I'd love to see shopping, a coffee shop and medical services.


Hi, I would love to see a variety of stores including a large department store such as Sears or The Bay. I would also like to see some smaller retailers as well as a couple of good restaurants. There is a lack of good restaurants in Maple Ridge so these would be very popular. I look forward to the new shops at Albion Flats! It's nice to see some further development in this area.


Along with the shopping centre and big box stores I would like to see a park area with a playground for children, maybe a petting zoo or skate park for older kids and an arcade/movie theater. Make it more of an area that can be enjoyed by all throught the day. Also include a mix of stores, like grocery, retail, doctors office/clinic, optometrist, dentist, etc. Having this convenience people would be doing less driving and they would spend more of their disposable income in one area.


DEFINITELY want to see some shopping in the Albion Flats and perhaps offices (ie. dental, medical) and additional recreational facilities for the folks like me who live in that surrounding area.


We think a mall developed on the Albion flats would be a great idea. There are so many houses in our neighbourhood that would benefit from this development. People wouldn't have to drive so far to go shopping. For us, it's either Mission or Coquitlam to do major shopping. Just think of the gas people in this area would save. Personally, we think Wal-Mart should have been built on the Albion Flats. We're glad something is going to happen to this land, because there really isn't much to look at while driving past it. If this land doen't have a future, more street people would end up tenting out on the property. Good for you guys with this proposal. We hope everything works out and a mall is built.


lets get on with it im getting older by the day soon ill be to old to shop


We are STRONGLY in favor of a shopping centre in Albion Flats area. Having lived in Maple Ridge for over 30 years we are fed up with having to spend our gas and time driving thru Mapole Ridge to shop at the Super Store, the Bay, Sears and Wal-Mart. Why can't we have these stores here ? There is no shopping in East Maple Ridge period. We spend our dollars in Coquitlam and Seven Oalks in Abbotsford. We are seriously considering moving to one of these communities and leaving Maple Ridge to its backward planning.We need these four stores in Maple Ridge, and the sooner the better!


All proposed shops would be welcomed. In addition I would like to see a liquor store, Earls, Superstore, Sport Check.


We think this would a great addition to our growing city, the only other retailer we would like to see would be wal-mart if possible


Definitely needed in Maple Ridge. I do all of my shopping at Meadowtown in Pitt Meadows or at Costco in Port Coquitlam. Would love a Walmart, Future Shop, Home Depot as well as a variety of ethnic restaurants. We also usually go to Petland in Port Coquitlam once per week. Liquor store would be handy also. A Thrifty Foods would almost be too much to ask!


I support the development of the Albion flats for shopping, office space and a business park. Shopping is badly needed in Maple Ridge as most residents are forced to commute to Port Coquitlam/Coquitlam. We also need more office space and a business park to provide good paying jobs and reduce our property taxes.


I would like to see a Home Depot go in but also an outlet centre with brand name stores like Esprit, Aldo, Quicksilver, Guess, etc.


I am fully in support of your project in our neighbourhood


I'd like to see a real department store like Sears or the Bay in Maple Ridge. We also leave Maple Ridge to shop at Chapters, Costco and Best Buy.


I would love to see development in Maple Ridge. We have grown in population so much and have no where to buy merchandise. Our community is losing out to every other community because we cannot shop local. There just isn't anything to buy here. Keep our hard earned dollars in our own town.


I think it's a great idea. Though I would prefer a Best Buy over a Future Shop. The only reason I cross Pitt River bridge is for Home Depot and Best Buy. Either way it's good to see the proposal. From the letters from retailers any/or all would be embraced - except for maybe Boston Pizza. A more unique restaurant would be nice. Thank you for allowing the community's input!


A Wal-Mart would be great. More shopping would be welcome. More than one sit down restaurant would be nice. I hate food fairs, they aren't relaxing and the food isn't good. I enjoy a day out shopping. Restaurants can also be an attractive destination, we don't have any close be in Albion.


Yes, I would like to see stores like these located closer to our area, especially Home Depot and maybe some shoe stores and clothing stores.


Maple Ridge needs more shopping. What we have is pathetic. Have to go to Coquitlam or Abottsford for any decent shopping. We need to keep our tax dollars in our own community. A new shopping center also give more jobs to local people.


maple ridge needs this type of development in the albion area.


I cannot stress enough as to what a great idea this is. We need something like this here. Good Luck.


I have lived here at this address since 1968. My wife and I are sick and tired of driving out of Maple Ridge for these 40 years to go shopping.Hope we live long enough to see a shopping centre here.


We would like to see a Walmart and Cosco on albion shopping Center. Then we don't have to travel burnaby/port coquitlam.


Yes we would like to see Albion Shopping Mall, a kids clothing store very important, Fresh Food market place, Walmart, Home Depot etc...


I would love to spend my money in my own community, right now I drive to Abbotsford or Langley and give my dollars to them. An Outlet Mall would be great, we could then draw from other communities for a change.


Hello. This mall needs to happen. When are you going to be making your application to Maple Ridge city hall? How can I help with this?


Its really a great news!I am very intersting about this new shopping center.I would like to have COSTCO and a FOODCOURT center.


We would like to see "big box" stores, especially Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Chapters, Home Depot, and an Olive Garden Restaurant


I couldn't get into your site as the Smart Centres brochure send to us in the mail showed: Visit www.albionshopping.com It looks like they missed out a few back slashes and therefore it wouldn't let us in. We called the phone number on the card and the receptionist was good enough to send me your link. We in Maple Ridge definitely need a new shopping center as we have to go out of the area to do any decent shopping. Please push forward and do not give up. Thanks for listening.


thank you for this!


I think a Shopping Centre would be a great idea for this area. Maple Ridge would benefit from a Home Depot and a Walmart. Other types of stores needed are... a maternity store (since there is not a single one in Maple Ridge!), a Chapters, and a Costco. I also think that a Thifty Foods would do well in this area and maybe a Cobb's Bakery.


Put an American Eagle in. I have talked to many people and they all said they would love to have an American Eagle. Overall I think this is a great idea. please do not put in a Petland, Sleep Country or winners. We do not need these stores as they are already in maple ridge. These stores are very unnecessary to have. Try to put in stores that we don't already have in Maple Ridge.


I would love to see a walmart at this location some where you can do a one stop for all your needs store at a really great price this is very needed in Maple ridge being the mother of 4 kids I don't have the time to run all over Maple Ridge to do all the shopping I need and we need some decent shopping here on the East end it's way over due.


Love to see a nice restaurant like Earls etc home depot is great too but we already have a winners and home sense reitmans this side of the bridge. How about a wall mart in downtown area or anywhere in maple ridge please!! Just more shopping in that end of town.


Future shop, Wal Mart, Restaurant,La baie, Winners, boutique retails store


hello! i would 1st like to say its about time maple ridge gets some more choice. Having new retail space is just what maple ridge needs. currently if we want to go shopping its off to Coquitlam for the next mall. Pitt Meadows has something of a mall but they made a giant mistake by making all the stores individual. My Suggestion is to make a new mall, similar to that in Coquitlam, start with the large retail stores, but have it all in one building, this way there is lots of opportunity for smaller stores to open up. Thanks again


I do not care to have shopping in the Albion flats... I do not want the traffic and congestion in my nabourhood that will come with a large shopping area.


I would like to see a Wal-Mart, Best Buy/Future Shop, Costco


Yes of course I am for more shopping in Maple Ridge but not for the big box stores that have expressed interest in coming here, they are the same stores over and over just in different locations. I also am not in favour of shopping as set out in your example of Grandview Corners, I don't know if you have noticed but it rains here alot and you have to walk outside in the elements from one store to another. Also, you can dress up Wal-Mart but it's still Wal-Mart, why don't we get some shopping with some class. Also Albion Flats is not a good space as it will kill the downtown core, so why not try to do something there first.


I think a Walmart in Maple Ridge would be fantastic.


Do it.


I fully support the concept as it will provide "Local Shopping " and also jobs


Any new shopping and/or restaurants we can get in this city would be wonderful! It would be nice though to get different stores other than Reitmans, HomeSense and Winners seeing that we already have those in Pitt Meadows. The Grandview Corners that you just built in Surrey looks great and I would love to have something like that in Maple Ridge.


I would love to see a shopping center in Albion. I hope to see a Thrifty Food store there.


please more shopping and restaurants there is nothing out this way and there is way too many houses out here already. We are constantly going to pitt meadows , port coquitlam and coquitlam.


Very interested! Please send whatever you have to date.


yes we need a shopping center in albion so we do not have to go to other cities to spend our money,we wiil save on time,gas and our property taxes wiil be reduced. I would like to see superstore or wallmart and otherretailer stores


No need for this in the Maple Ridge area...all it brings is Crime!!!


the land you are looking at is no longer viable as agricultural and should have been converted to commercial a long time ago. We need a Wal Mart here!!!!


Absolutely. I support the new shopping mall concept. Maple Ridge needs more family needs shopping such as a quality shoe store for mens, womens, and childrens 'dress shoes', men's, women's, and children's every day quality clothing fashions for work and school, etc.


Love the idea of a mall in the Albion flats, and for the most part the retailers involved. I would very much support a Costco and perhaps a Wal-Mart in the plans, as well as some designers outlet stores other than Tommy Hilfiger. A Quicksilver, Guess, Nike and/or Aldo would be a welcomed commercial upgrade that we would support with our patronage. As I am in the construcion business it is my pleasure to be part of the Maple Ridge community as it blossoms both commercially and residentially. Feel free to contact me with more info as I look forward to being part of these upgrades.


Thank you for asking for input. I really do hope you listen to the community-whether it's for or aganist your proposed development. I actually do NOT wish to have albion flats developed at this time. I believe the downtown core of Maple Ridge needs to be fixed and (re)developed FIRST. Additionally, I do not feel your 'mall' designs suit BC life. I am aware of your shopping malls & looked at your web sight-Palm trees-in the North for landscaping? Such trees are not 'native' to our region. Flat roofs &no overhangs for a wet & snowy climate seem unrealistic &high maintance in up keep. In short time, the buildings look dirty and slimy. Your developments look very much like every other strip mall in the US & now here in the lower maninland & thus not how I want my community designed. I realize development is necessary. I am not against development; however, I wish for this community to be leaders in sustainablity, creativity, forward thinking planning, & NOT on viable farmland when there are areas of rundown concrete available to renew & (re)use. I would like the downtown core of Maple Ridge revitalized first. If you wish to make a profit, start with our downtown area, pls. If not, pls chose another community to develop.


I would like to see a Wal-Mart


I would like to see stores like Old Navy, Walmart and some new restaurants. We do not need another Homesense, Winners or Reitmans!


we need a shopping mall in this area that has a wall- mart and a costco.


Leave Albion flats alone. If a new shopping area is needed build it in down town Maple Ridge where it belongs.


Not another Winners. Costco and Army & Navy would be great.


I've written letters to the editor in our local newspaper in support of your proposal (was printed) Just voted for councilors that support this development (local election). Not sure what else we can do here but continue support.




I would really rather your company utilize our aged malls downtown. We need to revitalize our downtown core and your company could really be one of the key players in making it successful. We need to save our farmland for future farm use. Yes to the shopping your company can provide us...no to developing Albion Flats. Please Ladies and Gentlemen, do the right thing.


I would like to see stores such as Wal-Mart, future shop, home depot,even a costco would be nice, coffee shops and restaurants so you can stop for a bite to eat while out shopping. there such be enough parking, even underground parking available. I feel Maple Ridge doesn't have enough of big name stores and the ones we have are the other side of the town. Thats why i find we travel to coquitlam or enough abbotsford to go shopping. Plus i was hoping to find employment.


bring it on!


make it happen


i would also like to see a costco


We would LOVE to have some shopping near where we live. We vote for Future Shop, and very good gym (like Fitness World), a good shoe store (not Shoe Warehouse or a discount, low quality one), and a department store like Sears. Sears will have everything of quality yet a decent price (Walmart is garbage and The Bay is too expensive). We don't want a Walmart at all!! Thanks for listening!!


I would like to see women's fashion stores. There are currently no stores like that in Maple Ridge. Examples: Le Chateau, Lululemon, Mexx, Smart Set, RW & Co, Gap, H&M, Fairwether, etc.


We definitly need shopping in Maple Ridge!! I have no idea WHY people don't agree with this. Some say they want to leave our town "A sleeping little community" open your eyes. With ALL the new develpement of houses, townhouses ect going on...get real. Sleep no More. Every time a person needs something it's out of Maple Ridge we go!!!!!! We have to spend our money in other places. Is that right? I'd rather spend it here. We need a Walmart, Future Shop, Winners, HomeSence. We have enough Dollar stores and Salvation Army stores here. Let's get with the times people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou !


I fully support the concept of being able to shop in Maple Ridge for the things that I now have to go to Port Coquitlam to buy on a regular basis. This community has been living as a town and not a city which it now is and needs to progress as a city and not a backwoods, hillbilly town. This has been the biggest disappointment that I have found living here for the past three years and coming from Calgary.


I would like to see more shopping options available to the East side of Maple ridge like Home Depot, Wal Mart, Le Chauteau, Aldo's, Lulu Lemon, Toys R'us, Chapters and Home Outfitters. Thank you


I would look forward to having a new shopping center built in the Albion flats. I have recently moved here and am finding myself heading back over the bridge and towards coquitlam for a decent shopping center. There are no big box stores for shopping and a place to enjoy going to for an afternoon of shopping. The smart centers would help enrich our economy and possibly bring more people to our area to enjoy what we have here. Some of the stores I would like to see include a home depot, Costco, Walmart, Superstore, T&T, chinese noodle house, thai restaurant, Pho noodle house, dollarama or Wonderbucks, Canadian tire, London Drugs, Kins or Langley farm market, Cobbs bread and a Bank of Montreal or Coast Capital. Thank you.


More shopping please! Home Depot would be awesome! I would love to see a Walmart out here too. Currently there is no shopping of any kind on the East end of town so anything in this area would be an improvement. It's silly that they want to make it "agricultural" when, to the best of my knowledge, nothing is being grown on the flats.


Excellent idea! we are awaiting our new home to be built in Albion. We could use (especially on the east side): electronics store (future shop or best buy) walmart home depot grocery store (save on foods or safeway) sport store (sport check or coast mountain sports) Old Navy video rental store (blockbuster or rogers video) Second cup coffee Veterinarian banks Thank you!


yes we need a shopping centre in Albion


I would like to see a Wallmart, Off the wall, The Body shop, sage, below the belt ,susie shear ,guess ,the gap, h&r ,Old navey, the childern 's shop, Sears, a kitachen gadget store, the outlet stores like in Langley. A Olive Garden and a Catus club


I think that this is a excellent idea to have a modern shopping complex in Maple Ridge. Apart from sharing the municipal tax burden on the home owners of maple ridge, it will save lots of time & gas. I vote in favor of this shopping complex.


Yes, this is just what Maple Ridge Needs Desperately!!! Some new Restaurants would be a great idea as well.


I really think that Maple Ridge does need some more retail outlets and especially on the east side . I am all for having a big box shopping center in Maple Ridge like Wal-Mart .


The above mentioned retailers would all be great. Chapters & Home Outfitters would also be a good fit. With all the development in East Maple Ridge, we are in need of decent shopping, would sure be thrilled to see some development other than housing!


I do NOT on any terms agree with perfectly good farm land being used for development of a shopping mall. It may not be used currently for farming but the potential is there. As more and more land gets used up for development, urban sprawl and the growth of grain to fuel vehicles (while people starve the world over) we will one day be grateful people fought to preserve what is left. Food does not come from thin air and if you have children you should be thinking about the wellfare of their future instead of your immidiate gain. If you truly want to bring Maple Ridge into the modern age of shopping then redevelope the DOWN TOWN CORE. It is an eyesore and developing in Albion will only worsen that. There is a perfectly good mall structure that could be overhauled into a coquitlam mall - bring in interesting retailers like Children's Place and Old Navy - but not forgetting independetly owned and unique businesses - support local enterprise!!.


We already have a Rietmans and a Homesense on this side of the Pitt River. Get creative - rooftop parking, green construction and leave out Walwart - they have horrible business practices that should not be supported on any level. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Get out of the last century of destroying the planet and do your part to preserve what is there for all of us to enjoy - animal and human alike.


yes, yes yes. i'm fed up with more and more housing and no services. also, having to drive out-of-town to buy stuff. do it!


Received your postcard in the mail. Just wanted to put my two cents in... I want shopping in Maple Ridge. I read all the retailers letters, and have shopped at each one of them. I live on the East side of Maple Ridge, and I would love a new shopping centre in the Albion Flats. My only added comment is I would also like a major grocery store / drug store at the same location also. I would like to see a one-stop shopping experience.


I like to have WAL-MART as well


Hello, I am a resident of the Albion area, and I would like to see more facilities that will improve our standard of living..Currently, for any serious shopping we need to either go to Coquitlam or Langley..Downtown MR is not an attractive area to shopping which for me should be a combination of stores, restaurants, big retail chains, supermarkets, and some recreational facilities like fitness clubs, etc.. Hopefully good ideas will move forward and we can finally get a so sought-after mall in this area. thank you for listening to us.


I think it's a fabulous idea and a much needed one. A shopping center is the only thing missing in the Maple Ridge area. It would be nice to be able to shop locally instead of having to fight traffic and drive to Coquitlam Center. Clothing and department stores are definitely needed. No more grocery stores - we have plenty of those. As far as offices, residential or business park uses go, more information is needed to form an opinion.


Who needs another Surrey! We live here because it's unique. Only boneheaded NEWBIES would strive (i.e. forceably push) for a replica of Surrey. Be smart for heaven's sake. The opportunity, especially in Maple Ridge is to do something unique. Big Box are sssoooo easy! Pleases think before you change who we are as a community. Talk to those who have spent decades here! Idiots!


I'm glad to see this is in the works. There's very little I can get in Maple Ridge and my wife and I regularly drive to Coquitlam or Surrey to shop, or at least to Pitt Meadows.


We would welcome ANY new shopping opportunities in Maple Ridge. You are correct, we're tired of driving to Coquitlam and Abbotsford to shop. We wish Maple Ridge would step up to bring new business to our area as we've seen increased development in our neighbouring Pitt Meadows. I would prefer shopping in Albion Flats as opposed to trying to commute through the congested downtown area where the malls are too small, don't offer enough variety, and the parking is a pain!


I would like to see some nice, affordable restaurants like Milestones, Cactus Club, or Earl's. Ethnic restaurants including east indian and chinese would also be great. Quaint coffee shops and bistros would also add a nice ambiance to the center/area. I am not interested in big box stores like Langley as Maple Ridge has a wonderful rustic appeal and I think this can be used as part of a theme for a new shopping center. Maybe make it look like a country village? West Vancouver's village beside Park Royal mall, or Newport village are great examples. In terms of groceries, I would love to see a Whole Foods Market, or Capers, or something like that. In terms of retailers, Lululemon, Home Depot, Aldo, Moore's, Coast Mountain Sports, Jacob, would all be nice---presently there is no where to buy men's clothing, or shoes, or outdoor gear in MR. I am not particularly interested in the retailers listed above as they are the same stores in Pitt Meadows and I would like to see something different.


I would like to see Best Buy, Penningtons, Canadian Tire, Fields, and a Tim Hortons (there are hardly any in the east end of Maple Ridge).


I think a shopping complex is a great idea, i comute daily to Mission Golf Course from Maple Ridge and seem to find myself stopping a Bruce's Market more then i would like, not that i don't enjoy the market, but not so much the prices, maybe a little compatition would be a good thing. In addition to grocery shopping i would like to see some retail shops, although the ones that you mention seem to be the same ones that have resently been built in Pitt Meadows so i already have access to them


Add some charm by making it possible for small businesses to relocate here -- by offering rent discounts. This would add some charm to the area and prevent it from being a big box plaza -- add landscaping, ponds, fountains. WE NEED THIS DEVELOPMENT -- hope it happens :)


We need differant stores that are not all ready in Meadow Fair Mall. Home depot would be a winner. If there was sufficient land some thing like SEven oaks in Abbotsford would be great we need Department stores like sear or the Bay. a smaller Coqutlam center all one level


Love to have a shopping centre. Quality Shopping , ie Earls, Mexx, Amaerican Eagle, La Senza, Plum, Home Depot, Future shop, Sears, Mikasa, Bowring.


Yes! We need a new mall. I'm tired of going to Coquitlam, Matsqui & Langley to shop. With the recession, we need stores like Wal-mart,Costco, a big Fabric Store, we don't have one on this side of the river. A big horse tack store and or feed store, again people have to go to Pitt Meadows, Mission or Langley. The two small tack stores we have cater to the English discipline not the Western. One has to go to Stampede Tack Store in Cloverdale, which caters to all disciplines. A Princess Auto Store would be great as well. (my favorite store) Thank you


We would love to see a Walmart, Future Shop, H&M, HMV, American Eagle, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Le Chateau, Chapters, Best Buy, Sportcheck, Superstore, Canadian Tire, Staples, Eastside Marios, Costco, Movie Theatre, etc. etc.


Please develop it and gives us more local shopping. Especially restaurants. Hopefully this happens soon!!!!! Thank you


i think its a great idea as long as there is a walmart


I would like some different clothing stores other than winners since it isn't too far to go to in town; for example mexx or old navy. I also think that we need some more quality restaraunts such as milestones or earls. Even the possibilty of a chapters would be great.


Hi, I think the idea of a large retail centre (similar to MeadowTown in Pitt Meadows) is a great idea for Maple Ridge. I'd love to see stores such as HomeSense/Winners, Reitmans, Home Depot etc. We also need a quality childrens' clothing store (Please Mum, Children's Place or other) and a few more restaurant selections like Cactus Club, Milestones or Anducci's. However, I think the location could be better than Albion Flats-the downtown area is desparately in need or revitalization. I would prefer to see a large centre such as this built in the downtown area, meaning that other old, unsightly businesses would be closed. Just my two cents!

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