I believe Maple Ridge needs some kind of shopping but I don't necessarily believe that big box stores are the answer. Your big stores are just that, big boxes with no personality to match with the neighborhood and you don't even make an effort to individualize them. Maple Ridge has struggled for so long to attract business whether it's retail, offices, etc. and I don't know if plunking them all down on Albion Flats is a great idea. I also believe that you would greatly harm the town core if you built big box stores. Again, I know that Maple Ridge could use more shopping but your big box stores remind me of fast food places; it tastes good and seems like a good idea because you're late getting dinner, but the indigestion later makes you think twice. I hope that Smart Centres can work with Maple Ridge to build something unique and heallthy. Tank you, Sandra Rayson


As business owners in Maple Ridge and residents of Mission we think a shopping centre in Albion would be great. We like to support local business as much as possible so we feel it is important to have space for the small local business owners at a rent they can afford. A building supply store would be great. I would prefer to see a local builder in there or Rona rather than Home Deport as it is canadian owned




YES, we need more shops out here in East Maple Ridge. Anything and everything is needed, what a hassle it is to have drive across town to do any decent shopping at the larger stores such as pet smart etc....Even a few good dining options would be welcomed~


I would love to have a Walmart in Maple Ridge, without Walmart a new shopping complex would be pointless


I think it is a good idea to have shopping centre located in this location.


I think that would be an ideal location for retailers considering the increase of new residential developments in the albion area. Perhaps another grocery chain would also be appropriate.


I drive to Coquitlam, Abbotsford and Pitt Meadows all the time, just to shop at Walmart, Costco, Superstore and Michael's Craft Store. There are not any stores in Maple Ridge that are worth my time or money. A Walmart would be #1 on my list! Everyone I know agrees that we need this shopping area in Albion.


We desperately need a Walmart and some restaurants in Albion. My wife and I are very disappointed that our municipal government won't allow this! Everyone we know shops outside of Maple Ridge, and Maple Ridge is losing a lot of money because of this.


My family burns through a lot of fuel EVERY day just to get to descent shopping in Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam and Abbotsford. So, YES, we would love a Walmart, restaurants, Costco, Superstore and many others in the Albion flats. As far as the people on here who say "everyone is against this Albion flats project," you're actually standing alone, read all these comments and see that almost 100% of us are in favor of the project!!!


We have waited far too long already, for descent shopping in MR. I don't do any shopping here, and have to go to Pitt Meadows, Abbotsford and Coquitlam, waisting time and money that could belong to Maple Ridge. It is the fault of local businesses that people shop outside of MR, they refuse to give their community the goods and services that we want. I want a Walmart, Costco, Superstore, Michaels Craft Store, and some upscale clothing stores. A Toys R Us would be very beneficial too!


Please hurry up!!!! I have lived in MR for 25 years and have always needed to leave town to do any type of retail (mall) shopping. Downtown is all service with a few shops that are mainstays and will always be! Zellars should be condemned!!!! I really feel sorry for the businesses in the "mall"...there is no draw to get anyone there....


Absolutely Maple Ridge needs some new retail stores and restaurants. Maple Ridge definitely needs a face lift and with all the families moving out here we need some better stores and restaurants to keep them coming.


It's about time, looking forward to it !


I would like to see a shopping centre as you describe, with Wal Mart in it. Is there somewhere i can sign a petition?


Forgot to add that I'd love to see more restaurant choices like Earl's, Cactus Club, Old Spaghetti Factory, Milestones, etc. We would love to have more shopping choices in Maple Ridge. WalMart is a retailer we'd really love to see in town.


Its about time Maple Ridge be a place to be proud of - clean up the streets, provide shelter for the homeless, and for goodness sakes give us the local shopping we deserve. More and more houses/condos are being developed here, yet we still all continue to send our tax dollars to Pitt Meadows and Abbotsford for our merchandise. Not giving us an opportunity to contribute to the growth of our own community is an injustice to each and every resident trying to maintain an adequate standard of living. Council needs to let go of its paranoia and allow Maple Ridge to be the City it deserves to be! I would be thrilled to keep my tax dollars locally - wake up people, we voted you in to make good decisions, don't disappointed us once again!!


A new (or one) shopping center in Maple Ridge would be very welcome. Our council seems to say one thing and do another (or nothing). For example, they want everything to be green and people to get out of their vehicles and stay close to home and shop however they deny any new stores from opening or shopping centers to be built. Just look at the Lougheed Highway on a Saturday and the rush is the same as a week day with everyone leaving town to go shopping. The council wants to support the local small businesses which is great but if there isn't anything to keep people in town there will be no one here to shop at those local stores. We have already seen business lost to other cities due to our inept city council, I hope this doesn't happen again. I hope this new shopping center comes sooner than later.


I would love to see a shopping centre here in the Albion Flats on 105th Ave. Most of my shopping is done @ the fairly-new Meadowtown Shopping Centre in Pitt Meadows. I would rather have my $$$ stay in Maple Ridge, but that's just not possible at present. PLEASE BUILD SOON!! Our citizens could use the jobs too!


If our council in Maple Ridge are so gunho about pollution and traffic solutions, Just think how much less traffic would be going to Port coquitlam to do your daily shopping, Sitting in traffic or line ups would be a hell of a lot less never mine saving gas, etc etc. Build the stores and stop trying to twin our city with some other country, We don't need high buildings with small shops on the groung floor. We need large shopping stores here...Lets keep the money here, wake up. How about putting it to a vote and not let it be up to a few people to make the decisions for Maple Ridge whom seem to be still living in the 50s


I would love to see more clothing shops. Especially a Lululemon.


I'd LOVE to see Maple Ridge get some retail stores so we don't have to leave town to shop...kids' clothing stores (Please Mum, Children's Place, etc), a shoe store (Aldo, Transit), maternity store, and other clothing stores such as Old Navy, Gap, etc. It's crazy that a city as big as Maple Ridge as almost NO shopping. And there IS the demand...look at Pitt Meadows!! I am 100% in support of the industrial and retail development of Maple Ridge. Let's get some business taxes here so our property taxes don't keep climbing!


Hello, I would just like to say that a new shopping center isn't that great of an idea. Why not update the existing mall with these interested retailers and stores, as the transit station is right there, it will bring more customers to haney place and bring new life to maple ridge.


A Home depot and a wal mart would be great here also some resturaunts Olive garden or Sammy j peppers or something


I think you should definitely open a shopping centre in Albion. You would be crazy not to. We have no shopping here and Haney Place Mall is already down the tube. If you did open a shopping centre, I would be very interested in leasing a place for my own business. Thanks Tabitha


Hi there, we've been living in Maple Ridge for 3 years, and we go to coquitlam and burnaby to eat because there are no places to eat and we need to go to other municipalites to do our shopping at places like costco and walmart, ie big box retailers. If the small retailers think that we will shop if they are not there, they are wrong. We go to the other municipalities to shop regardless. Maple ridge is just hurting themselves by not allowing them to come. Once the bridges open up we hope the shopping gets better. Please bring more shopping to Maple Ridge otherwise we are moving away, If the bridges dont help get things going we will consider moving away. We need a cactus club, earls, fitness centres, casinos, and more shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I live in Whonnock and we have nothing there. I would love to see the following at Albion: Home Depot; a liquor store; a Whole Foods, Starbucks; Chapters; Future Shop; Winners; and Great Restaurants - we're desperate for some decent restaurants!!


My family moved here several years ago from the Uk where there is an abundance of choice for shopping, and found Maple Ridge to be like going back in time with regards to good shopping. No wonder no decent shops want to come here because no one really properly shops here, it gives the impression that no-one has any money. The downtown area is an embarrassment to say the least, run down and screams out "get me out of here"!! Having said that, it has huge potential to become a modern cosmopolitan metropolis, and is ideally situated nestled amongst beautiful mountain ranges. So I would firstly like to see the downtown core renovated, however if this is coming out of another budget and permission has only been granted to develop the Albion Flats, then I am 100% for it.


I do not think that large scale concrete stores is the answer. A few large scale retailers such as Wal-Mart, Costco, Thrifty, but blending into that a "Newport Village" type set up, quaint treed boulevards, european coffee shops and a book store, perhaps a few fountains and a quaint village pub with NO TV's!!! An atmosphere where we can go for a walk when we get there and enjoy the scenery and meet friends. I think you will find no shortage of people wanting to visit and will put maple ridge on the map as a tourist destination. Some residential apartments may be useful in keeping crime down and cameras. The whole area has beautiful surrounding and if we can keep the ferry yet another attraction for it. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance with plans or ideas. Thank you so much for hopefully listening to your community.


I have already written but forgot to mention a few more stores that would be a feature ; IMAX, family run businesses, Milestones or something like Mission Springs, tourist/souvenir store. There are many people who live in maple ridge from other countries who would love to send Canadian gifts back home, I end up going downtown to Gastown to find this. A nice coffee shop that has live music. Here's hoping, lots of luck!!!


I would like to see a shopping centre with shops liek Future Shop, Office Depot, Costco, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Home Depot, Winners, IKEA and Safeway as well as smaller merhcants such as BC Liquor Store, bookstores and large movie theatres as well. I would also like to see better Translink transportation, with the addition of a Westcoast Express station in the Albion Ferry / Flats area.


Hey this is very interesting to hear that their might be a new shopping area in Maple Ridge. It would be nice to include some stores such as Aldo, La Senza, American Eagle and Le chateau. There is no shortage of business out here there is enough young people in Maple Ridge that would love to have some more hip stores around here instead of having to drive down to Coquitlam or Metrotown everytime they want to go shopping. Haney Place mall is greatly lacking in anything good anymore.


we so need shopping wallmart, nice stores anything other than Zellers


We need a Superstore in Albion Flats, We do not like Save-On we find it terribly expensive. We usually drive to MIssion, because driving through Maple Ridge takes at least 1/2 an hour and we prefer Superstore. We always drive out of town because we prefer to shop at Wallmart rather than Zellers. We and all of our friends and family leave Maple Ridge to shop,we really don/t have good shopping here. We are really fed up with the council here and probably move to Abboysford.


Please lobby for Wal-Mart...Home Depot....


I would like to see an Old Navy, LaSenza, LaSenza Girl, Sterling Shoes, Aldo, Transit Shoes to name a few. These and many others are the reasons why people have to leave Maple Ridge to shop. There are no really good quality stores near here and if we want to keep our revenue here and employment rate up, I would think a shopping mall with better stores would do just that.


Hello, I would like to renege my support for shopping in Albion. I do agree and fully support the Maple Ridge council in having a major shopping centre in the downtown core. It only make sense for many reasons. I'm sure you understand.


Absolutely we need a mall like this, including the redevelopment of the Haney Place Mall. Maple Ridge council is too resistant development, and has missed the opportunity to create a viable shopping district in Maple Ridge. The Albion development would be an excellent opportunity to expand retail, keep the customer in Maple Ridge, provide tax dollars for the community - all provided in a lifestyle centre format.


Yes I would very much like to see more large stores in the area--- Walmart, The Bay, Sears. We are inneed of these types to bring our community up to "snuff" and keep pur dollars in our city.


I want to put in a "no" vote for this shopping centre, for several reasons. First, the big box stores that seem to have expressed interest, with the exception of Home Depot, have either other locations in town or comparable competitors. If Maple Ridge really wants to invest in a new shopping centre, does the council honestly believe that another strip mall is the solution? We have so many and I refuse to shop at all of them becuase they are inconvenient. I don't like walking outside from store to store, or having to drive across the parking lot because the retailers line the borders of the propery with a sprawling parking lot in the middle. I think a better solution for our community is to plan a propery mall, perhaps a smaller scale version of Coquitlam centre. Coquitlam offers a large, well laid out, indoor shopping centre with a wide range of both big-box and private retailers striving to meet the diverse needs of an increasingly diverse community. Things like rooftop parking make more responsible use of the land. I believe that Maple Ridge has an opportunity with this land to create a truly valuable shopping experience and I ask that you reconsider the strip mall style of shopping centre. With thanks, Jessika Rowley


My family would love to see a Costco, Home Depot, restaurants such as an Olive Garden or Milestones or Montanas, various clothing and home retailers (ie Calvin Kline, Esprit, Point Zero, The Children's Place, Nike, Adidas) an electronics store such as Best Buy or Future Shop, and various other family-geared retailers that vary from the Meadowridge Centre in Pitt Meadows. An indoor activity type centre for children would also be great, such as Jungle Jacks, as well as other multi-purpose family activity centres. All of this presented in an aesthetically appealing manner that encorporates local westcoast style architecture with sufficient and appropriate landscaping, would be a wonderful addition to the Albion area of Maple Ridge.


To keep it simple it would be great to see a Future Shop and a Chapters, if it is a strip mall. There is already a Winners HomeSense and Reitmans in Pitt Meadows which isn't really that far away from the Albion area so it would be great to see stores that can't be accessed locally. In all truth I think a box mall would do better because one could fit more stores in it, and all we keep building around here is strip malls which seem to be more parking lot than mall.


When considering retailers it would be benificial to consider what we are lacking in Maple Ridge, for example: children & teen clothing, maternity ware, men's clothing, shoe store - to name a few!


Sounds very exciting. We live in the community, and think this mall idea would be awesome for convenience, and increasing interest for new maple ridge residents.


I would love to see more retail stores built in maple ridge I find as a family we always end up in coquitlam or langley to do our shopping. I think we need to keep our hard earned money in our own backyard. We need to be able to employ residents from Maple Ridge.We need to move forward and not backwards.


It is pathetic that a city the size of Maple Ridge has Zellers as it's major dept store. Come on! the people of Maple Ridge deserve more class, a better grade of shopping experience. Look what has happened to the haney Place mall?? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!! Anything would be better than what we currently have, but yes, Winners, Superstore, Reitmans, Cleo, Cactus Club, shoe stores.. we are done with the cheapo stores like Liquidation World and the Haney Market Place or whatever they call that junk stor where Safeway used to be. Please treat the residents of Maple Ridge better!!


I would love to see a Walmart Supercentre! Also we are in need of more restaurants! Olive Garden, Montanas, Mr. Mikes would be great! Any stores to shop for kids clothes would be great! Clothing stores such as Rickis, Old Navy, Gap would be awesome! I fully support this development!


I would love to see some shopping in Maple Ridge. The fact is, regardless of what MR Council "wants" to happen (i.e. preserve the mom & pop shops and bring people into the "downtown core...yeah, like what a joke that is), I am going to shop at the big malls, and if that is outside Maple Ridge, the so be it! Too Bad council doesn't get the heads out of their rear-ends and consider what people are going to do...I hope this goes ahead and I really hope this mall passes...I would like to keep my shopping dollars in Maple Ridge. I would also like to see people of this community employed and working in this community. The reality os our "downtown core" was developed circa 1915 & 1945, and not with the future of 100,000 residents shoping at that time. It can not accomidate everyone. And we WILL shop at the bigger stores regardless of what MR Council "wants" us to do. I support it 100%!!


I do not know how current this website is, but as went pass into 2009, I thought I would still inject my 2 cents woth...I would very much like to see enhanced shopping in Maple Ridge. Unfortunatly, the current services are not adequate, and most Maple Ridge residents leave Maple Ridge to shop, regardless of what Maple Ridge council would like to think...just take a look at Lougheed Hwy on a Saturday or Sunday...how many cars are travelling Westbound vs. Eastbound...people do not come to Maple Ridge, they leave it to shop... Would like to see Future Shop/Best Buy, perhaps family restaurants like Milestones or Sammy J Peppers, few banks in East Maple Ridge (RBC, BMO, CIBC could move that way). Would also like to see for my wife, more clothing stores, home stores (Winners/Homesense comes to mind), and maybe a Home Depot. Better selection of furniture stores (I know the Brick is already opened in Pitt Meadows).


Maybe a move theatre like a SilverCity??? Just please...no more car dealerships, no more gas stations, no more car parts places, no more car repair shops, no more "antique malls (aka...flea markets). Please, would love to see Maple Ridge enter the year 2010, instead of being stuck in the past. If you see a Maple Ridge with 80,000 + residents in the future, our current services are not adequate and will not support it. Council needs to actually listen to the people...I wish a referendum could be held and let the people vote, either in person or via e-mail (electronically). Good Luck and hope the plans are still being entertained.


I think this would be a great benefit to the city of Maple Ridge. Right now I do most of my shopping in Coquitlam due to the lack of choices in Maple Ridge. A Wal-Mart would be ideal as well as a Home Depot. Crossing the bridge is a pain and try to avoid this area as much as possible. I think this plaza of many fine stores and restaurants would bring employment to Maple Ridge and also keep our residents to shop in their own home town. This will bring more people to reside in Maple Ridge aswell. I look forward to this well-needed opportunity.


We need updated shopping available for Maple Ridge residents. It is sad that we must leave the city to spend our shopping dollars. I would be happy to support businesses in Maple Ridge if it had a bit more variety.


Would love to see a shopping center in Albion. But hope it will also have some little restaurants( not fast food and or small cafe's/ coffee shop with patio's . Not just the big box stores. Make it so it has some atmosphere please., and get it going now.


updated:I live in Albion district. It is very good if you can built a shopping mall here. I would like suggest this shopping mall can change the design to like the Metrotown and Coquitlam shopping mall. Both have great indoor leisure walking channel with roof and great food cort. Because the winter time and rainny day too much. Your currently design is similiar as Pitt Meadow Superstore shopping mall. I can not stay very long there, because the bad weather. Thank for your help and effort.


It would be really awesome if there were stores like American Eagle and Restaurants like earls or Boston Pizza. A hollister and maybe cyclone taylor sports, or a hockey shop would be a huge asset for the east side of maple ridge for this is where most hockey players reside. Thank you And I really hope we get a mall in the near future. Alost like the garden walk in California (disneyland area) :)


we want a new shopping center cause haney place is old and decrepid and there is no good shops in there


I think East Maple Ridge need more supermarkets... we eat everyday... I can go further to shop for a particular item, but I think supermarkets is much needed. Thanks


Improved rant from the original one I sent. I fully support the building of a strip mall in Albion. Small businesses in the Haney core have tried and failed, as far as supplying convenient, enjoyable shopping. Maple Ridge is, pardon my frankness, no longer the "hole" that it once was and can only fight the tide of change so long, as Langley continues bursting at the seams on the other side of the river. I don't know who runs this town, but I can't help but think that a handful of oldtimers, and pehaps Hells Angels interested in keeping the place a sleepy town, are clinging to the reigns of control. It's time that this beautiful, natural wonder be reclaimed by hardworking British Columbians, seeking to enjoy the serenity of the country and natural recreation while living within reach of viable employment. I say that we need Home Depot, Starbucks, London Drugs and whatever other stores have succeeded elsewhere right close to home, favoring Canadian businesses wherever possible, and inviting small business in too.


The times have, however, changed, and we should no longer have to drive through an ugly, seedy maze to get to them. Nobody stands up for me when I am outperformed, outmoded, demoted, or let go. Why should we coddle and nurture failing businesses who, like Big Business, exist to make a profit? Who's welfare ultimately matters in this town? The few or the many? We will get a mall sooner or later. Why not reward the company that paved the way?... and reward a little hard work and ingenuity. Perhaps I have created a false dilemma when really it can be a win-win. Invite local businesses there on the flats. Perhaps reserve a certain number of locations with preferred rates and protect those rates to reward longstanding local business, but certainly don't punish the residents for the welfare and security of a few. Respectfully, the guy who hates commuting to the local grocery store among other places.


Maple Ridge has a very limited amount of retail shopping available for consumers to chose from. There is no big fabric stores ...no watch repair man...no walmart.....I have always had confidence that Maple Ridge would eventually acquire these such ammentities, but was mistaken. I would be more than pleased to see such in the east side of ridge, to be able to provide closer retail options for the thousands of new houses down in the farther east side of maple ridge. I would love to see a Walmart and further more maybe a superstore on this side of the town. On Sundays I drive 20 minutes to get to the one in Pitt meadows for groceries ...but cant get a parking space cause of the congestion and the line ups are horrible. Pls make this happen, If not for me, then for our Environment. Driving so far into Pitt meadows or Coquitlam can be avoided. Thank you


I would like to see retail development on the Albion Flats


I think adding more shops to that area would be a beneficial thing to do. However, large box stores such as Wal-Mart take all the business away from other stores. Personally, I can't stand the hugs stores like Costco and Wal-Mart. They are crowded and have very poor customer service. Smaller shops would be better. I also completely agree with someone else's idea of a local pub that offered reasonalbly priced homemade good food.


NO NO NO NO NO NO. Do not ruin the integrity of this big town that still feels like a small town. Please.


urban behaviour, american eagle, urban planet would be awesome out in maple ridge. we have very small options of unisex clothing stores to choose from


I don't know what the status is on this now as it seems like the postings I read are all from over a year ago. But I saw your billboard up on Lougheed Hwy and thought I would check it out. I Live in Mission, but grew up in Maple Ridge. Mission is also lacking in shopping and I spend most of my time driving to Langley, Abbotsford or Coquitlam if I need something. I would love to see a Chapters, Old Navy, Home Depot, Gardenworks (I hear the mission store is closing this summer), and some smaller stores for local businesses to have an opportunity to thrive around some big box stores. Also a Lunch Doctor sandwich place. They are the BEST, but it is hard to get out to Pitt Meadows for a sandwich but driving through I could pick one up.


I would also love to see a children's place or somewhere else that sells some nicer childrens clothing. Other than Walmart. I have plenty of mom friends in Maple Ridge that would LOVE Children's Place. Guaranteed a hit!


I would love to see a WalMart, Winners/Home Sense and Home Depot; maybe a Cactus Club or Milestones, in the Albion Flats. A similar look to Park Royal's village would be appealing as well.




I fully support your development at the Albion flats. We so desperately need decent shopping here in Maple Ridge and by developing in Albion, you are handy for all the East Maple Ridge population, including us. It's about time. I don't have any questions


Would like to finally see a WalMart in town somewhere as well. Would like to also see a WalMart etc…


Yes I want a shopping mall in Maple Ridge.


I would love to see more shopping in Maple Ridge, I am tired of going out of the community to shop.


Hello there, my name is Kassandra Tunnel and I am a 20 year old student in Maple Ridge. As a young person in the community, I would like to have my voice heard in some way and personally, I do not agree with this idea for new shopping centre in Maple Ridge. We already have the Haney Place Mall, the Valley Fair Mall, Westgate Centre, and the Meadowtown Centre right outside of Maple Ridge. I believe we have more than enough to provide for our community. A suggestion would be to perhaps take the money that is going towards the new developments and instead putting that money towards improving the malls that we already have.


I would love to see a Wal-Mart. Spaghetti factory would be awesome too. As it stands, I rarely shop in Maple Ridge because none of my favourite stores are there.


I don't drive and would be happy to see some of the stores we have to go to Coquitlam for here in Maple Ridge.Whats the hold upx


We need a shopping mall desperately! We don't need all of the above we already have it in Pitt Meadows. I would like to see a Walmart and a mall with some high end stores.


store I would like to see in Albion... Wal Mart Supercentre! Sears Home Depot Costco Real Canadian Superstore Sport Mart Chapters Canadian Tire Zellers


I would like to put yor office girls across the desk and spank them really hard and then give them a good seeing too


Hello, I am at sort of a crossroads with regards to the shopping in Albion Flats. My general belief is that I would like to see the shopping in Maple Ridge all in one central location. When the Albion Flats get built up, we will then have at least 3 separate shopping areas in Maple Ridge. One in Meadowtown, one in the 224th vicinity and one in Albion Flats. And, probably one day there will be more shopping in the Thornhill or Whonnock area. Having said that, I am in support of creating shopping in the Albion Flats. I would like to see at least one good department store either Wal Mart or The Bay. I would also like to see some professional offices, medical & dental offices and condos... I would absolutely LOVE to see a marina!!! Thank you, Lisa


I would love to see a shopping center in the Albion Flats.


I would love to see more shopping here, especially a Wal-Mart! Bring it on! I am tired of driving for 30 mins to find some suitable shopping plus I would love to see some of our taxes be lowered!


We think this is great, bring it on!


Build it!!! NOW!!! We need this like you would not believe!!! We do not shop here as there is nothing here, we go to Coquitlam/Langley. Get this dione and include a Walmart!! Cheers!!


I am moving from Coquitlam, but I see that I will still have to do all my shopping there. I would like to see Best Buy, Chapters, Flying Wedge Pizza, Boston Pizza (pretty much Pine Tree center in Coquitlam would be perfect), Sears, T&T Supermarket, oh and Mexx!


I would love to see a new shopping centre in Mapel Ridge. We desperately need clothing stores like aritzia, off the wall, below the belt, gap, american eagle outfitters, nike, athletes world, champions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring in some good restaurants


Maple Ridge needs to keep up with amenities for its citizens. I am tired of driving to Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam to spend my money...money I should be spending in my own community. We can not resist the demand for shopping from citizens of this commnunity. Let's keep up with neighbouring communities by providing us with quality shopping in Maple Ridge.


we need more stores like wallmart saans superstore extra foods start thinking of the seniors thank you


I have a vision of what Albion Flat's could look like, something similar to the picture that you have on this website. I see something quaint, with smaller stores, definitely not stores on the scale such as Walmart, Home Depot, etc. Something like Newport Village in Port Moody would enhance the area and make shopping a delightful experience!


I am all for better shopping in Maple Ridge


Stores we need: Big Chains like WalMart, Costco, Home Depot, Sears, The Bay. Also Women/Men/Childrens Retail like Jakob, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Mountain Equipment Coop, Le Chateau, Childrens Place, and Shoe Stores such as Aldo, Ronsons, Freeman, Joneve, Spring. I would also like to see more restaurants: Earls, Cactus Club, Milestones, Joeys. Its unfortunate that i have to leave my community and spend my money elsewhere for practically everything. At the moment the only shopping i do in Maple Ridge is at the liquor store, as i travel to Pitt Meadows, PoCo, Coquitlam and Abbotsford for everything else from Bikrams Yoga, to groceries at Superstore and Costco to family clothing shopping at Coquitlam Center. Our community is so far behind and lacking, just look at our pathetic little Zellers Mall. It has not changed since i was a child 30 years ago.


We have just moved to Maple Ridge from Port Coquitlam and originaly Vancouver. I haven't heard much mention of the fact that property taxes here are too high. Why? because we need more corporate dollars to help pay the way. Maple Ridge is a growing district on the rise, that's why we moved here. We see a lot of support for more business investment in this community which is great, and anyone opposed is too narrow minded to realize that we all benefit from it. These stores employ hundreds of people many of whom are young first time workers, and that only helps the local economy. The city collects a huge amount of taxes from these companies and we all reap those benefits as well. To say nothing of the convience of shopping within our own community that we all can enjoy.


It's time to stop caterting to the special interest "moral cheerleaders" that think our communities are being ruined by the "big bad American retailers" Having looked at the Grandview Corners design it looks well executed with the stone facias, and such. If it can be built to suit the area, and include as many natural aspects as possible such as stone, lots of planting etc. it could look very much a part of the setting. Just as a personal suggestion, we'd love to see retailers like Chapters, Home Depot, H&M, Gap/Old Navy, a children's play area like a Jungle Jacks or Play Paradise, Toys R Us and some family dining.


Hi there. I was actually interested in leasing opportunities if this centre were to open. I am looking at about 1500 - 2000 SF of space. Thanks


I would love to see more shopping opportunities in this area. I would like to have access to Wal-Mart, places like Spa Utopia, Home Sense, and perhaps Thrifty Foods. Restaurants like the Cactus Club, or the Keg.


I love the idea of having a mall in maple ridge


The bridge is great, but we want some new stores so I can shop local.


I would welcome a mall in the Albion area. Something along the lines of Newport Village in Port Moody or the new development at Park Royal Mall. It would be really great to have another family restaurant to choose from. Also, some decent clothing stores for the whole family. But please please no Walmart!!!


A new shopping development is long overdue. I have been a Maple Ridge resident for over 20 years and would love to shop in stores such as Homesense, Home Depot, Future Shop etc rather than constantly having to leave my community to buy anything other than groceries. The development in South Surrey is amazing and I am even more in favor of retailers opening up in Albion flats knowing that the same developers would be working on this project. It is time for Maple Ridge to move out of the 70s!


we need a eb games and a west 49 or mabey a stiches


I think it would be very beneficial to have a shopping centre at this location. It would certainly provide jobs for people in this area.

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