It's a great idea to have a shopping mall in Maple ridge. Please have a list of names of common stores and businesses so people can choose which one they'd like to see there. It'd be easier to tally up the result at the end of the survey and find out which stores and businesses would be in high demand here.


I think this will bring a lot to maple Ridge. So yes, bringing a new shopping mall here would be great and it would be nice to shop here cause right now I am going to Coquitlam and pitt meadows and would like to shop locally.


If a new mall is to be built, I would like to see one like Coquitlam Centre stores with the Bay, Sears, and women clothing stores. I do not need stores that are already here, such as Canadian Tire, Reitman's, Winners, HomeSense, and stores already in the Pitt Meadows mall where the theatre is. I would like a Future Shop. I would like to see the mall built with the environment in mind, having the parking below the mall and with roof top parking. I do not like the mall built in Pitt Meadows with the parking lot in between all the stores and it is so far to walk to different stores with all the parcels. I also think that there is space within the city at current malls that could be renovated. The Grandview Corners Mall does not look appealing at all to me. You need to build up, and not take up so much space. I like a mall that I can walk around on the inside and not be worried about the weather. Then I tend to look at all the stores, instead of just deciding on certain ones to go to.


I am so excited about this shopping centre coming into Maple Ridge. I just can't wait. I love shopping at box stores! Home Depot, Winners, Home Sense, Future Shop are all very welcome here and needed!!! Walmart or Zellers, Home Outfitters, the Bay, Sears would be great and any others. I have to travel To Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam and Burnaby to do all my shopping. So this would be awesome!!!! Plus once the bridges are completed there will be even more people moving in to this area. Also a new Movie theatre (Cinaplex Odeon) would be great!


It would be great to have some shopping on the east side of town. A Walmart would be my biggest suggestion, as the closest ones are in Abbotsford and Burnaby. It would be a great thing for the east side of town to have some shopping closer to us.


This is definitely something that would be great, we need more shopping option and more bus option, and more banking options! Put a Coast Capital, Walmart, Better restaurants, and other big stores. There are p[eople who live in albion area and can't get good jobs because everything is so far away and the bus schedule is pathetic. THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR PEOPLE TO HAVE JOBS AND OPEN UP MAPLE RIDGE IN TO A GREAT NEW WELCOMING AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maple Ridge is missing the boat. Pitt Meadows is allowing the big box stores access to their community. We as many residents of Maple Ridge will go to these stores for the convenience rather than trying to find something we are in need of by going to various locations within the community. Also the addition of this type of shopping facility will provide a greater tax base which will help to keep our taxes down.


I truly hope this is pushed and we receive. Business' need to expand and to meet our growth. Right now it is getting too conjested and Maple Ridge is still living in the past. We need to expand into the future. I would love to see Walmart come to town and Costco too. Good Luck!


A big department store like Walmart, Sears or the Bay would be nice as this would support our community by keeping people on this side of the bridge to do their shopping instead of Coquitlam or Langley.


It will be the best thing to happen in Maple Ridge, no more driving for more then 10 to 15 min, and no more bridge crossing


Previously I had responded that Ithought it would be a good idea to develop the Albion Flats. Have since changed my mind and think it's a better idea to renew the downtown core.


Super Walmart, Lulu Lemon, Tall Girl, TNA retailers, Toys R Us, to name a few.


Although I understand the caution with some residents, who wish to keep Maple Ridge (and the Albion and Whonnock areas) a rustic back-woods area -- the population of the area has exploded with young families who are already commuting to and from work. Bringing a shopping centre to the east side of Maple Ridge is long overdue and with the traffic congestion, who wouldn't want to shop in their own back yard? Keep money flowing locally, keep creating jobs locally and in the long run it will also benefit other local businesses. Foot traffic increases and the amount of shoppers staying on the east side of the Pitt River bridge will also increase. Although I may not be a big Wal-Mart shopper at present, I think we NEED more stores in general in Maple Ridge. This is the only thing lacking in this beautiful community.


I'm definitely in support of Albion Shopping; I'm a Maple Ridge Real Estate Agent. One of the common questions I'm asked by people moving in the area is shopping convience in the area. Presently most of the shopping goes to Coquitlam or Abbotsford as we don't have what the general public requires! The added tax base for the city would also benefit the Maple Ridge Tax Payers! We have lost some Big Box stores to Pitt Meadows where their City Council is much more progressive and understanding the ig Picture! I've worked in the Ma & Pa style Business, for 25 Years, also worked for Home Depot for 8 years,  let me say there is room for all to survive. I would happy to consult with any Retailer how to compete successfully with the BIG BOX stores. Shopping would bring more entry level jobs for the city, avoiding some commuting was gas and the pollution that goes with the shopping Commute


I would love to see more shopping options in Maple Ridge. I live very close to the Albion Flats, and would love to not have to leave Maple Ridge to do my shopping. I think another grocery store would be great, Chapters, Future Shop, Winners, Starbucks, and a couple of restaurants like Milestones or Cactus Club.


Hey this is a serious message even though the information above is pretty lame. for the shopping center it would be good to have teen shopping stores so we wont have to drive to coquitlem or metrotown center Some Examples are - stiches, urban plant, urban behaviour, american eagle, american apparel, off the wall, below the belt, H&M, garage, sirens, bluenotes, body shop, bang on T-shirts, claires/Ardenes/icing, lulu lemon, TNA/Aritza, J76, lasenza, aeropostale, Aldo, Spring. Of course not all of these but these are basically where kids - teens shop.


Rather than duplicating stores from the Meadowvale which are not considered "out of town" in my opinion, there are many other retail stores that are missing in this district- for instance: Sears, The Bay, WalMart, ladies specialty shops, gift shops, restaurants, etc. The layout of Meadowvale is not conducive for shoppers because of the parking lot situated in the centre of the circle of stores. One has to get back into their car and drive around to the other side.


I think, to class up this town a little bit, it could use some high end clothing stores-- Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, H&M, etc.


More stores only to develop the Downtown Core


WalMart or some similar store would be good....currently there isn't even a place in Maple Ridge to purchase a button or fabrics of any kind. This type of retailer would bring a variety of goods not currently available in the area.


YES, I have been anxious for shopping to come to Maple Ridge. I drive to Coquitlam at least once a week and to Pitt Meadows 2 or 3 times. Nevermind the time it takes to do this as well as the pollution I cause, its just not a good situation. I would like to see a Home Depot, clothing retailers and shoes, a RCSS and maybe a department store. In addittion this would provide needed jobs for the kids in the albion area aswell as others needing employment. the area could also include sports fields and other recreation for the kids in the area. Light industrial warehouses on the opposite side of the highway and within the proposed area could also provide employment. Maple Ridge has an obligation to its taxpayers to provide us with shopping and employment, it is a wonderful place to live and I don't enjoy driving out of it to do my everyday shopping.


My husband and I would love to see a big mall built in the Albion Flats. If we want to do any shopping we have to go out of Maple Ridge (Coquitlam/Langley/Abbotsford). The roads are a nightmare with congestion and it's only going to get worse. I would like to suggest a park-like setting around the mall with nature walks. Also, if residential housing in the area has also been included in this plan, how about bungalows in a gated community for the older individuals. It would also be a good idea if the plan included a connection to the Westcoast Express. I have read 100 of the comments and only 7 oppose. Wake up city council. Maple Ridge needs to keep business in Maple Ridge, obviously the options we have now are not working. If need be then change-up the downtown core and replace malls that are dying with condos, high-rises and greenspace. Also, the downtown core does not have adequate parking to accommodate the bigger outlets that we so desperately need.


I have just learned of this webpage and I am leaving this message to show my support for development of the Albion flats. I would love to see a Wal-Mart, Futureshop or Home-Depot located in Maple Ridge. One or more of these would go a long way to ease congestion on the Lougheed as people would be able to work and shop locally. As it is now the entire town must get up every morning travel the same direction and return every night down the same road.


I first moved here1973, and believe me things have not changed !!!It's nice to see Pitt Meadows has taken a chance and it worked out fine for that community,it has been long overdue for Maple Ridge, yes I'm all for a progress.


I am opposed to a walmart in any area of Maple Ridge and hope this isn't one of the retailers interested.


Please make it a mall like Coquitlam Centre or Metrotown. It would be the tops to have Future Shop and others but why stop there? Bring us American Eagle, Lululemon, Aritzia, Gap, and Old Navy. Let's get a Costco too! Make it a one stop shop for Maple Ridge. That is the real GREEN intitiative. Even build apartments above. Make it it's own sustainable community. Have doctor and dental offices. Ease congestion into Coquitlam. Keep our citizens in our own town, moreover, keep our MONEY in our own town!


Many of my friends and I want a more desireable place to shop and our ideas will bring people to the community for that reason. Newport Village, Steveston, all have unique shops added to their regular ones. Sidewalk cafes are great to have a leisurely lunch. Warehouse stores are all the same and easily accessible to us here. Please let us have more character and attractive places than the ordinary just around the corner. We have lost all our waterfront access due to business/industrial and that is a shame on the past Planners and Council. Hope for better things to address what will bring people to Maple Ridge to shop. Thank you.


I would like to see these businesses closer to Maple Ridge rather than have to travel to Burnaby or somewhere else. I would find it to be much more convenient when the weather is bad as well.


Yes PLEASE. We have to drive to Coquitlam Centre or Abbotsford in order to shop at major stores. Now that road construction is going on throughout the Lougheed Highway / Pitt Meadows area, travelling to Coquitlam is a royal pain!


PS to my earlier comment - now we need a fabric store here too, since Fabricland has seen fit to abandon Maple Ridge.


Living on the east side of Maple Ridge I see an extreme need for more shopping in this area. Travelling to Real Canadia uperstore is a half hour away if I shop in Pitt Meadows so I tend to go to Mission for my groceries. I would like to see dollars spent in the Maple Ridge area instead and thinkan Albion Mall would be a much needed assest to our communty. I do not find Haney Place Mall or Valley Fair Mall large enough nor do they offer enough choices for the consumer. Mission has much better shopping now and we need to get with the times. As much as I too love the openness and outdoor feel of the area I still need to make purchaes. With the recent heavy snowfall I ventured no further than Cooper's for groceries ( thank goodness for them ) but want to have some alternate options. I say "yes" to Albion shopping especially as the west of Maple Ridge will be a nightmare of traffic when the new bridge is completed.


Absolutely not!!! Develop downtown first. I am very opposed to a mall in the Albion flats!!!!


I want you to GO AWAY! You will just siphon away our money, kill downtown and rune valuable, productive farmland.


Many people have to travel elsewhere to do their shopping and I think that a shopping center located in Maple Ridge would serve the community better in many ways. I would love to see stores as Home Depot, Future shop, Walmart, Costco and many other shops.


Absolutley!! I too have lived here all my life and have had to drive for anything decent.... What would be very successful would be restaurants.. NOT BOSTON PIZZA again... sorry BP, but we want an EARLS or MILESTONES or CACTUS CLUB... something a bit more upper scale.. BP is in Pitt Meadows, please give us another option that resembles something of an evening out !!! This is imperitive!


Thank you, but I feel another strip mall is not the answer to what we require in our community that needs a vibrant centre. However, before I make a decision I would like to see the detailed site map you are proposing. Something more specific than a artist's concept.


In addition to the large box stores and I would like to see a SPA located in this area along with hairdresser, barber services, restaurants and entertainment facilities.




We puchased a couple of acres on the Fraser River in Albion 1 1/2 years ago and feel that your plan for Albion Flats would be of great benefit to the growing population in the area. We would love to see companies such as: Canada Trust, HSBC, Home Depot, Starbucks, Future Shop, Winners, BestBuy, HomeSense, Boston Pizza, Reitman's, Safeway, etc. locate here. The idea would be a wonderful improvement and huge benefit to the Maple Ridge Community and would certainly usher us into the 21st Century.


Suggested Stores: Old Spaghetti Factory, Future Shop/Best Buy, Walmart


I moved to Maple Ridge from Vancouver 12 years ago, and I am more than ready to see a major shopping center develop in our town. It is about time that we enter the millennium .


We would love to see a new mall in Maple Ridge. I don't mind driving to Pitt Meadows, but we could use store in addition to the ones at Meadow Town Centre. What we could really use a Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Gap, maybe even a ToysRUs, something similar to the South Park Royal Mall. I'm aware that we already have a lot of stores and we would prefer to shop locally, but going to Zeller's at Haney Place looking for something is just a waste of time more often than not, leaving us no choice than driving to either Coquitlam Centre or even Lougheed Mall.


I would like to see anything developers put together which will help MR progress. I lived in MR when I was a child and returned (affordable house) when I was in my mid. 30's. Nothing much has changed since I was a young girl, I couldn't believe it. I had lived in Langley Surrey and Coquitlam throughout the years and never returned to MR. There was nothing here to come back for. No super good restraunt, retail store, movie or other entertainment. Buildings that were here when I was a kid are still here and showing their age with the passing of time. Little has been done to update the town, just look at the elevator in Zellers! The stores which are here would do better if there was something to draw others to our community. The opening of the Golden Ears bridge and the upgrade to the Pitt River bridge will facilitate getting people to MR. It's time to give them more than Golder Ears Park, some restraunts and smaller businesses to enjoy. Personally I do not like the commute to Langley or Coquitlam and would like to be able to shop in my own community.


I tell people I live in Whalley Ridge, in comparison to the community of Whalley in Surrey and even it has had upgrades over the years. Keep in mind I am an individual whose children's French Immersion school is closing. As a result our children transferred schools and are now bused to school in a non MR school district. Yet, I see the updating going on in the East and wonder why the individuals responsible for the core of MR are resistant to the change which is already occuring. My children might still not have sidewalks to use to go to a local shabby park but some millenium type updating would make it easier to be proud of something in out community. A shopping center with a larger variety of stores would enable me to better spend money in the community I live in. Yes I would like to have an Albion Shopping Center in MR!




No to shopping centre. Yes to children's activity centre with children's theatre, programs, gym, etc happy new year!


Why Maple Ridge should loose business to other districts, cities? We go to out of Maple Ridge to find what we can't find at home! If we have a good shopping center with good anchor stores we definitely stay and shop here at home.


Living in East Maple Ridge we have seen a dramatic increase in new communities being built around us, BUT there has been very minimal being developed commercially in East Maple Ridge. The newest grocery store on 240 is an affiliate of Save On and is grossly overpriced. Until Maple Ridge offers more to the community in the way of shopping, I will continue to shop in Pitt Meadows and Coquitlam. It's time for the district to really take a hard look at what a new shopping plaza would bring to the community ie: jobs, support to local charities, lower taxes, convenience. You've got my support.


I think that this town is in desperate need of decent shopping. Ideally I would like to see WAL MART. We need children clothing stores, shoe stores, electronics. I would be happy to see Future shop, Visions, Best Buy, Children's place, Please Mum, Aldo's, Sterling, The Bay, Outlet stores like, Guess, LaSensa girl, Chance. A good coffee shop, and a little deli. I am not that intereseted in industrial or commercial opportunities. I just want a variety of places to shop without having to cross a bridge or take a ferry.


It's completely ridiculous that we have to head to Coquitlam, Abbotsford or Langley to shop for any other than groceries.


We need more shopping in the Maple Ridge area....why not support our city and not have to go to other communities to do our shopping.


I would really like shopping in albion, BUT traffic must be managed properly


Is council blind. Read the comments that the people of Mapleridge have wrote we need more shopping. One out of a hundred voted no. It's probaly small buisness owners. Wake up people we don't shop here because for one you guys have old ugly and expensive stuff. I mean come on people you guys will sell stuff triple the price. Thats why more people drive the 30-45 minutes comute to poco or coquitlam. I for one will never support small stores you guys are way to expensive wake up stop charging people triple the prics then maybe we can talk.


Would love to have stores such as Walmart, Home depot, future shop etc. All of our shopping is done outside of Maple Ridge due to lack of stores in the area.


I just looked at the pictures of Grandview Corners and absolutey loved the feel of the "Village" How about Tamarack Village as a name? It looks like it would provide the needed shopping for East end Maple Ridge yet not give us the Big Box look that everyone is so worried about. Please please give it your best efforts as I look forward to keeping our comminity dollars here in our own town.


I definitely would love to see a mall going up in the east Maple Ridge. But would not want to see it's done half heartedly. This mall has to be at least comparible to Willowbrook or Coquitlam Centre. I definitely welcome shops that's not available in the PittMeadow to Mission area such as, Home Depot, Costco, Future Shop, Best Buy, Sears, the Bay, IKEA, Toy's R Us and so forth. But I would not want to see Zellers, Staples, MJM as this will most likely cause a relocation from their current location, instead of adding a new outlet.


Oh and further to previousely sent, I would like to see a mall that is more environmentally friendly. Please don't use asphalt and concrete to pave parking space. Use hollow bricks and grow real grass. I've seen this done in Asia, it's cooler in the summer and helps environment.


I can't believe that council didn't jump on this plan! It is a no brainer! I don't shop for anything here in Maple Ridge. Valley Fair mall is the only place that I go, and that is for London Drugs, and the odd grocery at Save on. I am always headed to the Superstore in PittMeadows, or off to Abbotsford for Wallmart, linen n things, Costco, restaraunts etc. Maple Rdge is sorely lacking any decent shopping, and definately no restaraunts. I have lived here all my life and its so falling behing everywhere else. If we get this shopping center in Maple Ridge, our property values will go up as well, because people will know that they have everything here. once they are home from work, they don't have to leave town, thats worth a lot to me, and a lot of other people!


It is definately my preference to shop in an "outdoor mall" space vs. a traditional closed in one. Currently I do most of our family of four's shopping in Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam and Langley. It would be more convenient, cost less in gas and take less time if we had the shops close by. I do live in Albion and support a shopping area like this.


I would really like to see an Old Navy and H&M out here. Something affordable and trendy for the whole family. It would be really nice instead of having to drive to Coquitlam


As a new resident to Maple Ridge I definitely notice the lack of good shopping here and welcome a new shopping centre. Your south Surrey location looks like a good mix of stores. I also see the development that Langley has had over the past few years and look forward to Maple Ridge following a similar development


I do NOT want to see a shopping centre built in Albion!


Yes, we do need more shopping in Maple Ridge. The only reason we don't already have a more recent mall is our past mayor and council. We now have a new mayor, but much of the council is the same. My opinion is that if you want a mall proposal to pass here it is going to have to be very modern, envirionmentally friendly, and incorporate something like a 'nature" path to give pedestrian access for the surrounding neighbourhood. The council and many long time residents of maple ridge do not want to give up their agricultural land. It is wonderful to use stone and wood in your design but go a step further. How about a water feature or two, and a little park space? Also, as I mentioned already pedestrian access to the mall is very important. There are many residents of Maple Ridge who love to walk, and you will see them every day.


Make sure there is a safe path along Lougheed Highway, all the way from Kanaka Way, and make it attractive. I would love to see some nice family restaurants and a grocery store, that is not owned by Jimmy Pattison, and some bigger stores. A kids' play place would be great, and something for teens, a Rock Wall and or Theatre. I have recently been to Grandview Corners in Surrey. My one complaint was that in order to leave the parking area everyone had to drive back to the one little road. That must cause congestion on busy days. Make your parking with many exits and entrances, and your parking stalls are large - there are lots of trucks and SUVs here.


Yes, Yes, Yes...Please build a new mall!!!!


NO, NO, NO...We do not want to see a shopping mall on the Albion Flats. Build up the downtown core - that's where we need it. Leave the bird sanctuary, which is across the street from where you propose to build, in peace and quiet.


Please don't make a new mall in the Albion area! I like local stuff instead of corporate America in my back yard!


YES!! We NEED better shopping!!.. Walmart too!!!


I would love to see restaurants. Maple Ridge is really lacking nice restaurants. Places such as Earls & Moxies would be a great addition. A wallmart would also be great. The closest one is either langley or coquitlam which is quite far away.


Yes, Absolutely. The Naysayers seem to want to save the environment, But how does driving many miles farther reduce green house gases? Bring on a super Wal-Mart with groceries, liquor store, to allow one stop shopping instaed of deiving all over the lower mainland. Costco, Home Depot, bring it on now! Plus in this economy we need the jobs.


I just moved to this area and we are in definite need of more shopping. The fact that we must drive to the other end of town or OUT of town to do some of our basic shopping only contributes to the volume of vehicles on our roads. I would love to see WalMart and Costco, Home Depot, an electronics store, a restaurant for breakfast (ie White Spot, de Dutch etc), Toys 'R' Us (nearest one is Abbotsford or Coquitlam), a Starbucks absolutely, a family friendly restaurant (ie Spaghetti Factory etc) and a pet store. As a new mom, I would love to see an indoor children's play centre for the winter months when the weather is less than desirable. This cannot come fast enough!! Please hurry! Don't tease!


I just want to know where you are now with this project. Please bring it on.


I think it would be a great use of the property .And we would have the infrastructure that this town needs rather than spend our gas to go out of district


YES we desperately need a new shopping center here in the ridge. A Walmart would be AWESOME. Also some stores like an old navy, gap, more updated stores would be great.


Please! Bring a mall with Costco, Walmart and good restaurants! Maple Ridge needs a makeover. That land is untidy and an eye sore the way it is now. Many of us go to other towns to shop, why not contribute to our own economy.




We are in so need of decent shopping in Maple Ridge!! I'm so frustrated with having to drive in grid lock traffic just to purchase everyday items. Albion Flats would be an excellent location to service this area. I would love a Cosctco Walmart Home Sense and other box stores!! The sooner the better!!!


yes, the sooner, the bigger, the better !!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of driving to Coquitlam and I prefer shopping malls over the small ones .


I would love to see a development that supports lifestyle shopping and community. Smaller 'local' boutiques mixed in with larger big box retailers would offer both high and low product mixes while still allowing support to community small business. I am not a fan of Walmart, I can see the benefits yes but I prefer individual shops. I would love to see something like a Meinhardt's, a gorgeous floral shop, interesting restaurants that offer international cuisine (I'll take Cactus Club too!), higher end fashion boutiques, etc. I envision a destination where people HAVE to drive out to our neck of the woods because we have shopping THEY can't get anywhere else. Drive business into our community that is special and help develop the smaller businesses that are in the downtown as well. Small business owners in our community need to start branding their wonderful stores as important places to stop and think a bit bigger. Just because you're in a smaller community doesn't mean you can't tell the world how great you are! You don't have to be a large store to drive traffic. There is so much opportunity in M.R. you just have to imagine the possibilities.


Many poeple told me they shouldn't bother buiding it if the WallMart goes to Pitt Meadows.


In addition to the stores listed above (Home Depot, Future Shop, Winners, HomeSense and Reitman's), I would LOVE to see a WalMart. Thank you!


Yes a mall would be nice, especcially if Home Depot is interested. Maybe something like Sears and The Bay would be interested to? And also some stores geared to teenagers, clothing etc. This way, we won't have to go to Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam to do shopping


My concern with a mall in Albion is the traffic congestion that will affect both lougheed and Dewdney trunk hi-ways. A bypass through that area may help.


Yes I would like to see new shopping in Maple Ridge, but in the down town core. 222nd on the west and 224th on the east. The Dewdney Trunck on the south. Incorparte a WalMart and a Thrifty's grocery store. Some of the existing buildings could be used.


I would be very interested to see some stores that I currently travel to Coquitlam or further into Vancouver to purchase items at lower prices than I can currently find in Maple Ridge. I would also like to see Maple Ridge be as competitive as Langley for stores and restaurants. These stores would include Future Shop, Walmart, T&T for specialty Asian products, Olive Garden, outlets similar to what one of the malls that Langley has, etc. I like living in Maple Ridge but find it quite useless for finding and buying items that fit into my budget or selection needs. Thank you for your attention towards my input.


We would like to see a Walmart, Tim Horton's & a Quizno's. We also need another TD branch there as well.


i would really like to see a walmart in maple ridge as well as more clothing stores for the younger kids and teens


Would love to have more shopping opportunities in Maple Ridge - especially clothing stores


Any of the above stores would be awesome, I come from Pitt Meadows where this is at their fingertips and want to move back there as there is nothing holding me here with regards to shopping or the character of the architecture. Maple Ridge Sooooooooo needs this. Good Luck


I am very excited to see this!! I am thrilled to think that I might not always have to drive to Coquitlam to go for a nice dinner or complete shopping!1 I am in full support of this and would love to help in any way to get this project off the ground!!!!




My husband and I think it's about time Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows gets something like this in the area. With the rising prices in gas and the complete dependance on bridges that we have now, we need some local shopping in the area. We are all for the shops listed above but also feel that more shops are needed. I have been to grandview corners and we need Aldo, Le Chateau, Cup Cakes, Chapters, coffee shops (Cafe Artigano preferably), La Senza. Right now we have to go to Coquitlam for most of these. Please build this!! Maple Ridge needs to grow, it'll be great for the area, and great for our property values!!


Maple Ridge desperately needs a new shopping centre and keep up with times! Haney place mall is an eye sore, and I do most of my shopping in Pitt Meadows at their fabulous mall, because there is NOTHING in Maple Ridge. A new mall here will create more jobs, encourage and keep people shopping here, and create more revenue for the city. It seems Pitt Meadows get's it all! Build it! PLEASE!!


PLEASE continue to push to get this through! We NEED this kind of business in our community. Our councillors need to STOP giving Pitt Meadows these businesses, the jobs that they provide, and the taxes they bring in to the community. We need to be self sustaining and we cannot do that if we don't provide our residents with the businesses and services THEY want. You can't make people shop where you want - they will shop where they want - PLEASE LISTEN TO US!


it's quite a bother to travel to the tricities everytime i need sears or the bay or just 'good selection' shopping! I can't wait for this to finally become realized and get some good economic flow in Maple Ridge.


A resounding YES to a new better quality shopping center in East Maple Ridge. We too are part of the hundreds of people emailing to you that are forced to drive out of Maple Ridge in search of the popular shopping venues that Pitt Meadows, Poco, Abbotsford or Langley all provide their tax payers. And these are the municipalities that we are all driving into to spend our cash, not Maple Ridge. The fact is the shopping choices here are out dated. We need a mall that provides all the new services the 20th Century family demands. These services must be in one area with plenty of parking and numerous entrance and exits to ensure traffic flow. The reality is the council MUST work for the citizens, not the private interests of the few and ensure we have the services and facilities for that suit our generations' needs. The Albion flats would be a good site for ease of access and provide East Maple Ridges' tax payers with local shopping. The mall would also provide hundreds of local jobs which, with our towns' November stats for unemployment rates syrocketing, job creation is simply, an imperative.


Anything but monster walmart! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You should locate in the DOWNTOWN. This is where retail belongs. You are killing our community!


It's about time we get some actual stores worth shopping at in Maple Ridge. I am tired of wasting my time and gas driving to Poco to shop at Home Depot, Future Shop,etc...


As much as I love the rural setting of Maple Ridge , our community has been surpassed in every way by other communities. Growth has been stagnant and little services are offered to East Maple Ridge. I believe growth and progress is needed and could be done in a tasteful manner with the appropriate plan and vision. I have always thought something like Park Royal South would be perfect and Grandview Corners reminds me of that. I'd be thrilled if something like that was built in ALbion FLats!

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