I think this type of development would be great for our community!




I think we need a big box store in Maple Ridge becuase I'm tired of having a Zellers as the only department store in town and not having any competition!!!


I will not support such a project in my community. I feel it does not enhance the liveability of our municipality by having such a deveolpement so far away from the other retail areas of Maple Ridge, and so does nothing to aid in densification. This project appears to add to the model of spread out sprawl.


clothing stores like Reitmans, a liquor store, post office, nice little coffee/muffin shops, good quality shoe stores. Restaurants, safeway! banks, doctor/dentist, electronics childrens clothing and not high end or low end. Not consignment or thrift stores, no bingo plex


Yes, shopping would be nice in Maple Ridge, but not just big box stores also some retail clothing stores or a mini mall with shops .


I've lived in Maple Ridge 50 yrs. Self emoloyed truck driver for 30 yrs. I can recall a few sheep, a couple of cows, some chickens and a small amount of cow corn. Not a hub of agriculture. It's too wet. It is an excellent location for retail. Though not a fan of Wal-Mart or similar merchants I would like to see good restaurants, Cinemas, Upper scale retail, perhaps a hotel. If the area to the east were developed for sports and recreation they would benifit each other. I know the people of the Tamarac area don't advertise that their homes were built on the site of an old orchard. Thank You and good luck.


Maple Ridge is filled with growing families. I think you should target them for both shopping and employment


We really need a decent bookstore in Maple Ridge.  Please try to bring us a Chapter's.  Also a clothing store like Old Navy would be great since you can get clothes for everyone in the family.  These two stores would make a huge difference for Maple Ridge.  Thanks.


Better restaurants!!! such as Milestones/Cactus Club Also a good place to shop for clothing!!


If a shopping centre is built in this area, I don't think it would make sense to have any of the same stores that are in the Meadowtown Center (i.e. Winners/Homesense, Reitmans).  Home Depot and FutureShop would be great.  Other stores we would like to see include Walmart or Costco if there's room, a fabric store, shoe store, kids' clothing store.


Our family would like to see our downtown revitalized rather than creating a ghost town due to urban sprawl.  Please consider investing in the downtown core with all the residential high density housing developing near the town core it would only be logical to cater to those residents as well has improving the core.  Thank you.


My family and I would love to see some decent shopping here in Maple Ridge, all we have is the gross downtown area and a poor excuse for a shopping mall, it would be nice that we could spend our money where we live not in Coquitlam, I would like to see shopping and nice restaurants or even a Cactus Club anything.  I wish maple Ridge could build something like what they did at park Royal in West Vancouver, not the big shopping mall but the village, it keeps with the community.


Yes, I would like to see more shopping outlets in Maple Ridge and the Albion Flats would seem to be an ideal location since there is already a large residential base in the area with a lot more expansion scheduled for the next few years.  It will also be convenient for West Coast Express commuters to and from Mission when the new station goes in at Albion. If possible, I would prefer to see a purely retail use of the land, and besides those oultets mentioned who have already expressed interest, I think most people would be very happy to see a big box store like Walmart or Sears go in.   Further, if one of the large grocery chains were on site, it would truly provide the best of shopping opportunities north of the Fraser River.


love to have you


Yes, Yes, Yes.....we need retail in Maple Ridge and the Albion Flats is a great location.  Other than grocery shopping; residents (inlcuding me) are leaving Maple Ridge to do our retail shopping).  Don't need residential; there's enough surrounding the Albion Flats.  Would love to see something like a Park Royal setting (strip mall layout).  At this point, I'm happy to have any and all retailers involved in the Project!!!  Hope our new Major (Ernie) helps to make this happen as it's well over due!  Thank you!!


Definitely do not need a Home Depot, nor a Walmart.I would like to see centre with more one-of-a-kind stores, encouraging more arts type vendors, and a place to meet friends and hang out, besides shop for 'things'. Would like to see a redevelopment in downtown Maple Ridge, or a co-development in partnership with Pitt Meadows in an area convenient for both communities. It might make sense for a tri-neighborhood development, with Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam, and include movie theatres, mix of franchise stores and independents, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, . . . , but no large box stores.


I would love to see a new shopping centre in the Albion area.  With such stores as *Home Depot, *Costco, Winners/Homesense,*Walmart,Sport Chek,Milestones, Earls, Best Buy, Le Chateau, Aldo.


Your style of building is unsustainable. Albion flats is agricultural land that will be critical to our local survival and economy. Albion is close to about 20 families. That means everyone will have to drive to get to your development. That is ridiculous. Build your development where people live.


I am thrilled with the idea of building a new shopping centre in the Albion Flats. It will definately provide great conveniences for residents in the area like myself who currently have to commute to the Pitt Meadows area to access some of the premier stores such as Superstore and Canadian Tire, as well as the movie theatre. I would like to see the same or better shopping and entertainment facilities offered here in Maple Ridge, as well as electronics retailers such as Best Buy or Future Shop. Please notify me on any progress or timelines about this venture.


i would love to see tons of stores, maple ridge has no good ones....walmart, homesense, winners, a rogers vidoe or blockbusters, dollar store, superstore.....and many more would be greatly appreciated!!!!!thank you'


As a resident in this immediate area, I do not want to see development.  It is definately not the right area for a shopping mall.  This is in the surrounding Tamarack area full of residential houses and children.  Our streets, Tamarack and 105th are already busy enough.  Any kind of develoment would ruin this area by increasing the traffic into absolute chaos.   Not only that it would de-value our homes.  Anyone living in the area would already be aware of these concerns and would realize that the proper place for shopping is in the town down core.  You should be looking at reinvesting your money and energy in that area.


More stores would be exactly what this city needs to clean itself up and move forward.  Some hip clothing stores, like Le Chateau, RW & Co, Aldo, etc.  But, what I would like to see the most is some better restaurants, like Milestones, Earls, Joeys, etc.  I hope this happens.


Yes - would be very very interested in some retail stores in the Albion area.  A nice restaurant - like Cactus Club would be great.  Starbucks as well as lots of retail shopping.


Maple Ridge definately needs more shopping.  I'm a little disappointed to hear that names like "Homesense & Winners" as we already have that so nearby in Pitt Meadows.  The center would need a grocery & liquor store, Starbucks, and better clothing retailers than Reitman's (Mantique, Lotuswear, Lululemon, Sterling (shoes), etc..)


We desperately need something of this nature, along with dining options such as Cactus Club, Earls etc. We need to create some employment opportunities within Maple Ridge. Local retail needs vast improvements which should not include any loonie store mentality!!!


I am interested in this location for my business. I currently have two locations (one in Fleetwood in Surrey, and one in Westwood Plateau in Coquitlam) which have both been open now for 10 years


I believe Maple Ridge desperately needs this shopping center.  I am tired of having to drive to Coquitlam to do my shopping.  I also believe it would lessen the tax burden the residents of Maple Ridge have to put up with because we do not have any big business tax base to help out. In essence we have to drive out of town which means more gasoline expenses and spend our money supporting business who in turn help support their own communities with tax revenue not to mention that this does  nothing help the drastically low number of locally employed people in Maple Ridge so we loose on all fronts


I would love to see retail at Albion Flats but would prefer not to repeat the same stores that are at Meadowtown Center. Love the idea of Home Depot. Would like to see a Chapters or Indigo store. As well as retail I think an intermix of businesses, restaurants, medical ie. doctor, dentist would really bring in a community sense. Let's bring the necessities close to home so we can do all our shopping in one place. Such as grocery store, dollar store, liquor store, bread shop, produce shop, meat store, and coffee shop. Thanks for asking for the public's opinion. Just viewed the photos at Grandview Corner. Would love to see this kind of center at Albion Flats. Great concept. I actually am one of those people that take off to the States to get this kind of shopping.


Park Royal Village is a great model


Hi, a WALMART would be awesome in this area!  Same as some new higher end restaurants, like MILESTONE'S or something of that nature, there is also no healthy fast food alternatives so a cafe like that would be good.  also TOYS R US would be good too..


We need more retailers and other local options in our community. I would much rather spend my hard earned dollars locally supporting the community i live in then driving to other communities. Just think of the additional tax revenue!


I am interested in having shopping in the albion flats.  I also think that Mapleridge needs better restaurants like Milestones, Cactus club and the like.  Hope this becomes a reality!


GO    GO    GO


Please keep your "big box" stores not only out of the Albion flats but out of Maple Ridge all together. If you insist on bringing them here at least keep them up in the town center where they belong, Thank you.


I would like to see more retail and a movie rental place liquor store butcher shop produce store. I wouldn't like to see another winner homesense and that sort of thing. An old navy toys r us more one stop shopping for kids and adults I believe would be an assest.


 think it is about time that we get more shopping in our area.  I think the residence of maple ridge are for ever going everywhere else to do their shopping.  Not only is it not convenient for the residence, this is also dollars that our city is missing out in.  This will be a great thing for Maple Ridge.  It is time to get with the times.  We are no longer a small farm community.  We are growing like crazy and need to have the amenities to support this.


ES!  Maple Ridge NEEDS shopping centres!  I would like to see stores like Reitmans, Home Sense, Home Outfitters, Winners, Urban Barn, Pier 1, Old Navy, Starbucks, cafes and restaurants.


We need more shopping in Maple Ridge. There is much debate these over where that shopping should be. As a resident I for one don't care if it's in the albion flats or the downtown core, just get it started!! The mall is a waste of space and if the city council can't do something about it then lets build on the flats. Just get it going already.


I live fairly close to Albion flats and while I agree Maple Ridge doesn't have a large supply of shopping, I would be greatly unhappy to see stores such as walmart go up in a small feel community such as maple ridge.  As well as restaurants and stores that are already in Maple Ridge or in short proximaty to Maple Ridge.  It is pointless to ruin a very beautiful community for the simple facts of having stores we could have driven to the other side of town for.  Why ruin more landscape when you could simply restructure existing shopping centers that are not being used to their full potential.


I would be THRILLED to see the Albion flats area developed....shopping, businesses, housing, ANYTHING!  At the moment it appears to be nothing more than a mess...  Maple Ridge is in dire need of better shopping.  I am a busy Mom to three children and don't have a lot of time to drive all over the lower mainland looking for items.  To be honest, i found the Maple Ridge shopping experience so lacking this year that i've done 95% of my Christmas shopping online.  I'm anxious for the new bridge to Langley to be completed as i anticipate heading in that direction to shop if nothing is done here.  I'm glad there are companies still interested in this area and hope our new council will do everything they can to bring Maple Ridge up to speed with the rest of the Fraser Valley


Yes I would definitely like to have a shopping mall in the Albion flats as we don't have anything worthwhile at this end of town.  Always going to Pitt Meadows or Abbotsford for Walmart is really frustrating when it could be possible 5 minutes away. I also wanted to know whether or not a Walmart was going to be a possibility or not?


Yes!!! stores and more needed...good restaruants!  Please, please, please, something like Earl's/Cactus Club!! There are no upscale casual places except the Keg and you can only eat steak so often.  As far as stores....something we don't already have.  Home Depot would be nice...costco!!!  Reitmans, winners, well...they are pretty close by in pitt meadows, so wouldn'tbe my first choice.  NO WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  that just drags down the city.  Maple Ridge needs more higher class establishments to bring the town out of its blue collar misery. 


I would very much like to see a new complex in Maple Ridge.  It frustrates me to no end that I have to drive to Abbotsford or Coquitlam to go to the major shopping centres.  Meadowtown is a good start, but Wal-Mart, ToysRUs, Costco, would all be great to have close to home.  I have been searching for retail space with ample parking and square footage to open a new business but there is nothing available in this area.  I think your proposed development would keep shoppers local instead of forcing them to venture out to Burnaby, Abbotsford and Coquitlam stores.


I would like to see Future Shop, Chapters, new Restaurants, Home depot , also some outlet stores would be great.If shopping does not improve in Maple Ridge when the new bridge to Langley comes in as much as I like to support the local economy - I will be crossing the river to the shopping mecca as I like to do my shopping in as little travelling and everything! is there.


Welcome!  I'm so tired of being told that everyone in Maple Ridge moved here to be amongst the trees.  I moved here because it was the only place I could afford to buy a house.  Don't get me wrong, I love the tree's and walking in nature and I'm not advocating paving paradise and putting up a parking lot....just a nice parking area worth parking in in a small corner of unused (treeless) wilderness. I can't tell you how disappointing and tiresome it is to have to travel to Coquitlam each weekend to go shopping.  I'm not suggesting anything the size of Coquitlam Centre....just something that will keep me here.  And please, if you are going put in a shopping centre make sure there are worthwhile stores in it.  I don't think I can stand another cookie cutter copy of all the other mini malls...Pier1, Rietmans, Winners, Banks times 3 etc. etc. I drive by the proposed location every day and let me tell you, if there was actually a working farm or greenhouse there I'd probably feel different, but its just overgrown and looks terrible. Either get some agriculture in there or wake up to change and put in a mall that will allow the popular stores in - keep ME in the community and let me spend my money here - and if you want sprinkle in a couple local businesses - I'm not sure how many candles or useless gifts I'd buy (that's generally what these local businesses are made up of) but I'll tell you, if I'm in the store next door to buy something I just might stop in your little basket store to buy a gift...because right now I drive right by it to get to Coquitlam.


Maple Ridge desperately needs more shopping, however we already have a Winners, Homesense, Reitmans in Pitt Meadows.  What we need is a Bay or Sears and a real shopping mall like Coquitlam Centre or Willowbrook Mall in Langely.  When people shop, thats where they go, and with a new bridge across the Fraser will just make Langley more accessible.  Build something like that in MR, and Misson shoppers will be there as well.


I'l like toys 'r us, superstore, michaels, ikea?


I would definetly like a large shopping center with major restaurants and shops home depot  walmart, staples  chapers etc  It is long overdue in MRidge


I think it would be great to have a shopping center that is closer to home and that you dont have to cross the bridge to get to. I think our community would benefit from a store like Target. It has everthing you need and would allow us to make our purchases in Canada instead of across the border.


YES , YES AND YES I Would love to have a mall here. I'm tired of battling traffic to Coquitlam or going to Abbottsford. We do need a WalMart.I know this would not help Zellers but it does not provide enough choice. We eed good quality, affordable clothing stores. La Stenz, LaStenza girl, Childrens Clothes, Shoe Warehouse, Home Depot. Basically Im tired of going from one strip mall to another to another to get it all done. Future Shop or Best Buys would be great Not only do we need shops (please no more value village or the like..we have so many we look like were a poor community) but it would give our children employment opportunites and as a parent I know they are not stuck on a bus for hours getting to work. Thank you


I would very much like to see a new shopping centre in Albion Flats, however our council members are vehemently against any retail use of that property, I don't understand why they are so opposed, the revenue from business tax would benefit Maple Ridge not to mention the extra jobs that these stores would create, it would be a good idea to have doctor's offices available, perhaps a walk in clinic too, good luck!'


We have no shopping in Maple Ridge.  Most people will spend most, if not all of their spending money in Pitt Meadows.  We have built many houses in Maple Ridge but have no shopping or restauraunts to support this.  Please build us a mall on the Albion Flats. It will also supply many jobs for our children and mothers.


i would love to see a guess store....factory outlet.......casino...........a walmart......


I'm happy to hear about the new possible Albion Flats Shopping centre coming to Maple Ridge. It is long over due.  I'd like to see large retail stores like Wal-Mart, a remodelled Zellers, or Bay/Sears, We need a large department store or stores. I usually end up at Coquitlam centre when I need to go shopping and need more variety.  Can't wait for the new Albion Flats to hit Maple Ridge. department store or stores. I usually end up at Coquitlam centre when I need to go shopping and need more varity.


Gourmet or upscale grocery items.  Good cheese, deli, seafood department, etc.  Along the lines of a Jensens in California.


I tried to send an email , but after typing a long response voicing my thoughts it came back with an error...... so I will now just say I am very opposed  to a big box mall in Albion. Try to buy and develop downtown M.R. thats where we need stores that you usually lease to.




I've lived in Maple Ridge for 6 years.  I don't shop, dine or entertain myself anywhere in this town.  There is no shopping, restaurants or entertainment offered.  I've been praying for this exact development.  Please consider leasing it to some resataurants as well.  A Milestone's, Montana's, or Olive Garden would be a start.  This town has disgusting restaurants.  Everyone in this town needs to give their heads a shake and then hopefully they'll wake up in the 21st century.


I would like walmart, home depot and other large one-stop shops for busy families at reasonable prices.


We live in Fraserview Village, 4 highrise appartment buildings and 5 town homes complexes. This is just west of the Albin Flats. I am sure we would like to see it develloped A medical/dental building, grocery store, Home Depot, Drug store etc.


Those stores such as Home Depot, Wal Mart, and Best Buy that have shown an interest sound great. The number one complaint I hear from residents in this area of Maple Ridge is "we need more shopping options". We are tired of having to drive to Coquitlam or Abbotsford to do our shopping.


I'm in favor for some good development on Albion flats. Once the bridge comes across we will in time (short time)see a lot more growth in the area's north of Dewndney trunk and east past 240th.Change will come weather people like it or not.  Let's get ready and help meet the change you can't go back to the old days or the ways.Personnally I like shopping old town Haney I guess because it reminds me of  when I was young with small shop's, local business personel running them.You get to know these people.But the number of people that will come here in the next ten's years, old town won't beable to handle it.You would have to gut it and start over.So out of this I'm hoping for a broader tax base and job's for our youth from this development.


PLEASE give Maple Ridge some shopping alternatives!  We have virtually no options here, and are forced to travel to other communities, and in turn waste fuel, and time in doing so.  I would love to see a complex similar to what Pitt Meadows offers, and more!  Maybe a Wal-Mart, and definitely some of the other large retailers ..maybe even an Army and Navy?  Thanks for giving us some HOPE....best wishes on a successful venture.


We are very happy to know that the albion shopping center is under consideration. We always find it's too far to get to a big mall so sometimes we have to cancel the shopping plan.


Its about time. Our last mayor gave big promises but this one  we just elected Knows that is why he was elected.I hope all goes well for you


It would be nice if we could get a WalMart, Old Navy and a toddlers playcentre in this area.  We already have a Reitmans, HomeSense and Winners in the Pitt Meadows area.  Adding them to this area will just be redundant.


I would love to see more shopping in Maple Ridge.  Other stores that would be ncie to see are: ToysRus, WalMart, Old Navy, The Gap, Earls, Chapters, La senza, Sterling shoes, Please Mum


I would rather see the existing two malls in maple ridge expanded, otherwise the downtown shops will die.


Maple Ridge needs retail space and shopping alternatives (an upscale restaurants) that represent the needs of a working upper middle class suburban community. It would be nice to shop in the community I live in so the business taxes I contribute to (with my purchases) can be collected in the community I live in. I also would like to shop locally instead of travelling 1/2 an hour to Coquitlam Centre.


I purchased a home on Tamarack lane one year ago in large part due to the large back yard which backs onto the ALR, the Albion Flat. It was one of the main reasons I moved from Port Coquitlam. During the purchase, I was acutely aware of the potential for developement on the Albion flats and did a bit of research on that land. I have mixed feelings on any developement there On the plus side -  Maple ridage certainly needs better shopping. In Port Coquitlam I was within walking distance to the Home Depot, Costo, Safeway.Etc I find myself still traveling to Port Coquitlam for those stores. Also, any buildings that would help block the noise that travels from the trains blowing their whitsles would also be nice. That starts at 4:00am. On the con side, my house overlooks the albion flats. I certainly would not want my privacy taken away, the peaceful enjoyment of my backyard taken away, or the value of my house to drop because I'm now overlooking the backs of commercail buildings instead of farm land. The bottom line boils down to how well the design and layout of the property is down. If you keep the concerns of the home owners on Tamarack Lane, who overlook this property, in mind, you will probably not get much resistance. If your proposal does not respect the property owners and our property values decrease, I would expect quite a bit of resistance. I would think it would all be about the design. PLease keep me informed.




t would be nice to see someone else besides the residents of Maple Ridge help out with the taxes.  Also it would assist in the smaller stores in surviving by keeping shoppers in town ; not having to drive to Mission or Coquitlam for lower priced items.


 would love to see stores that we don't already have in Maple Ridge. So that we don't have to travel further afield. Hip and Happening stores like, Lu Lu Lemmon, Mac cosmetics. Some nice dinning places like Joey Tomatoes or Milestones. Please no more Tim Hortons for a while. We need to get the younger people to stay shopping locally and not travel into Metrotown or Vancouver. Lets keep the money local, and attract the younger people that like fashion and dinning out.  We really need a nice book store like chapters. Lets try to encourage some culture in our area.Thanks for the opportunity for some input. Good Luck!


There are lots of us who do not wish to see a shopping area in Albion, expecially on farm land (which is what you own there) maybe you should farm it? We definitely don't need Walmart.  We need down town Maple Ridge revitalized with shops going in there.


I want a wall mart, lululemon, sears, and anything hip and young for a the teens out here we barely have any good stores out here. All the teens and kids have to bus to coquitlam just to get anything good. I dont think thats fair so those are just some of the stores i would like.


I would like to see a SEARS, BAY, and WALMART in Maple Ridge


I'm not a fan of huge shopping centres. They place an unreasonable burden on the local community, particularly when it comes to traffic. The Lougheed Highway doesn't need another series of lights to accommodate retail outlets. Look at the congestion created by the mall on the west side of town on the Lougheed. Traffic needs to flow unimpeded by more and more lights. Do I want more shopping? Yes. Do I want it in Albion? No! Scale down the grandiose plans, invest in community/neighbourhood shopping. I realise you won't make your millions as quickly but you will contribute more than you otherwise take from a community.


Yes, definately in favour of shopping and restaurants in the proposed Albion flats. Maple Ridge is in desperate need of these services for them selves and not having to rely on surrounding communities to fill these needs.


Yes I would like to see more shopping in Maple Ridge, as it is right know there is very little .. It would also make a good tax base I believe and gas consumtion would be down as I would not have to travel so far




Build this shopping centre already. Is it too late to put a Wal-Mart down there? This project should have already been started.


yes, i would love to see a new shopping center in maple ridge.  currently if i want groceries at a good price, i must drive to the pitt meadows or abbostford Superstore.  If i want to buy clothing or household items, to get a decent selection, i must drive to coquitlam's, coquitlam center mall.  If i want to go to home depot, again i have to drive to POCO or to abbots ford.  it would be fantastic to have our own outlet type shopping area, for clothing, shoes, household items, resturants, coffee shops, and hopefully a super store and home depot!  it would be really nice to leave the money i spend in our own community, instead of others.  Also, i would love to see the shopping area designed in an attactive way.  We live in a beautiful part of the lower mainland, and this new shopping area should do it justice.  bench's to have to sit and chat or have coffee, village type layout.  someplace that would be pleasant to just walk or drive down to, to spend some time, even if shopping isn't really on our mind.


Yes I would like to shop in my own community very much.What environmental sense does it make for me to have to take a 2 hour road trip to get a 1/2 decent shopping experience(and thats only if the traffic is flowing well)  Some interesting retail other than the regular that you find at every mall would also be appreciated.


Beautiful landscaping on the Grandview Corners project, I would love to see something like that a bit closer to home especially with some of the more essential amenities.  Wall-Mart would be fantastic, any word from them?


I truly believe that the area is in desperate need of a quality shopping district, even including a WalMart.  I travel to Coquitlam and Abbotsford for my shopping consistently and what a shame to have to tell all of my family and friends in Langley/Chilliwack, etc. that we have no where to shop in MR and not very much choice in dining. We definately need more family friendly restaurants and pubs (including Milestones/Earls, etc). Maple Ridge has the least choice for shopping and dining than any other lower mainland town/city. P.S.  I do not believe we need more industrial parks, as I have recently seen the amount of "for lease" signs in our current industrial park.  I think that land near the Golden Ears Bridge should be utilized for that kind of commercial development, not the albion flats, at the foot of all the housing developments. Maple Ridge council should wake up and see that they cannot allow to have continous housing developments without building adequate shopping, schools etc. to support the needs of the new neighbourhoods.'


I visited Grandview Corner and I reely wish we could have a centre like that. We really need it down here.


please build a shopping in Albion. Less travel,less carbon footprints'


Yes!!! Please develop Albion Flats into a shopping area. I love the photos of Grandview Corners in Surrey. Maple Ridge is really suffering when it comes to shopping! Also as a taxpayer, I'd like more business/retail to help pay the municipal taxes. With the bridge coming in soon, the west side of Maple Ridge has many conveniences. It would be nice to see a development offering us on the east side, some great benefits. If you need support from me, you've got it! Let's just hope our new mayor, Ernie Daykin has the vision to help get this done.


I moved here, Thornhill area 5 yrs ago. Am having to drive to Abbotsford or Coquitlam for any major shopping. Please making life better here and give us a shopping centre


I support a new Shopping Centre in the Albion Flats area of Maple Ridte. It is ridiculous to see how Pitt Meadows is becoming shopping friendly and we have a severe shortage of Shopping Centre's in East Maple Ridge. It is almost laughable when you consider that our major shopping Centre is the Haney Place Mall with the major store being Zellers. With all due respect, Zellers can hardly be compared to Home Depot, Future Shop, Winners, HomeSense or Reitman's. The people who work there are great and the goods are pretty good but I have lived here for close to 20 years and I have yet to see any significant changes to that Mall. I believe that if a vote were taken of all of the people in Maple Ridge, that the go ahead to develop a Shopping Centre in Albion Flats would be given the go ahead. After all, why should people who live in Central to the far eastern boundary of Maple Ridge have to do any meaningful shopping in either Pitt Meadows or in Mission. or Abbottsford or Langley or Coquitlam. I am fed up with having to travel to spend my money. I would rather spend it in my home community but I am not being given that opportunity.


This should have been approved years ago. Make it happen.


More accessible shopping would be huge plus, including a low cost food retailer like Superstore or Walmart, NOT a store where if I spend 200 dollars I can drive to Pitt Meadows and get the same for 175 or less


We absolutely need more retail in Maple Ridge. So many family's are locating to Maple Ridge and there is nothing out here to support the change in growth. A mall like Coquitlam Centre would be fabulous, but I doubt that would happen. Would love to see a Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Home Depot, Costco, good family restaurants, Safeway or Save-On, Old Navy, Gap


My wife and i would love to see this shopping centre built. The community needs updating and this is a great way to start. Wal Mart, Home Outfitters, Peir 1 Imports, Sporting good store, dentist and doctors offices would be some good businesses. Maybe some clothing outlet stores or stores that are found in coquitlam centre or even further into vancouver so we don't have to go so far and we can support out community instead of others. Some new restaurants would be nice like earls or cactus club or other restaurants along those lines.


Yes its about time totally for it!


I don't believe the development of the Albion Flats is good for developing a vibrant community.  Densify the downtown core with office and residential space, along with shops and restaurants. WalMart has built 'department' stores with underground parking in other communities so why not Maple Ridge if the business is so important to them.   I would never support a shopping mall similar to that just built in Pitt Meadows - you have to drive from one end of the mall to the other - ridiculous when land is in such short supply in the Lower Mainland.


Apart from the stores that you mentioned, I would like to see a Walmart, maybe a couple of restaurants and office space above the smaller stores would fit in well.


I think we should build our city up with more shopping opportunities. Why not keep people in our own community and supporting Maple Ridge's businesses. Why should we have to go out of our own city to shop???


We really need Walmart in Maple Ridge. Is there talk of them being included?

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