ABSOLUTELY 100% We need more shopping.  I am close to 40 years old, married, with two boys ages 10 and 12.  There would be more choices, it would be more practical (commute wise), more job opportunities, with the new bridges if we don't get more business this way people will commute elsewhere even more so. I hope this new mayor and council will see the light!


We need a new centre out here as the stores here are pretty tired. The only thing in this downtown core are consignment stores, it"s as if they are scared to develope this area. We are tired of driving to Coquitlam to find a decent store to shop at.   Thank You.


I would love to see more shopping options in east Maple Ridge. I sometimes travel to Mission, Abbotsford and Coquitlam to shop. I prefer to keep my shopping local when possible. Walmart, Home Depot and Costco would be great among others.


It is a great news!! Finally we will have a very nice Shopping Centre near us. Now we have to go shopping in Coquitlam, so far and with a heavy traffic it's tiring. My comments it is about you invite the Wal-Mart to join with others greats stores; then, the Shopping will be perfect.


I would like to see more clothing stores for adults and children, and also shoe stores. I'm tired of travelling to Coquitlam to shop due to the lack of choice here in Maple Ridge. This city really needs a facelift in terms of it's resturants and shopping facilities. Please let me know whether this goes ahead or not.


I think this is a fantastic idea, and one which is long overdue. When looking at the shopping options available in Maple Ridge, it is rather embarrassing when compared to other places such as Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam and even Pitt Meadows. We are 50 years behind everybody else and that gives us such a bad reputation. I would like to see Wal Mart included in that list of potential shops as well as restaurants and other forms of entertainment.


I agree that we desperately need to revitalize the downtown core/Haney Place Mall... BUT... I also feel strongly that Maple Ridge desperately needs some of the big box stores that are not already in our area: Home Depot, WalMart... and especially some better restaurants. We need to keep our $$ right here in our community and prevent driving everywhere for any little thing. I Do Not feel that a big box store/center in the albion flats would detract from bringing business to the downtown core as they both provide completely different shopping experiences. I also feel that we need more office space for services such as dental, medical offices, salons,etc... that would create jobs right here in town!!!


i would like to see a walmart supercentre in the albion flats, also some supermarkets, and activities for kids. when is this suppose to be built?


I would love to see a development with the big stores.  Super Walmart would be great!


Please bring shopping to maple ridge....


We need an updated mall in Maple Ridge with good retailers Would love to have your mall in Maple Ridge, it is well needed


 think its disgusting what your company is doing.  Focus on the downtown...the Albion flats are not suited to "more of the same" big box shopping centres.  Maple Ridge is unique...lets keep it that way.


Yes I would like more shopping in Maple Ridge especially if it is designed like your South Surrey Mall.  I grew up in South Surrey in the 1980's and 90's and there was not a lot of shopping options to choose from.   Maple Ridge is suffering from that now and we need big box retail here.  I don't shop at Walmart because I would have to go to Burnaby or Abbotsford.  I go to Port Coquitlam for Home Depot and don't like the Rona which is already in Maple Ridge.  If planned and designed well it could be a real asset to Maple Ridge.  I like the pictures of your development in South Surrey and would enjoy shopping at a mall like that in Maple Ridge


I, my family,(and many others that I know of), feel that there is a great need for more shopping, restaurants and services in our area. It is inconvenient and sad that we have to drive so far to get to such amenities. We are creating more traffic/pollution and not bringing $$ into our community. I would most like to see some better restaurants, a home depot , a wal-mart, and office space to create more jobs in our community. I myself am commuting over 40 minutes to work and my husband has to drive for over an hour. We NEED to create more jobs here!!


a wal mart would sure be nice!!


I would to prefer more shopping in the town core. The town needs to be revitalised. It looks like a sixties home with no renews. Mission and Pitt Meadows look more thought out. Most stores are passed there prime; and look it to any toroust arriving here.Why are these landlords not allowing change in the retail buisness? I would prefere Maple Ridge as a SHOPPING HAVEN to increase tourisim as we have so many avenues for vacationers. No one is taking Maple Ridge Seriously enough to come here. Pitt meadows/ Mission do not come here to shop. I have lived here for forty ieght years and it feels like time has passed by Maple Ridge without a long term or short term vision. It is time that the down town core looks pleasing to the tourist as it does to the residants of Maple Ridge.


Would like to see a home depot, walmart and other large stores there


Great idea would love to see major retail and offices at this location.


Yes, I support a shopping centre for the Albion area and would recommend adding a Costco.


All for getting some higher end (modern) retail stores in this town and that location works for me.


I'd love to see a Walmart


Yes we want more shopping


I would like to see clothing & shoe stores for all ages, it would also be nice to see a Costco


Maple Ridge needs shopping areas. We must leave the community to shop. Help homeowners with the tax base encourage big box to locate in the area.


I would like to see a Wal-Mart and a Lowes brought to Maple Ridge. I'm tired of Pitt Meadows getting all the new shopping.


Please encourage our "new" mayor and counsellors to stand up and make the right decision and increase the shopping options in Maple Ridge.


More shopping would be fantastic! Children's clothes, book stores, restaurants, and perhaps Walmart is what is needed.


I would like to see a major shopping centre in Maple Ridge.  I have lived here since 1966.  Although the shopping is somewhat better than it was when I moved here, I STILL must travel outside of the Municipality to do any major shopping.  I would be fantastic if we could hae a department store here or at least a major mall witha variety of stores.  Adding some office space would also be an asset.  It will save us money both in travelling time and also with the enlarged tax base our property taxes should go down.  It is long overdue.


Court and bring in retailers that address younger peoples interest.  e.g. Garage, West 49th, Stitches, Urban Planet.  Similar to the retail centre under the Annacis Island Bridge. This would benefit our community by attracting people from other areas rather than having all our young people shop elsewhere. There should also be public transit readily accessable as to make it more convenient for everyone to access.


Yes I would like more large stores to come to Maple Ridge. Like a Sears , store the Bay,  Moore's mens storeWallmart,  Future shop, Etc. Right now we have to make a 50 to 60 km or more round trip to get what you are looking for. That's not very green when every one is encouraged to go green.


wer are realy exitet /hopfully we get es very soon ,we neet es realy urgent ,so we have not to go to other towns vor ouer scoppingspree...................................'


East Maple Ridge desperately needs some quality retail outlets and facilities. I would like to see a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Future Shop, Thrifty Foods, The Bay, Sears, Medical Centre/ Drop in Clinic/ Pharmacy, Post Office.


 would like to see some quality clothing stores/ boutiques like Tommy Hilfiger or Liz Claiborne or a boutique selling designer labels. There is nowhere in Maple Ridge to buy fashionable, good quality clothes.


it is so long over due.


This is exactly what Maple Ridge needs! I would like to see more retail, quality retail, NO MORE DOLLAR STORES!!!! Maple Ridge would benifit from all the above listed retail stores. We are lacking in specialty stores such as Maternity, which can also be sidebyside with a plus size store (as it is in Coquitlam) and Childrens' clothing and toy/supply store such as Toys R Us.  A "middle class" restaurant like Milestone's or Cactus Club would be popular amung the "30 something" residents.  I am excited to see that someone is finally thinking about our expanding Maple Ridge residents. Please keep us posted on our progress.'


Bring it on! We've waited long enough and I as well as my neighbours are tired of having to cross a bridge to do our shopping at the stores we love to shop at.


I would like to have albion shopping centre in maple ridge. i would love to have a wal-mart in this there.we need a big shopping centre in maple ridge wbecause community is growing here. there is no big mallo in maple ridge .this way city can get more income too.


I would sure like to see Walmart, Home Depot and other big outlets here in Albion


I fully support a retail development in Maple Ridge.  However, it concerns me that many of the stores are the same as what Pitt Meadows offers.  There are many people who have moved to Maple Ridge for affordability and we are missing some of the amenities of the city.  Consider looking at retail developments such as: Newport Village (Port Moody), Park Royal (West Vancouver), and Millstream Village Shopping Centre (Langford).  These have a nice balance between the big box stores, boutiques, markets, and restaurants.  Maple Ridge doesn't need more of the same.  Offices and an industrial park should not be combined with a retail development.  Some businesses that I would like to see here:  Earls or Milestones, Pub, Thai Restaurant, Mexx, Esprit, Jacob, Lotus Wear/ Lululemon, Fruit/Veggie Market/Whole Foods, Home Depot, Best Buy, Costco, Starbucks, Coast Mountain Sports/Mountain Equipment Coop.  Feel free to phone me if you would like more input


I am very interested in having some shopping in the Albion area. I am the mother of 3 small children and having some affordable shopping option closer to home is important to me. A large department store such as Wal-Mart, Toys r Us, Future Shop, Home Depot, are all stores that I would support coming to Albion.


YES, we would love to have more stores close by, and we think a shopping centre would be great for the area.We were thinking about that recently, and you just mailed us the possibility of that happening!! GREAT We believe in Maple Ridge success for the future


Please build us a really hip, cool mall, like the one in Park Royal.  Some place that we can shop and enjoy a Saturday afternoon with the family.  The new Malpe Ridge family are all dual income's, and have money to spend.  Right now, we are going to Pitt Medows and Coq center to buy our plasma tv's and items for our homes and yards.  We have no selection for shopping except for Dollar Maina, and thrift shops.  We are not hillbillies any more. We are savvy 30 somthings with our middle - upper managment jobs in the city, and we want to spend our money at home!! Time is too valubale to us to be driving all over the city for shopping. Please give us somthing we can be proud of. If you build it...we will spend!


 would like to see retail and big box store development in this area.... I would rather shop at home than have to go to coquitlam or abbotsford


Maple Ridge is in meed of restaurants like Milestones, Cactus Club, Earls,Thai restaurant. I have two children and I always have to leave Maple Ridge to buy clothes...an Old Navy would be great. Walmart would be fantastic! Mens clothing is very limited in Maple Ridge as well.


As a home-owner in the Albion area, I would love to see more retail and business services in our area.  While I enjoy the peacefulness of the surrounding greenery I really don't enjoy having to travel 20 minutes or more to shop in another community.  Maple Ridge definitely requires more services and amenities for its residents.  We pay taxes, too!'


please bring this to albion,this is none productive ag land,,in 25 years that i have lived i have never seen any crops grown there ken


I have been a resident of Maple Ridge for 35 years and as our community has grown I am appauled at the lack of growth in terms of shopping and other business.  It seems that city councel's focus is on the town core only with no regard for the new housing that has stretched far from city centre. WE NEED SHOPPING!!  As it stands now, Maple Ridge residents just leave town to do their shopping, either across the Pitt bridge or to Abootsford, Pitt Meadows or wherever else they can find shopping!  Thankyou


I personally would like to see a few other types of clothing outlets, art stores, and maybe some more restaurants as well as the retailers you have listed. I believe something similar to a village shopping strip would be appealing. I am thinking a destination as well as shopping. Use the rivers edge as a drawing point.


I am very supportive of a new shopping centre as I feel it is definately an area in which Maple Ridge is lacking. I have to drive all the way to Coquitlam to do my shopping which usually takes up way too much of my time. I welcome Home Depot, Walmart, Home Sense and smaller stores. However, I dont think we need commercial/business park as we already have many of those in the Albion area. Please be cognizant of the fact that you will be moving into an area that prides itself on being the "suburbs" and so planning should take this into account i.e. noise, traffic, etc


 would happily support this mall. I am so tired of leaving my community to do any type of decent shopping. With Xmas coming, I am dreading the idea of going to Langley, Coquitlam or Surrey (or more) to do my Xmas Shopping. Traffic is incredibly bad, parking is worse. It involves the whole day because of the distances to drive. The community of Maple Ridge is being overshadowed by all other municipalities in the lower mainland as we have gas stations, fast food eateries and Zellers. This is not shopping choices. Our shopping choices have been too limited for too long and you can see how I feel about this because I haven't shut up yet. In short.....YES....YES....YES.  BUILD THIS MALL AND WE WILL COME.  I will no longer take my money to other areas because I can spend it here. PS - try to get Tony Roma's and De Dutch Pancake house while your at it. We don't need anymore fast "food" places.


I would like to see a Wal-Mart store.  Maple Ridge has so many young families who drive to Burnaby, Langley and Abbotsford to get to WalMart.  I would like to see some clothing stores, shoe stores, Home Sense, Winners and Home Depot.


In my opinion Maple Ridge is in desperate need of decent shopping.  I would like to see Future Shop, Home Depot, Walmart, Old Navy, Costco.  I shop at all the big box stores because they have the selection as well as good pricing.  I don't know if we require so much in the way of offices but shopping most definitely.  Actually some more restaurants would be nice in the flats as well.


We need more shopping today in Maple Ridge.  Personally, I want a Walmart.  I have 3 young children (all under 4-1/2) and want to shop at a large retailer that has reasonably priced chothing and merchandise.  Zellers is good, but they need more than Superstore to provide competition.  Maple Ridge council wants to revitalize the downtown core, but considering all of the different buildings, owners, not to mention the resident homeless people, prostitutes, and other undesirables, how can they turn this whole area around and have the public confidence that this is a safe area for families.  Also, they don't mention large "big box" stores, which could not fit in this area.  So how can small "boutique" stores compete with the low prices of Walmart, Future Shope, etc. for budget minded families?  If Walmart is not here, then I will be going to Langley alot when the bridge is open.  As for Home Depot and Future Shop, I will shop at those as well rather than travel to Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam. Good Luck in getting this shopping to us!  Maple Ridge needs to realize we aren't Kerrisdale, Kitsilano or Commercial Drive - give us "big boxes" not small shops!


Hello, I would be in favour IF and only IF you build an actual indoor shopping mall. Sure, pretty store fronts are nice, but we live in BC. It's either raining or too cold or too hot to make outdoor shopping realistic. Just look at the mall they built in Pitt Meadows - the only store I regularly go into is the Superstore, and that's because I have to. So many times I've thought about how it would be nice to shop in the surrounding stores like Winners, Reitman's, Michael's and the Bombay Company, but unless I have a specific purpose to go to them, it's often not worth the long walk across the parking lot. When I have done it, it's tedious because it's either cold and rainy or really hot, and it doesn't make me want to browse in the other stores. I can't understand why they didn't just build the mall with all of the stores attached together, and have the parking surrounding the mall rather than in the center. It would have taken the same amount of land and yet so many more people would take advantage of the shops. The other problem with its design is that during busy periods like Christmas (or during the recent construction), cars are trapped in the parking lot with ridiculously long line ups to exit. Only a man would have designed a shopping mall so stupidly. So please, if you're going to bother doing this in Albion, ask WOMEN, ask busy moms who don't have time to jog 50 feet from store to store in the rain or the blazing sun in high heels dragging tired children, moms who would much prefer to shop in the warmth and comfort of an indoor mall.


There are few quality stores in Maple Ridge and shopping in East Maple Ridge is virtually non-existent. I would like to see a Post Office, Thrifty Foods, Farmers Market, speciality shops, BC Liquor Store, Restaurant, Chapters, Starbucks, Cinema.


i would apprietiate if you also built a wal-mart or at least make it covered like a mall.


I would love to see some good shopping in Maple Ridge. Having moved here from Richmond I find it impossible to get anything I need without travelling miles.  This area is really lacking in any stores that have any variety.  The nearest shopping is in Pitt Meadows at the Meadowtown


This is an excellent location, and I would like to see resturants, boutiques lots of retail and offices.


it would be nice to have a walmart  and its about time we  had a mall in maple ridge


We'd love to see a Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, Children's Place, Cactus Club, Montana's, or any trendy restaurant not dedicated to seniors and family's (no more Pantry's).  How about a movie complex.  Maple Ridge has no nightlife.


Yes yes Yes. We moved here in 1974 and were told we would have shopping and water in 10 years.  Ha Ha. But we need both now!  We have to take our money out of the community on a daily basis and hate it.  We do not need more lube shops, garages, and the like. WE NEED SHOPPING. A place you can get what you need. And a place to park while you do it. A Sears, Bay, a Walmart or a similar store is what we need along with Home Depot etc.


Yes, we do need shopping in this area.  The Home Depot and Future sounds great.  Walmart and some good stores would be excellent.  Guess, RW & Co, Aldo, Calvin Klein, etc..  Personally putting another Reitman's and Winner's is a bit much we do have one in Pitt Meadows.  I do know this does not generate commercial taxes for us but if we want the business let's put something both communites can use.  I don't want to have to go to Coquitlam Centre every time I need something to wear


Hi, I would like to say that we don't need stores like Reitman's, Winners, Home Depot - we have them already in Pitt Meadows.   We need stores like Ikea, Walmart, Sears, more Starbucks, and perhaps another theatre since the one in Pitt Meadows is always sold out. thanks


I would love to see a Walmart some time soon.


I have lived in Maple Ridge for 25 years. I would like to see this type of development in the Albion area. I think this would be a perfect location for this. I have had to shop for years out of the area to get the options I need though I would like to shop locally.


We fully support you in your efforts to bring shopping to Maple Ridge.  We are so desperate for CHOICE in our shopping habits rather than having to go out of town, we don't really care where it is as long as it is done tastefully.  Good luck in your endeavours.


Some shopping of the kind you propose would be a convenience, but NOT in the Albion Flats area. This is obviously a campaign to promote the SmartCentres' project, using property that you have bought in speculation, and which would spread development further east along the Lougheed Highway. Eventually, this could mean ribbon-type development connecting Maple Ridge to Mission. Stores like Future Shop, etc should be situated in the mall west of Maple Ridge - but I am DEFINITELY against including a WallMart in this locality.


Nice spot for a par 3 executive golf coarse


We really need a centre like Grandview Corners in Maple Ridge.  It will pull customers from Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, and Mission.  There is nothing like it in the area.


Would prefer a Covered Mall for some of the smaller stores that would be in the Shopping Complex  ... adequate Parking is also critical ...


Help, we needed this 5 years ago, but our city councilers are just listening to the special interest groups that live around the area.


My family and I would love to see a new mall in Albion. Along with the stores mentioned We would love to see Walmart. My only concern with shopping like this is that I have kids and if I have put the kids back in the car to go to another store then I probably will do what I have too and leave out the rest. For example the Real canadian centre in Pitt meadows (which I think is the most poorly designed around) with no walkways thru the parking and nowhere covered to walk .Please feel free to call me if you have more questions.


I am very excited to see interest in the proposed area. Currently, for Maple Ridge residents, we are forced to either travel to Pitt Meadows, Mission, or Langley for many of our shopping and household needs. A central shopping centre will reduce commute times to and from such locations thus reducing green house gases. Especially in the Albion area where the population is growing, exponentially it would seem, this development would benefit a very large number of families and people. I would be curious to see what kinds of environmental ideas for the building and maintanance fo the site are being considered. I do support this type of development in this area and look forward to council's approval and ultimate completion of the project.


I am NOT interested in any development in the Albion flats area other than possibly recreational.


I think a shopping centre in albion is a great idea.noone is farming that land and never will.


Would love local shopping


ITS ABOUT TIME WE GET SOME REAL SHOPPING IN THIS TOWN!!! You have my family's support for sure!


I think a shopping mall in the Albion Flats area is a much needed and welcomed idea. We definitely need some decent restaurants (i.e. East Side Marios, a Vietnamese, etc.) Stores like Laura Petite, Garage. Stitches, Cleos, American Eagle, La Sensa, etc. would also be a great asset.


We need a mall in Maple Ridge ASAP.  We are giving all our money to other communities.


In addition to retail we would like to see some offices. In that way we don't have to go to down town to work every day.


I can't for one minute think of a reason why Maple Ridge would think that the Albion flats would be an appropriate location to continue thier urban sprawl without the proper roads in and out first.  I would love to see the existing slum and dialect strip malls rejuvenated, torn down , rebuilt instead.  Maple Ridge is one of the ugliest towns I have ever lived in because of it's poor planning and lack of vision.  Is this really something we need in this location?  Do you people realize that Bruce's market is one of the only on going, thriving, unique buisnesses that the community loves, people meets at, and that the rest of the low mainland  community comes to as a destination for good product and ambiance.  Can yet another strip mall, big box store, mass produced retailer provide me with what Bruce's market gives me?  If so it bring it on! If not leave me the cows.  Give me something new.  Otherwise I'm happy driving to Mission or Pitt meadows.  Most  the time I don't need it.  Please make what we already have nice.  Fix up the delapidated buisness areas first...  The people will come.


I would like to see a walmart




YES PLEASE, to developing more stores/services for the Albion area! One approach may also be to woo distinct retailers to the area, in order to distinguish this mall from others nearby (ie in downtown Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley).....for example, maybe Choices/Whole Foods rather than the typical supermarket.....as well, I agree that the site should offer office space in addition to stores.


I would love to see Albion Flats developed and would love to see a Best Buy and Home Depot here but why are retailers who currently have Pitt Meadows and/or Maple Ridge locations being considered (Canadian Tire, Winners, etc).  We need more diverse shopping. Why not bring in stores like Walmart, Toys are Us, Old Navy, The Children's Place, Sears.


I have been waiting 12 years to do my shopping in Maple Ridge. What a great idea and location.


great idea!!  we live in the albion area and would definitely use a mall located here.  grocery store, Tim Hortons, Coast capital bank, maybe a gas station, video store, Chapters book store, beer and wine store, EB games, pet food store, sushi & pizza restaurants would be awesome


I would love to have a mall there.  We dont have any shopping stores except Zellers.  It is about time we get a mall like Pitt Meadows.


I found the picture of your ideal shopping on the brochure to be interesting. It does not really look like the center you've build in Surrey, which is more massive warehouse-type stores with large parking lots, for one thing. Also, I wonder, why you would not maximize the land use by building two or three storey buildings to allow people to live where they shop and work. They have used this multi- use approach to re-develop other towns (like Nanaimo) and it worked really well.  Finally, I am still not sold on the idea of building shopping in Albion at all when we have other areas of the down-town that could badly use re-development and have already been designated for commercial use and are hooked up with transit.  As far as I know, the bus service to Albion is not that great.


we desparetly need a new shopping centre out here as we are sick and tired of driving to Coquitlam Centre!!!


I think Maple Ridge is long over due for more shopping in Maple Ridge. Speaking for myself I have had to go to other comunities to fullfil some of my shopping needs. With Maple Ridge growing it would be great to shop locally and keep my hard earned money in Maple Ridge. I would like to see a Wall Mart because the only store in Maple Ridge that is similar to this is Zellers. We as a community need to move forward and become more up to date with our shopping choices.Maple Ridge is not the small town it once was. Please keep me updated on this. Thank you for your time


I live in Albion and would like to see something like Walmart, a decent restaurant that allows kids,a liquor store, and maybe a Home Depot or Costco. I don't really like Winners or Home Sense, they are poor quality and we have them at the other end of town.


We have no shopping in Maple Ridge.  Would love to see more here'


We need better shopping options for sure.  We need to get beyond keeping things just like they were. We also need to keep people shopping locally instead of driving to Coquitlam and elsewhere.


 would love to see these types of stores in your shopping centre;' flower shop fruit market small movie theaterartist studio - 100-200 sqft spaces for artists artisan bakeries craft and/or activity centres for children outdoor pavilion for entertainment possibilities and seasonal celebrations well designed for outdoor markets and art studio tours kioks for 'Beavertails', pretzels and unique food options Some Intrawest village locations across North America have incorporated some of these ideas into their retail spaces making them destinations to spend the day - these unique ideas and concepts are the types of things that I would love to see at this development - not just the average mall / shopping centre - blah, blah, blah - make it unique - make it accessible by foot - make it family friendly and provide me with retail options that I can't find anywhere else.  Most of all, make it CANADIAN


I welcome any development to upgrade Maple Ridge,we need to keep up,there is alot of people who live here,plus with the new bridge,I would like to keep the money here.thank-you!!


Would love to see Walmart or any of the other stores listed as well as a childrens clothing and shoe store


Would like to see some more shops open in East Maple Ridge....but please keep the high end  quality stores in mind....no low quality, low end stores that will attract questionables!


I think Maple Ridge is in need of a Walmart, and more nice restaurants, and lots of clothing and shoe stores


I would like to see a large mall go into this area to bring shopping as well as jobs to Maple Ridge. Just build

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