware stores and we have banks and an industial area already but no retail stores for our kids. There are no good retaurants like Earls Cactus Club, Olive Garden, or any restaurant of this sort that a family can go out for a nice dinner that is comfortable, has good food and is moderately priced. Thanks


Absolutely we need this!!  This area is an eyesore as it is now.  I'd love to see bigger name retail stores such as Sears, Wal-Mart, the Bay.  In addition to retail, more restaurants would be great.  Business park uses as well.


'No to a new shopping centre. Yes to these stores being included in the revitalization of the present downtown core.'


Stores that would be great-Home Depot, GOOD clothing stores-Jacob, Gap, old navy(big mall stores)  We do not need budget stores like retmains or smart set-we already have one in Pitt meadows-outlet stores would be great also-childrens place or banana republic ( like you see at the outlets in the states) and if you throw in a tim Hortons or a good sushi place-you are golden!


My family looks forward to your success onthis property. Maple Ridge is in desperate need and every resident would be appreciative of a retail development of this magnitude, especially on land that willnever be farmed again.


This would be great for the community.go for it


Our community needs more shopping. I agree with the Grandview shopping district in Albion. A local councillor even commented that the roof of the Wal mart could be converted into a sports field.


i would like to see all those stores plus  WALMART we really need one its a long ways to go to abbotsford


I would love to have a major retail store for clothes shopping like the Bay or Sears.




I do not believe we should be expanding large urban shopping malls further east.  We should be focusing our energy on revitalizing the downtown core.  I am against the sprawl currently being sought in our community.  I am hoping that tomorrow's election will prevent thoughtless development from continuing to plant seeds in the minds of those only concerned with more shopping with less than a 2 minute drive from home.  If you want to walk to shopping malls, move downtown!


Earls, Milestones, Cactus Club, Home Depot, Old Navy, Wal Mart, Best Buy, Winners, Home Outfitters, Starbucks, Lee Valley, Costco, Toys R Us, Liquor Store, Farmers Market, Gymnastics, Gymboree


The ONLY type of shopping that I would support in the Albion area is something that would be similar to "The Village" at Park Royal http://www.bird.ca/Projects/View.cfm?PID=213 Sustainability, a West Coast Express Station, pedestrian and cyclist friendly, locally owned small business combined with larger businesses  in a cohesive, architecturally appealing atmosphere that includes many natural elements. These are elements that would be part of forward planning.


Would love to shop close to home and the job opportunities would be very beneficial to the area.  Why should all the other municipalities get all the "good" stuff!!!  Work and shop close to home!!! Nothing would be better!


Home Depot and Future Shop sound really good. I would like to see Wal-mart maybe a Chapters. Also some good clothing stores like Old Navy, the Gap would be nice.


We would love to see more shopping come to Maple Ridge.  It would be wonderful not to have to go over the Pitt River or back to Pitt Meadows for shopping.


Please include the following stores WalMart, Home Depot,Superstore, Home furnishing.


I would like to sea a Sears and The Bay a Costco along with all those retailers you are mentioning Its high time that maple ridge get their own retailers


It would be nice to have some high end retailers in the new center as well, such as COACH or Lululemon as well thanks


stitches, off the wall, aritzia, hollister, aeropostale, abercrombie and fitch, american eagle, sirens, claires


One thing I feel Maple Ridge is lacking is areas where people gather, meaning there is a lack of a community feel for me. I would love to see a location with a pub, restaurants, coffee shops, and some greenspace, where people gather. It feels to me that people just park, go into one store, then drive off, etc etc... I would love to see an area able to offer a variety of services for locals, that allow them to walk around between stores, relax on benches, and be social, rather than just driving between every store they go to.


We need more shopping choices in town


This is a very good idea because we can spend our money in our own  community and we dont have to drive to coqutlam its a very good idea.


Would love more shopping options. Home Depot, Future Shop, Walmart, Lululemon. Already have Winners, HomeSense, Reitmans at Meadowtown. NEED something different on East end of town.


I would love to see a new mall in Albion. It would bring money back into the community as I ( and many others like me) would not have to go to Abbotsford to shop.


I do not want more of Maple Ridge land paved over for yet another mall which seems to service cars first and leaves it even more difficult for cyclist and pedestrians to get around.  I am sick of these projects.  We have big box stores to drive to why do we need another one?  Why not buy some land in downtown MR and build a mall with underground parking?  Why not think.


Coquitlam center was to be built here in Maple Ridge, but the powers to be at that time, did not want to loose their small town image, as a  result,we stayed a small town. If you want to grow, you have to keep up with the times, or you won't prosper. We are tirid of going out of town to shop.


I just looked at the list of retailers you're proposing move in there and we already have all of those stores within 20 minutes drive.  Why do we need them any closer?  Give us some new, indpendent more interesting stores and we might think about it.  If we're going to pave, can't we at least be original about it?  Those stores are all so typical....


I am glad that there will a shopping centre in Maple ridge. But I think we need more stores like walmart, the bay, sears, and super store. If it is possible to have a shopping centre like coquitlam shopping centre it would be great. thank you


I am very much in support of this new development.  Living near the area, I feel that the Albion area currently lacks any shopping or services.  Residents like myself need to travel all the way to the Pitt Meadows Shopping Centre for most of these services about 25 minutes away.  Some of the retail/sevices that this part of Maple Ridge is lacking are: fitness centre, restaurants, clothing retailers (since we have only a very small mall)


Our family moved to Maple Ridge 3-1/2 years ago.  We love it here but shopping is non-existant.  We would love to be able to shop in our own community.  Driving to Coquitlam Center isn't always easy nor convenient.  I would like to see Walmart, Home Depot, Future Shop Etc.  A very good example of all this is to look at what they did in New Westminster (Queens Borough). I think it is a disgrace that our taxes are so high in Maple Ridge because we don't have big business to offset some of the cost.  When I tell people what we pay for property tax and that it doesnt include garbage pickup, they are stunned.  Maple Ridge needs change - if we don't change and progress, we will be left behind. 


We moved to the Maple Ridge area over 2 years ago, to one of the many new and sprawling sub divisions. At the time we were told that "infrastructure" such as shopping facilities nearby were "in the works" or sure to come...... We are still waiting....we are forced to make the long trek in to Coquitlam, Abbotsford or Langley if we want to have the choice of a TRUE Shopping Centre. YOUR choice of where you are proposing a Mall is the PERFECT location for those of us with more "discerning" tastes....this area has long been either abondoned by it's previous owners or sold to developers like you....The Opponents in Maple Ridge council who dream of this parcel of land be used as Farmland are deceiving themselves, if it were, it would be farmed TODAY....MAPLE RIDGE is growing by leaps and bounds and we need better shops, resteraunts and everything that goes along with it....BRING IT ON.....the sooner the better !


ny form of decent shopping besides consignment stores, car dealerships and loonie stores would be a breath of fresh air in Maple Ridge!!!!


I feel that if you are going to build a shopping centre (and I am for more shopping in MR) in MR then you should use existing areas that are not fully used. There is a mall in mid town mall that is 80% vacant. This should be used up before we use more land for the same prupose. Maybe tear down The Zelleres location and rebuild. I am for progress just not waste. Companies need to think more from how they manage there own homes before they go into the real world and waste areas just because you can buy something. You are always talking green! What better way to go green then to use existing locations? Good luck!


Build home depot, Cactus Club, Staples, Big and Tall, Kelseys, Wal Mart


I'm sick and tired of the city council dragging its feet on this issue. Bring development out to the Albion flats. Please.  My only concern would be to make it look attractive for those people who live north of the area and overlook the flats. (I'm not one of them).


I have no problem with having new shopping centres but not on agricultural land. Find other land that is zoned for your purposes or go somewhere else.


It will be about time if it can come to pass ....this community has allowed all other communtiies to surpass it with Services and decent shopping.  Useless Councillors have blocked any progress in this area to satisfy their own agendas and keep small business in control.


love the idea !!!!


YES - we want all of these shops especially WALMART!!!!!! the sooner the better




I would LOVE to see Walmart here too.  I am in support of this concept.  Maple Ridge is in need of retail stores like those already interested.  This would save me considerable time being able to shop in my community, as well as having choice.  I can't wait!


YES PLEASE! More shopping for Maple Ridge so we don't have to travel to Pitt Meadows or Langley. We should have the same access to shop like every other community! Bring it on and bring it fast.


Yes, i have long said that a Home Depot and other retailers [Best Buy etc] should be built in Albion Flats as i think there is a need to improve the availability of such stores in the area. With the opening of the two new bridges access will improve greatly.


Love to see mostly retail and resturant and grocery store.  Specifically costco, home depot, walmart toys r us, and safeway.  A winners/homesense would be nice too.


I support a shopping center in Albion. This may have been farmland at one time but is not currently being\ actively farmed. What better location? Would they use it for residences across from a highway and railway tracks.Better there than in west Maple Ridge where there is active farmland.  I would like to be able to shop at Future Shop or Chapters without having to fight traffic into Coquitlam.


We would support a new shopping district in Maple Ridge. We would however like for careful consideration to be given to existing business in the area. What  we need is more diverse shopping for clothing, neighbour hood pubs, restaurants, theaters, activities for our youths.


If you are looking at Future Shop/ Best Buy, HMV would be nice as well since there is no actual big music retailer as well as a Cobs Bread.


I would like a walmart in Albion so all my shopping needs could be met in one store locally.


How about getting this mall done yesterday. Yes, all of the above stores and more like perhaps a Superstore.


We would love to have a shopping centre in Albion Flats.  We live very close to this area and would enjoy having convenient shopping close by.  If this shopping centre is developed, I feel the intersection of Lougheed Hwy, Haney By-Pass and Kanaka Way needs to be improved.  There are numerous accidents here and with a new shopping centre close by would increase the danger of this intersection.  There is also quite a lot of traffic that goes west-bound on Lougheed Hwy, turning left onto the Haney by-pass.  With a new shopping area this traffic would also be increased thus, another reason this intersection needs to be improved. We are in favour of a new shopping centre in Albion Flats.


I would like to see a major food chain such as Superstore.


it is good to have some big stores like home depot, future shop, winners, superstore, tnt,etc. in maple ridge area.


I do not want to see any more "big" box stores in the area.  Too often it has a very devastating affect on the long time local businesses.  Take a look at some of the smaller towns/cities throughout the province that have opened the doors to the larger retailers and watched the doors close within the town center core.  Sectors of these communities are vacant and others are not able to sustain enough business to keep operating.  Hence causing layoffs, lack of taxes/revenue to the municipalities or province.    Everyone needs to think about the affect this will have on the community rather than simplifying things for themselves.




Its about time that someone decided to come up with an idea of a large shopping mall for Maple Ridge. I hope that this idea is successful !!!! Good Luck!!


It would be very nice to have a shopping centre at this end of Maple Ridge.  If you are looking for support I am all for the centre.


looks great! go to it!


Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Business Park


I am a long time resident of the Maple Ridge community and  would like to see a better balance of new employment while maintaining our rich traditional environment and we can have both. Maple Ridge residents should be able to have variety in retail without having to leave our community and spend our hard earned dollars elewhere. We also need to provide more employment for our local residents, again to keep the money in our community. The proposed shopping mall will not damage our current landscape and retailers definitely have my support.


Smart Centres also has property in Pitt Meadows?  Will there be 2 Walmarts built in the Ridge-Meadows area?Winners has an outlet in Pitt Meadows, so would they also have one at Albion? Are there any plans to locate a Costco store in either of these properties?  Are there any plans to locate a full-service department store such as The Bay or Sears at either location?  Are there any plans to locate a clothing retailer such as Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, H&M, Old Navy, Roots, or other similar stores?  Will there be a Chapters or Indigo at either location?


Hello, After receiving your flyer in the mail regarding the preposed Albion shopping center.  I checked out the web page and would like to express my thoughts.  My Family moved to the Maple Ridge area about 2 years ago mainly because of the property value.  The one think Maple Ridge is lacking as I have seen so far is the amount of big Box shopping.  We currently Drive to Coquitlam for Wal-mart, Drive to Pit Medows for Super store.  Drive to Port Coquitlam for Home Depot.  For Christmas shopping we travel to Coquitlam Center or MetroTown.  With the cost of gas I would much rather keep my money in Maple Ridge to help with Schools, Roads and public services.  All of which my kids will enjoy in the future,  But as for now I don't have a option. Please keep me posted on any updates. True Supporter.


The kind of mall we would like to see built in Maple Ridge is an enclosed mall like Coquitlam Centre or Lougheed Mall with stores like: 1. Naturlizer's 2. Ronson's 3. Sears 4. Tabi's 5. Tan Jay etc.


I would really like to see some "Unique Stores" come into the area. Lets get a Wal Mart or Army and Navy and some NON chain stores that people like to shop at for something different.  Make it a comfortable and welcoming place to go that even the people that hate Malls would like to go to.   Don't be so afraid to try something new!  Ask the people who will be shopping there.... NOT the business owners.


Maple Ridge is sinking. We don't have any anchor left in Maple Ridge. I stopped shopping locally a long time ago. Maple Ridge is supposed to be a family town yet there are no reasonably priced children stores in Maple Ridge. There is no entertainment unless you enjoy watching the transients steal from your front yard. Walmart, clothing stores, entertainment anything would be better then what's available.


I like the proposal, what the HECK is taking so long? We moed to Maple Ridge, and I changed jobs to work in my home town, it would be GREAT to finally have some decent shopping here. BRING IT ON!


I completely agree with future development of new and better shopping services in Maple Ridge. Currently I drive to Abbotsford every other weekend to do my shopping. Occasionally I go the Coquitlam way, but find that the traffic in Coquitlam causes the day of shopping to take far too long and is far more spread out there. In Abbotsford pretty much everything you need is in two areas. Walmart being the number one place that I shop. I see no point in bringing in places like Home Depot (we have Rona) Canadian tire (we already have one) we need shopping, real shopping. The other problem with shopping out of Maple Ridge is the environmental factor, we are driving great distances with vehicle emissions etc. it isn't environmentally friendly at all. In closing, a real mall like Coquitlam Centre is necessary. Walmart is necessary. Until that happens, I know myself and everyone I know, will continue to drive to Abbotsford.'


That will be great to have store in this area...we always have to go to Coquitlam to get good products. Please go ahead with this projects.


It would be great if we have a Wal-Mart (Super Centre) or another store of this type (food and many other goods). We need lots of services in the area, as almost everything is pretty new. It sounds great!!!'


I would support a mixture of retail and office use.... done in a very way.... similar to Grandview Corners.  Ther is already enough residential in the area.


We would like to see a major store such as Walmart or Sears and also a major grocery store.


I would love a shopping centre.  Please consider stores such as Old Navy, Best Buy, Coast Mountain, Aldo, Wal-Mart, Olive Garden, Montana, Eastside Mario, high end deli, bakery (similar to Bella Bakery in New Westminster), upscale restaurants, Garage, Smart Set, Costco etc


I do not think Maple Ridge needs a shopping mall in the Albion Flats. There is plenty of space available in the downtown core that is not being fully utilized. For example, the shopping mall that contains Liquidation World could be bulldozed and a new more attractive mall could be put in its place. Or, what about Haney Place Mall - it should also be bulldozed and a new mall should be built there. These areas are easily accessible by public transit and would help to revitalize the downtown core. Please consider doing something in downtown Maple Ridge before creating more sprawl.


I'm in favour. Hope to see it built


 would love to see a new shopping mall in the Albion Flats! We need a new shopping mall in Maple Ridge! A Walmart would be nice in the new mall along with some new restaurants. I hope the plans go through ok! You can count on my vote for a new mall!


I absolutely support bringing in the long overdue, much needed shopping opportunities to the Maple Ridge area.  I also support bringing in a much needed overhaul of the stagnant Haney Downtown area.  Can both be accomplished by your company/developers?  Retail stores:  Wal Mart, Reitmans, Superstore, Restaurants...bring it on.  It all sounds great to me and all the other young families that I've spoken with since moving here 2 years ago from bustling Port Moody.  It hurts our community to not make any changes.  Moving forward and into the future is what Maple Ridge needs to do.  I sincerely hope that a plan can be worked out to enable the new families here to grow here, shop here, work here and live here without having to leave the city for everything except to sleep at night.


Yes its about time we had some shopping in MRidge instead of everyone going to Pitt meadows /shopping center.


I would like to see shopping, clothing stores, stores like wal mart, office space and industrial.


I would like to see a LuLuLemon store come out to Albion, or just more retail shops!


we would love to have shopping in our area, especially Home depot,futureshop and of coarse a walmart. I'm just thinking about the reduction in traffic having to travel accross town or even out of town to do almost all of our shopping. This would be a very welcome site in our books. ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!




I am a resident of Kanaka Ridge and purchased my home because of the surrounding green space and the fact that it had been designated such that commercial building could not occur on the west side of 105th.  There are so many other spots in Maple Ridge - including a downcore core that could use revamping - that are already designated for commercial use and should be the priority for any stores wanting to establish themselves in this city.'


'Maple Ridge needs new stores... please make this happen!  There are a ton of young couples that live here because it's affordable.  I would be nice to not have to leave Maple Ridge to do anything... We also need new restaurants!


I would like to see a FutureShop, Golf Town, Winners, etc.  Maple Ridge definitely needs this as there is nothing really offered of siginificant value.  A couple nice restaurants would also be nice, maybe a Milestones or Cactus Club.


I do not want this kind of a shopping mall in my community, by my house. This is farmland that is home to animals and it should be preserved. The last thing we need is more big box stores like Reitmans and Futureshop. We have them already! At the least, support local retailers and small businesses. And do not make it like the Cineplex Odeon mall in Pitt Meadows, where you need a car to drive from one side to the other. Ever heard of global warming?


yes to a shopping centre


 have lived in Maple Ridge all of my adult life; mostly in West Maple Ridge until the past 5 years.  Finally, the west side of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows are beginning to grow with the times with a mall and more stores.  However, now living in East Maple Ridge we are in dire need of a shopping center.  I have always tried to shop locally but until the Pitt Meadows Mall was developed it was often necessary to go to Coquitlam or Abbotsford.  I look forward to development for east side residents.'


Yes , it would be nice to have a big mall in maple ridge as long as it is done right  like coquitlam centre or metro town maple ridge  is known for not doing things right.


I would like to see stores like Walmart, Tall Girl, american eagle NOT the same stores that are already in Pitt Meadows (Reitmans, Winners, Home Sense)


IT'S TIME !!  We shop in Coquitlam and Vancouver to get the items we require as no selection except from Zellers.   Hello !!    We need a shopping centre.


please put in a lulu lemon!


Maple Ridge NEEDS this shopping center!!! I waste so much of my time driving to Coquitlam, Abbotsford or Langley to do my shopping, and as a mother of 3 young kids, my time is limited. It boggles my mind why it is ok for this city to lose the money they do to other communities, we are a rapidly growing community, but the infrastructure is embarassing and MUST change.


I only agree with 4 of the retailers - Winners/Reitmans/Boston Pizza and Best Buy..as for the other one we have those stores alreayd in MR well Pitt Meadows. We need new stores that we don't have already..walmart would be my #1 choice  so make your decisions wisely as alot of residents will be upset if you have repeat stores that are already here - as MP already sucks for shopping. Everyone I know goes into Coquiltam or Abbotsford to do most of thier shopping.


It would be wonderful to have shopping in the Albion area.  We would like to see a department store such as Sears or the Bay; however we would NOT like to see a Walmart Thanks'


we are all behind new development in this area and a new shopping center would be a real boon to new development and real solid growth of the city. all of my neighbors agree.

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