Any thing is better than spending our money in Pitt Meadows, or Coquitlam Centre!.!!!


I have a business that I would like to run in this new shopping centre, it is a kids play place (much like play paradise in Port coquitlam). Could you let me know what the possibilities are in the centre and if you would like to have this service involved. thank you


i would like to see a walmart, home depot, and a kelseys




We would love to see a mall out in Maple Ridge. A suggestion for stores would be children's clothing store. Right now you have to go all the way to Coquitlam Centre to get good kids clothes. I would love to see a Children's Place or La Senza Girl.


walmart. sears .rockport.whitespot.,home depot buckerfields


really, really want the shopping centre... just moved from the tri-cities and really missing all the shopping!!


The stores are crap. we already have a bloddy crappy reitmans and winners. We need a wal-mart or an extention of zellers. I don't understand why you guys don't add a second floor to crappy Haney Place "mall". Everyone I talk to feel the same way. Everyone shops in Coquitlam or soon to be Willowbrook! This project is a joke.


I LOVE Grandview Corners, great concept. The stores there are fabulous. I would love to see a LuluLemon, and we have absolutely no shoe stores in Maple Ridge so that would be great. Also kids shops, clothes and good shoes. I think we probably are at our max for now with residential. Would be great to have a nice local restaurant.


We do NOT need another huge shopping centre. We have to support our local businesses in the downtown core and strengthen the core. We have to reduce our consumption and find different ways to produce locally and create local businesses instead of sending our money to the richest people in the Us, like the owners of WalMart. WalMart is a business killer for small entrepreneurs, a poor employer and procures their goods in third world countries under terrible labour , environmental and safety conditons. No to another shopping Mall in Albion!


Maple Ridge really needs some shopping!! I think this is a great idea. My preference would be for a department store (The Bay, Sears) Costco, Chapters, ToysRUs. I think it's unacceptable that for a residents in a community of this size to have to drive 30 minutes to access most of these stores.


Creates new jobs...adds to the commercial tax base of Maple Ridge....what's not to like? Brian-Maple Ridge


I would like to see you entertain stores that are not already duplicated in Pitt Meadows already. I see the need to create interest in coming to the Albion shopping center and including stores already in Meadowtown center would not create the interest. I know we will need a Blenz or Starbucks, perhaps an upperclass restaurant like Milestones to help anchor the buildings as well. A Signature Liquor store, dry cleaner, Old Navy, Walmart would be a great addition to our community. We have nothing to offer now and I am baffled as to why I need to drive to Coquitlam center to purchase anything of quality. Buying at Zellers is not quality....but price. Time to raise ourselves upscale.


That would be an interesting ideea to build a new plaza ,mall whatever you want to call it and I am interested in becaming a retailer there. Maple Ridge shopping is worst then Mission So when you start the construction I would apreciate if someone will contact me. Regards Romeo


Yes, please hurry up and start building. It would save me a lot of gas going elsewhere to buy stuff. I would like to see Walmart absolutely! The nearest one is Abbotsford!!! Family restaurants, supermarket, produce store, probably few offices would be an excellent idea. But if you choose stores, don't double those we already have nearby (i.e. Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows).That would be useless. I could see myself going there everyday. I live just a few blocks away!


I would Like to see stores that we can shop in. Zellers is not the world. Top stores like Chapters, Gap, Home Depot, like the stores you built in Langley. I am tired of crossing a bridge to shop. R Morton


I would frequent all of the stores shown in the Retailer Letters. We desperately need the variety offered by the retailers represented here. We need more family type restaurants such as Boston Pizza, ABC, Montanas, Dutch Panekoek, etc.


I would like to see more unique boutiques with both clothing and home accessories. I'd like an open air plan with covered walkways for when it rains. Make it an interesting design that compliments the area with outdoor seating areas for summer. There should also be some way to make space affordable for local artisans to sell their products. In these financially difficult times there should be incentives for designer wears to be made affordable. I believe Maple Ridge has grown enough and requires more fashionable stores.


More restaurants!!!


Yes we need a new shopping centre in Maple Ridge not many stores around in that area.


It would be great if we have Walmart & Sears stores in this around. As you know the nearest Walmart store is in Burquitlam that is more than 30 km far.


Yes I would like to see a new mall.....especially would like to see a Walmart in this area....also some ladies clothing stores for my wife....as we need to travel outside of maple ridge to shop....we have our basics here but not really big retailers....and a one stop shopping experience would definately be nice.....Thank you Gary Wasalasko


We need stores here like Home Depot, Futureshop, Best Buy, IKEA, NCIX, Walmart etc. It is mind boggling why we have to drive out of town for the stores that we really want and need.


Would love to see a new mall. Clothes, restaurants (quick casual, ie: Cactus), a tanning salon, liquor store, bank, Whole Foods, Tim Hortons. Thanks.


I would love to have a new shopping centre out here! I am 15 and love to shop, but there are barely any places that allow me to do so. If we did go through with this, I would love to see more clothing stores. We only have Bootlegger, Payless, etc. and you can only buy so many things from those few stores. Thank You! Tara


i would love to see indoor play for babies and children like jungle jacks or other company. also, have some outlet stores for big brand as zara,aldo,tommy hilfigher


We absolutely need shopping in Maple Ridge!! I would like to see a Walmart in this area, along with Winners, Home Depot, etc. The Haney Place Mall does not have a large retail giant, therefore, does not draw major retail stores. A sad excuse for Maple Ridge, terrible mall. It is beyond belief that a growing community such as maple ridge, folks have to drive to Abbotsford or Coquitlam to shop.


Yes Please! It's time.....I've lived here in MR for 17 years and have not seen any development for shopping at all.....in fact I believe it has decreased. The size of our city dictates the need, increase job opportunities for our younger citizens......and the bottom line of course, better selection, more options for families without having to leave town to get it. Clothing stores, electronices, Home Depot, cafes.....I'd welcome it all!


I am all for more shopping, but why the same stores that are 10 minutes away, and why a hardware store that would knock out two hardware stores that have been here for many years, creating jobs and giving to the community? Meadowtown and Lougheed mall have closed off residential streets when the malls were built, do you know if they will close off 105 ave. and Tamarack, we already recieve over 700 cars per day now. We have problems turning into our drive ways and exiting,how will you solve that problem? If you have a solution for less traffic, I am all for it. Also, it's been several years that this has been going on, no one has ever knocked on my door or contacted me or my neighbours, but we kept being told that we want this, who in the area of 105 ave. or Tamarack did you contact?


i am looking to open up a trendy nail lounge in your mall and was wondering about your leasing prices and if you would be interested in having a business like mine. i would also like to know when you are going to be ready for opening? if you could please get back to me as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated.


How soon can a mall be built, I am so tired of having to go to another city to shop. Will there be a Walmart?


Some people need to shop all the time,this I understand, however a recent study showed that at least 95% of employed residents leave Maple Ridge to work. I think an industrial park that provides real jobs for the community is a bigger benefit long term. If we didn't have to drive through multiple townships back and forth from work and spend $100 per week on fuel we would be spending alot more locally. The present businesses in Maple Ridge may prosper and expand. I also think that the Albion Flats as a mall location is too far from the downtown core


well for all the changes I see in town. I don't see how the bussiness are benefiting by them. Just making the cosumer travel to other location and towns to shop.


Let's say No to this. We have plenty of unused capacity & empty stores in the centre of town. I have seen SmartCentres in other communities, notably my hometown of St Catharines Ontario. It is heartbreaking to see acres of unadorned asphalt and cookie cutter chain stores in what had once been a lovely community.


Yes I would like to see more places to shop. Costco, Old Navy, Sears, the Bay, more kids stores, Wal Mart, Kin Market you name? You bring it. I hate having to go to Coquitlam to shop whenever I need something nice. Now I guess I will have Langely once the bridge goes in but heck it would be nice to be able to travel only a short distance to shop. This will also open up more employment opportunities for local youth and adults alike. It is time Maple Ridge gets with the times.


Just a note to say that I would like to see more retail and see Maple Ridge expanding.


I cannot support in anyway ripping up viable farm land in order to build the same stores that are a 20min drive away. Downtown Maple Ridge and the Haney mall is a 5min drive from the Albion flats and in much need of an overhall. Build a Walmart next to a road that bypasses the downtown? That'll be good for local business. I thought we were trying to get away from urban sprawl.


Hi, We would like to get, if possible, a good clothing/shoes stores, such as RW&Co, H&M, Sterling shoes, Aldo, Tristan, Jacob, Guess, Spring, Children's place, GAP, Old Navy, and others that you can get at coquitlam centre or metrotown, but it would be so much easier not having to drive there. Also would be nice to have a walk in clinic (or a doctor that accepts new patients), a good dental clinic, insurance office, a couple of fast food joints, a pizza place... maybe a family restaurant like Denny's or Ihop... basically a place that would fill the minimum needs for a regular family. Thanks a lot!


Please don't give up on Maple Ridge, lots of people here are older and changes are hard for them. Most of the people against this project are small business owner and not the farmer who may want to plan a crop there. Being a small business owner for the last 25 years, I know what this project is like for those entire small business owners out there. They think a big mall will hurt them but competition will only make them stronger and better. With lower overhead and more people shopping locally they will learn that a project like this will help rather than hurt them. If they are scare of shop like Future Shop Wal-Mart they should learn how to compete and use that time and energy for training and not waste that effort trying to fight to keep the big shop out. Is about time Maple Ridge add for jobs and reduce the carbon footprint for this city by shopping locally.


I believe it is extremely outrageous that Maple Ridge does not have their own shopping mall and that we have to spend our money in other communities in the lower mainland. Waste of GAS!!!!! Keep our money and resources LOCAL!!!!!


We need retail stores badly, and if we dont have them soon the people will go over the bridge to Langley. We cant afford to let this happen.


I cannot wait to see the shopping mall here. i just moved from surrey. i having a very difficult time to shop here, either we have to go to langley or coquitlam for shopping, it is a such waste of money and time. let me know when are you going to open the shopping centre.


i would like to see a shopping center in albion!! it is much needed.


yes! i support a shopping mall in albion


I am very interested in seeing a more diverse selection of stores in the Albion Flats. This opportunity will bring more growth to the area and more convenience. Additionally a Wal-Mart Super Centre would be a positive add on to the list and should be researched. We are new to Maple Ridge and building this opportunity will open up the area.


I am looking to move into the area and the mall will be an attraction


Walmart, Home Depot as well as a restaurant like Montana's or Earl's are much needed. Also a Chapters as well, although considering hardly anybody suggested it, it's apparent that books aren't exactly in high demand in Maple Ridge...


I would be fantastik to have a WalMart & Costco, but for now I use the bridge and go to Langley, they have everything a family could need as far as shopping and dining out.


Yes build it


Too Late!....I shop in Langley now!


We need more stores in Maple Ridge for teens to shop at. Reitman's is to old for us. Winners is great but it would be nice to have another option as well. We have to drive to Langley to buy the clothes we will actually wear. A lot of teens like to buy brand name clothing. Winners has it sometimes but one store isn't enough.


We need more shops in Maple Ridge, especially east Maple Ridge. Retailers offering housewares, clothing and food/restaurants would be high on the list.


We would also like to see more shopping in Maple Ridge in Albion as well as see our downtown area revitalized. My only suggestion is that the Maple Ridge Council needs to wake up before its too late, and all stores are established in Pitt Meadows.


Please please please build us a mall! That's all that this wonderfull city is missing! Perhaps some outlets such as the Guess outlet would be great! Winners and Home Depot are awesome! We need it!!! SOON!!!


To whom it may concern; Re: a new shopping centre in Maple Ridge as far as which retail stores I would like to see I have a few stores in mind that are available in Coquitlam but would be more accessable to me as a residant in Maple Ridge, I think that the stores that would like to come in would be a great asset to our growing community I don't think that many people shop in Maple Ridge now because we don't have any good stores here we need to travel elsewhere but why should we have to? With the new Golden Ears Bridge open more people from other cities will visit Maple Ridge but not shop much because there is not much here for them I think that we should have a Bluenotes and a Walmart as well as an Old Navy. As far as anything else I would be happy with whatever comes in that is not already available to us. Thank you residant of Maple Ridge for 21 years please this town is beginning to look like a dump we need more shopping centres a big one like Coquilam and Lougheed. Complete with a food Court.


Yes, let's get on with it. I'm tired of spending my tax dollars in other communities. If we don't let this happen, we'll remain years behind the progress experienced by surrounding communities.


We need a MVP Sports or a Prostock. Maple Ridge has tons of little league, slo-pitch and softball and we have to go into Surrey or New West to get equipment. They also sell hockey and football gear.


I would like to see a Futureshop, ToysRUs/BabiesRUs, Michaels.


We would love to see a Chapters (because the closest is Langley or Coquitlam), maybe Walmart, grocery.


I am for a new shopping centre. BUT I dont want to see repeat stores (reitmans, homesense, winners... we have them just on the other side of town..and frankly.. so... Maple Ridge.. have you seen what people call style here?) I'd love to see stores that Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows do NOT have (RW & Co, Jacob, La senza, a few MENS clothing stores as there really isn't a selection for them... stores with STYLE! That said.. a Walmart wouldn't hurt either for other items!)


Would definately love to see something like this in maple ridge as we are certainly lacking in this dept. right now.


Yes, we want shops in Maple Ridge! Long overdue.


I'm definitely in favour of having more shopping in the Albion area where there is a growing community that needs it. My only request is that it be well-designed for the character of the neighbourhood and includes more trees than the typical big-box, mega-parking-lot malls.


Great and GOOD LUCK...You will need it as much if not more than we the citizens of Maole Ridge need your outlets. The NEW bridge is like our councils thinking....too far out to do us the Maple Ridgers any real good...Wrong place ,wrong design, wrong reasons, wrong tolling and finally WRONG NAME....Whats with having the bridge called Golden Ears and represented by the GOLDEN EAGLE it should have been named for...


Walmart and fellow stores are very welcome to Albion Flats however we are not keen on more residental or buisness park areas to the flats. We really need more one stop shopping in this town. (this is the opinion of my family only) Thank You


A new shopping mall located in Albion would be excellent,people would not have to drive out to Coquitlam or Abbotsford etc. A West 49,Lulu lemon,Aritzia and American eagle would be very popular and make a lot of money if they were located in the Albion shopping centre. Right now those store are very popular but teenagers often have hard times getting out to Coquitlam and Vancouver and adults dont often like driving out there. Thank you




MR needs more shopping, With our G.E. Bridge now open, i will shop in Langley.


I think a new mall would be great in this area. I'd like to see the shops you have listed plus Walmart, and clothing outlets such as the Queensborough Mall. I'd spend my money here since I just moved here rather than go over the new bridge to Langley as well as it would be better instead of travelling far away to spend my money.


I think it is high time we had a development like this in Maple Ridge. We are no longer a "farming" community - and the Albion Flats do not provide "park land" or farming land. So it makes sense to have our new shopping centre have access to the Lougheed Highway. My only concern would be for the residents living behind Albion - there would have to be rules in place for noise at night and lighting so it doesn't affect their right to have a peaceful backyard etc. If that can be met - then I think its a crime we don't already have this development in Maple Ridge - we spend all our money other place - ie Coquitlam and Langley - and the tax base is given to other communities as well. Bring it on - I support it 100%!


I do not want a shopping mall in Albion - I would like to see the downtown core utilized for a large shopping mall and condo/apartments between 224th and 228th and Dewdney and Lougheed. We do not need more urban sprawl in our community.


We need better shopping in Maple Ridge B.C. I under stand that the smaller buisness in Maple Ridge are don't want the big box stores like Walmart and Costco. But I am sick and tired of shopping in other cities in the lower mainland. I would rather put my money into my home town. I currently shop in Pitt medows, Abbotsford, Langley, and PoCol I would rather spend my money here. But I can't find what I want at a reasonable price here. I am currently looking for a rain jacket for my 5 year old son and I don't want just a blue or red one. So now I'm looking on line for one. I am all for more shopping here. There are so many more reasons why opening more stores would be benificial. Thank you.


Yes! Please! Bring all the shopping and restaurants we can get! Walmart, Home Depot, GAP, Best Buy....... It's about time this town got some decent shopping. I would love to support my own community and shop here, but so far to no avail. It's time for change!


We are so far behind the times, we need to hang our head in shame. Every one shops somewhere else, we provide no jobs for our young and unemployed and working mothers who need to be close to their childrens schools. we have no business tax base. Pitt Meadows, Langley Mission -- you name the city and they can stay at home and shop their, we will never go green, it takes too much gas for us to all go somewhere else to shop and work, it may have been cute to be a bedroom town forty years ago but wake up this 2009 not 1969


Being a father of three and husband the closer shops are to our home the easier and cheaper things become. It also frees up time to spend with the family. Instead of having to drive to Abbotsford we can be driving 5 minutes and get the things we need.


Would like more boutique like shops interspersed with restaurants and a few national retailers in low rise design (eg Park Royal Home Depot)


I would like to see stores like Urban Planet, Army & Navy & Feilds..


I think it is high time that Maple Ridge and area start to get proper retail businesses into the area. I moved from Maple Ridge to be in an area that afforded me the opportunity to have choices in the stores I could shop at. Maple Ridge has nothing in the way of choices for shoppers. The only large retail store you have is Zellers and that is going downhill as well. I look forward to seeing new development in the area that will provide people with jobs and improve the economy of the area.


We really need more shopping and good restaurants in Maple Ridge i have to drive to pit meadows and Lanley to shop.


Everyone that doesn't want a mall in albion is a stupid hick. Maple Ridge doesn't have anything but dollar stores. Let's get a mall.


I would love to see a complex like the one in south Surrey, including a Walmart.


Totally behind the concept, but would ask that in your design considerations you look to incorporate renewable energy (e.g. geothermal power) to create a sustainable development. It would be great for you to make the natural environment a part of the landscaping. (a bit like how Disney in Florida have incorporated their waterparks into the landscape). It would be great if community recreational activities could be incorporated (like David Lam park in Vancouver, with tennis courts etc.) Retail only would be our recommendation. A mix of large and small retailers and restaurants would be great too.


Yes to a shopping center in maple Ridge


The current shopping experience in Maple Ridge is non-existent. The last decade has brought a great many new faces to the area and a dire need for new retail outlets. The long drive to any decent retail outlet from the Albion area is concerning to say the least. We need a new development nearby and we need it fast. I am familiar with the type of development that you would like to put forth and truly believe that the Albion area is ideally situated and suited for this plan. I also believ tht the many residents in the area are currently supporting and/or would support the growth of the area with the idea of adding convenience to our lives rather than higher costs. I am supportive of retail development in the Albion area, I do not think that it is the appropriate location for a business park as that is already in the area on the other side of the tracks and with the absence of the displaced Albion Ferry, that land may and could be used for office space. I would like to see some sort of electronics outlet at this location and a healthy food alternative as well such as Extreme Pita or something similiar. Thank you for the opportunity.


Opening a shopping centre is a superb area there should be good stores like guess, future shop, la senza and etc..really looking forward to this mall.


Opening this mall would be a great benefit for both the shopping and working community in Maple Ridge. I am interested in leasing or purchasing available commercial space in this area.


instead of building a new shopping centre, you should fix up haney place mall asnd make it worth going to.


Yes, we want more shopping in Maple Ridge. I want a Walmart! Albion would be a great location. Small stores would not be successfull.


I hadn't heard what happened when this was taken to council last month and wondered if anything was on the works?

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